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    5 Types Of Branding Strategies

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    October 16 , 2020 Posted by admin

    Getting Started with Branding


    Branding has now become a sole element that can give your business the exponential growth you have always imagined. Branding is itself one of the marketing strategies out of hundreds of conventional and innovative marketing strategies.


    Now-a-days it’s all about trends, aesthetics, splendor and standing out from the crowd.


    In today’s business world, when it comes to successful branding, a HD Logo design pops up in mind. Because what business does not use an appealing or at least a meaningful and high definition logo?


    Few basic elements of Branding


    There are a few basic elements that are crucial for any business’s branding:


    • Logo

    A business logo is the first and foremost element of branding. No business can build its long lasting visual impact on its potential consumers without a logo. So, when looking out for branding, search professional logo designer near me.

    • Mission/Vision Statement

    It is recommended to come up with an organic mission statement for a profound branding. However, you can study your competitors and specially find out clients’ expectations with your brand and then develop a mission/vision statement.


    • Consistent graphics work

    If the fonts of this blog were inconsistent, such as the introduction in Calibri – 12 and then the body in Comic Sans – 14, followed by Headings of all different font styles and sizes, no one would want to read it. Similarly, a consistent graphics work or consistency in designs leave a pleasing and upright impression on the customer’s mind.


    People often ask ‘What are the 4 branding strategies?’ or what are those strategies that will certainly work for me?


    The answer is, there is no one size fits all strategy, you need to identify your own strengths, competitions, target audience and your organic branding style.


    One of the effective branding strategies in marketing is to endorse yourself as much as possible.


    Let’s learn about a few types of branding by looking at branding strategies examples.


    1. Personal Branding


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    Personal Brand


    Some people mistakenly take personal branding as a very limited concept by limiting it only to celebrities, athletes, welfare workers and giant business tycoons. Whereas personal branding is all about how you present the best version of yourself to the public. If you think you have what it takes to stand out from the crowd, or if you are really good with social interactions, then you can make yourself a Brand.


    2. Product Branding


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    Product Branding

    The most common and the most popular branding strategy out there is the Product Branding Strategy. You just need to make sure that your product can be recognized when placed with similar products. For that, the product needs to have a consistent packaging with attractive packaging styles.


    3. Online Branding


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    Online Branding


    Now considered as one of the most important branding strategies, Online Branding has transformed thousands of businesses from roots to the sky. This type of branding incorporates website, social media accounts, blogs and many more online content services.


    4. Corporate Branding


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    Corporate Branding


    Large scale businesses tend to have a good Corporate branding strategy to retain their customers. This branding strategy involves: winning clients’ trust by promoting your core values, vision, scope and employees’ care.


    5. Service Branding


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    Service Branding


    If your business has more services than products, then you need to ensure that the service that you are going to provide should be phenomenal. That service should be outstanding and should leave a long lasting, comfortable and pleasing experience for the customers. This way a customer can remember your brand as a good service brand.


    Few things to remember when choosing your branding strategies


    First thing in branding is the Brand’s identity. You need to identify your own brand first by asking some questions, like:


    What is the purpose of my business?
    What is the product/service?
    Who is my target audience?
    How my business should look in the longer run?


    These questions not only help you to identify your brand but also motivate you for greater steps that are essential for your business.


    You also need to consider a good utilization of aesthetics, art work, graphics, high definition logo, etc. Keeping your brand relevant to the masses is the key to expand. Keep it simple, organic, and relevant and see the prosperous outcomes it brings.


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