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    A guide to Design a Mascot Logo for your Brand


    April 24 , 2024 Posted by admin

    A mascot is a fictional character or a symbolic figure (object, animal, or person) that brings the brand good luck or acts as a fictional spokesperson or avatar.


    Most brands use it as their strong visual identity and have been part of it since their establishment. Brands consider mascots valuable as they reveal the brand’s personality and convey the message.


    Many famous brands use mascots, such as Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Mr. P, also known as Julius Pringles of the Pringles brand. Audiences appreciate these brands because of their mascots in their logos, in addition to the service or product they deliver.


    So, in this blog, we will discuss the mascot’s benefits and how startup brands can make a unique mascot, either as a mascot logo design or for a promotional purpose that stands out in the market.


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    So, let’s start with the definition!


    What is a Brand Mascot?



    As discussed above, the mascot is a fictional character. It can be an object, a person, an animal, or any combination of these that appears 100% imaginary. Brands often call this a spokesperson or can be a brand ambassador.


    Most firms incorporate this into their logos as part of their strong branding, while some brands consider mascots a separate visual or an add-on for promotional purposes. Thus, a mascot is a graphical, lively centerpiece of a brand.


    Brands design Mascots to connect with the audience at an emotional level. Audience feel excited and assume that the mascot is a funny version of themselves or that the mascot’s personality matches theirs.


    Significance of a brand mascot for your business



    Brands like KFC, Pringles, McDonald’s, and Walt Disney have used mascots in their visual branding and logos for decades. Here are some reasons why mascots have helped these brands for so long.


    Convey your message



    Brands can convey messages to their target audience using mascots as part of their branding. You don’t need to use words to promote your special offers.


    If your mascot excites your audience, you gain their traction. Your business will boom after your audience understands your brand message with that mascot.


    Have competitive edge

    A unique, funny, serious, colorful, lively, and energetic mascot can help your brand to compete in this crowdie market and you can win. Every industry is saturated with many brands and wants their target audience’s attention. Having a tangible visual character in the mascot form that the audience can touch and sense can be a great, unique selling point for you. Such an avatar or fictional character gives your business a big advantage over your rivals, which even helps bring the rival’s clients towards you.


    Make your brand memorable



    Since mascots are like cartoons, everyone loves to watch them time after time. Thus, mascots are very entertaining visuals that the audience loves to enjoy and view as much as they want. They find such fictional visuals entertaining.


    If your brand is new to the market, the mascot can be a very powerful visual tool that can help you get recognition very quickly. But ensure the mascot’s design is appealing, a bit cartoonish, and gives a sense of joyfulness to let your brand be remembered for a long time, either as a logo or for promotional purposes. An experienced logo design services provider like the Logo Magicians makes the most appealing mascot design for any brand.


    Make your brand enduring

    All businesses want to be in the leading position and remain there forever. They want to expand their products and services steadily. Thus, with an influential mascot logo representing your brand, you can make a lasting impression.


    People are emotional creatures and always find a way to associate themselves with someone they feel satisfied and appreciated. Having mascots in your brand lets them connect emotionally. That is the reason they are considered timeless.


    How to build an everlasting brand mascot?



    Now that we have covered the reasons for creating a mascot, your foremost need is to know how to create a unique, funny, lively, and business-related mascot for your business.


    Here is the advice to remember when planning to display your brand using a fictional character called a mascot.


    Always remember these things when designing a mascot.


    Consider your audience

    “Analyze your audience” sounds kind of boring, but actually, this step gives roots to your future marketing actions and helps build a strong brand personality.


    You can’t move forward without analyzing your audience.


    Don’t assume this is a very easy step. Just search the website, and here’s the answer. No, it is not going to work this way.


    Analyzing your audience here means conducting in-depth market research, building your audience persona, and understanding the intent of why your audience wants to buy from you.


    For instance, if your brand is about seriousness, like real estate, your mascot should have a professional personality. Your mascot should be welcoming, friendly, and calm if you offer hospitality. And if you have a healthcare business, then add a fun and helpful personality to your mascot design.


