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    Generate and end more deals with us by having high-quality video productions along your side that the successful growing startups trust in the USA. Grow faster with our videos. Videos are a great way to any marketing strategy. A 2D animation company makes your selling point easier and simpler for your target audience. We let you convert website visitors into potential customers. Our video attracts the correct type of talent for your team. We carve out your niche in the market.

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    Our specialized logo maker team provides one of the best logo design services worldwide within 24 hours.


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    Our Professional graphic design company builds custom logo designs for all businesses.


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    We’re passionate about the big concepts, and we love helping startups figure out how to grow using our videos. We produce an explainer video for startup businesses to explain their products and services in a better way.

    • Experienced Animators.
    • Catchy Taglines.
    • Focused Messages.
    • Identify Key Differences.
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    Startup Video Production FAQs

    You would probably expect to find a range of prices. When it comes to logo magicians, our researches show that an explainer video cost around $1,500 to $50,000.

    For startups, the most crucial factor is to gain attention, spark, interest and generate sales. Animated explainer videos have a more substantial impact on human psychology. This is why allowing startups and other businesses to acquire new customers and build a reputation.

    Our professionals add the essential factors which affect the decision making power of the buyers. We display your product and services in the most attractive ways that are hard to ignore.

    A startup should use the explainer videos on their website that could entertain the audience. Explainer videos hold the potential to attract viewers and have them transform into potential clients.

    An animated startup video cost varies from the demands of a startup company. Logo magician’s charges a very minimal amount for animated videos. As we are aware that startups do not carry high budgets.

    We take the details of your brand and brainstorm ideas. After the brainstorming procedure, our professionals further take the concepts into production procedures. We focus on colorful and theme visuals, attractive and engaging voice-overs. Our entire approach is to create an appealing animated and explainer video. We also offer custom WordPress developments and wordmark logos.


    Logo Magicians team provided a prefect 2d animation solution for our business

    The professional 2d animation team of Logo Magicians has covered every aspect of video animation exceptionally. I’ve been recommended by one of my best friends and I found their team passionate and hard working.


    Their whiteboard video is a fuel for viewer engagement & conversions.

    I want to recommend their whiteboard video animation service to every business operator who wants to boost their business awareness through highly engaging content. Within a month, we have experienced a noticeable increase in user engagement and sales revenue.

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