    Choose the right character

    Now, pick the right character to showcase your brand’s personality. For that, ask AI for help, check rivals’ brand’s mascots, and ask your target audience what fictional character makes them happy. With this strategy, you can overview how to translate your imagination into a mascot that defines your brand’s unique personality and is liked by the audience.


    For the best mascot logo design ideas, approach Logo Magicians. Our talented graphic designers can give you ideas that match your brand personality.


    Usually, human characters like Colonel Sanders, KFC’s founder, Are Found in the KFC logo. If you are a food brand, you can use a human character as your mascot.


    If you own a kitchen utensils business, you can use the utensils with a fictional character in your mascot design.


    So, according to your industry, decide whether to choose an object, animal, fictional character, human, or a mixture of all these.


    Customize it by your brand guidelines

    Afterward, customize the mascot per your brand guidelines. Make it something people can feel connected to and relate to emotionally.


    When customizing your brand personality, just imagine the mascot’s likes and dislikes by relating to audience likes and dislikes (in the case of a fictional character or humans or an animal)


    For example, if your audience loves outdoor activities, maybe your mascot enjoys hiking or playing sports. This way, people can see themselves in the mascot and feel closer to your brand.


    Then, the mascot personality should be adjusted to fit the business mission, vision, and core values.


    As your brand’s spokesperson, the mascot character must echo the brand guidelines.


    It is a tough part, but with an in-depth discussion with the design team and management, you will achieve a great and unique outcome.


    Line up the mascot with the business visual personality

    Your brand has a logo with colors, fonts, symbols, shapes, and other design elements. Make sure that your mascot is parallel to all these design elements.


    If you add some unique touch, you are welcome to do so. But ensure that it is in line with your brand’s visual personality.


    Also, if your brand has a website or an app, you can align your mascot appearance with the design elements in those platforms.


    Use color psychology, as it will greatly help you decide which color suits your mascot.


    Hire the best color psychologist or graphic designer with expertise in color scheming for that scenario.


    Decide on emotions

    Emoji’s are the best way to take ideas or inspiration from and give emotion to your mascot characters. What poses does your mascot give, or what action does the mascot perform? These are serious questions, and you need to answer them very carefully.


    So, to choose an action or pose for your mascot, consider the product or service you are delivering and the content you use when dealing with buyers, such as website or app content, packages, and marketing content.


    Use this content when designing actions or poses for your mascot. 90% of clients buy produce or services based on emotion.


    Decide the scenes and outfits

    Dressing your mascot is another vital factor to work on. Choose an outfit that explains your brand’s personality. Be careful when choosing an outfit, as the action it poses must match your brand personality.


    After that, explain the character of a mascot in multiple scenes. Using this tactic, you can make your mascot appear lively and energetic. When you put your mascot in a scene, the mascot will appear like a character who acts and emotes like a real human. The act will describe the story of the mascot.


    Design the character

    You must be an experienced designer to design a mascot character; otherwise, hire a freelancer or graphic design firm called Logo Magicians. We can design a mascot logo as per your brief.


    Note that to make a brand trademark in your mascot, design it from the start. This suggests that every element you apply in the designing process must be yours and no copy (not even a minor copy) from search images or any other physical side or using a premade element. It must all be your design to get your trademark registered.


    You can also use raster (pixel grids with unique colors) or vector (geometric shapes) graphics for your mascot logo design.


    Vector graphics are useful because they can be scaled up to any big or small without losing its perfection, and you can easily change the colors and resize the mascot character.


    So, always consider this important aspect when designing a mascot for your brand.


    Design a Unique mascot logo with our expertise




    Now you know the importance of mascot designs and how to design them.


    If you feel this requires effort and investment, consider calling Logo Magicians to get the best logo design services in the USA.


    In addition to mascot logos, we work on any type of business logo design, such as pictorialemblemanimatedabstract, and 3D logos. Contact us!


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