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    An Essential Guide of AI-Based Animation Video Editing in 2024


    March 13 , 2024 Posted by admin

    Do you no longer have to watch hours of footage to find the right shot or learn complicated software to make your creative idea come to life? In 2024, artificial intelligence (AI) will be integrated into animation Video Editing tools, reducing these tasks. Users can rapidly convert their animation Videos into artistic masterpieces.


    This exploration of AI in animation video editing does not replace human involvement; it wants to amplify it and allow you to tell more compelling tales.


    This article covers the basics of AI-powered animation Video Editing tools, such as: –


    • What is animation video editing by AI?
    • Main Roles of AI Animation Video Editing Tools
    • Top AI-based animation Video Editing tools of 2024
    • Ethical Concerns in AI for Video Editing
    • FAQs—Frequently Asked Questions


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    What Is Animation Video Editing by AI?

    AI for animation video editing pertains to implementing AI technology to streamline and improve multiple facets of the animation video editing procedure. The video editing automation procedure have the following tasks: –


    • Revision
    • Correction of color
    • Audio modification
    • Content development


    By automating tedious and repetitious responsibilities, AI can very reduce the time needed for video editing like trimming, adding transitions, and synchronizing audio and video.


    AI enables novice and experienced video editors to concentrate on the more imaginative sides of video production.


    Primary Roles of AI Animation Video Editing Tools

    There are several pivotal roles of AI animation Video Editing tools:

    1. Gives Videos AAA Quality. These tools use AI techniques to change the color grading and improve the resolution of animation videos. AI can also add effects that make the end product look and feel more professional.


    2. Scene Segmentation and Detection. AI can segment and detect distinct sequences by analyzing video content, thereby facilitating the navigation and organization of footage for editors. This functionality is especially beneficial in extensive undertakings, where overseeing and modifying many clips can be onerous.


    3. Automatic editing of videos. Video clips can be separately brought together and cut by AI animation Video Editing tools as per predefined criteria, with but not limited to pacing, storytelling, and thematic elements. Because this feature cuts down on the time needed for editing, artists can focus on the more creative parts of making videos.


    4. Content Analysis and Storyboarding Driven by AI. By assessing video content, AI animation Video Editing tools can recommend the most effective storyboards and layouts. This function facilitates the visualization of the content’s narrative progression, empowering creators to construct more impactful stories.


    5. Speech and voice recognition. Speech/voice recognition skills make it possible for spoken words to be automatically turned into text for subtitling and writing. This not only expedites the process of subtitling but also enhances the accessibility of animation Videos for a broader demographic, including individuals who are hard of hearing or deaf.


    6. Styles and templates that are modifiable. With various customizable templates and designs, AI animation Video Editing tools enable users to brand their animation Videos consistently. These customizable templates suit multiple purposes and topics, like professional presentations and social media posts.


    7. Innovative filters, transitions, and AI effects Powered by AI, effects, filters, and transitions create novel opportunities for artistic manifestation. By utilizing distinctive visual enhancements that would be challenging or time-consuming to accomplish manually, content creators can imbue their animation Videos with a unique aesthetic.


    2024’s Top AI-Based Animation Video Editing Tools


    1. Runway



    Runway can generate audio and animation videos and edit them via text-based color grading (LUT), background removal, face blurring, depth of field adjustment, and the generation of ultra-slow-motion effects.


    In addition, it includes an in-painting feature. Users can easily remove objects with this. With motion detection and a green screen replacement/removal feature, users can also detect scenes automatically within their footage.


    Regarding video production, Runway provides video-to-video transmission and frame interpretation (video conversion from a series of images).


    Besides changing animation Videos to text and creating subtitles, Runway has audio cleansing features, such as eliminating background noise and cutting silence.



    A Free Forever plan with 125 credits is available on the platform for the purpose of generating images and videos. Paid programs are priced between $12 and $76 monthly.


    2. Wondershare Filmora



    This app has been available for Windows, Android, Mac/iOS, and iPad for a considerable amount of time and continues to develop.


    It has a smart cutout tool that lets you get rid of objects, motion tracking, audio de-noise that lowers background noise, and audio stretch that makes music tracks longer.


    AI Copilot Editing allows users to optimize their time as the software conducts intelligent footage analysis. It also has personalized recommendations.


    The AI Thumbnail Creator lets users capture interest with optimized thumbnails.


    The AI Text-To-Video feature, with less effort, manifests concepts.


    AI Copywriting produces compelling titles and descriptions. At the same time, AI Smart Masking eases the outlining and editing of objects. Smart Cutout can alter the background or eliminate unwanted elements in seconds.


    AI Text-Based Editing can edit animation Videos like documents by transforming text.


    Regarding audio, the Filmora AI Audio Tools provide exceptional functionalities, such as generating royalty-free music instantly using the AI Music Generator and exerting precise manipulation over audio components using the AI Vocal Remover.



    The free trial version of the platform permits users to export a maximum of ten projects accompanied by a watermark. To eliminate the watermark, paid programs are required, with prices varying from $19.99 to $89.99 contingent upon billing frequency. However, it is observed that their Windows users’ pricing is higher than that of Mac users.




    Another animation Video Editing application powered by AI that can lift video storytelling is Like many other platforms, permits users to perform basic editing tasks, including effects and color correction.


    Besides background elimination, audio cleaning, and silence removal, its AI-powered features include AI avatars.


    The software’s foundation is the Video Editor, which empowers users to compile videos, organize segments, and apply effects easily.


    Users can apply image overlays for sound effects or background music and produce titles or captions. Using the Music Visualizer feature, they can also generate synchronized videos with the music.

  can improve audio quality by removing extraneous sounds from video and audio tracks and converting text into voiceover narrations via text-to-speech video.


    Users can make their animation movies easier to find and watch via transcription and subtitling services that they can apply manually or automatically.


    The video manipulation tools are also available for looping, resizing, rotating, merging, and reducing videos.


    Also, extra tools like Eye Contact AI, Voice Dubber, and Background Remover make changing the look of animation Videos easier.

  also gives audio editing, social media video downloading, file compression and conversion, teleprompter functionality, and webcam recording features.



    The platform provides a complimentary plan that encompasses all editing functionalities, supports animation Videos with a maximum duration of 10 minutes, and provides an auto-subtitle allowance of 30 minutes. Paid plans, which cost between $12 and $59 per user per month, include video analytics, additional video minutes, and translation options.


    4. Descript



    This platform offers a new method in video automation: improving audio and video content with a few mouse touches and using AI for video editing. Numerous users adore this Descript for its brilliant auto-transcription skills.


    People who often use filler words when recording videos will be happy to know that this platform can remove them. Its AI-powered editing tools can automatically identify and remove extra words such as “you know,” “um,” and “uh,” refining the speech for professionalism and clarity.


    A part that makes Descript valuable is its AI Speaker feature. With this state-of-the-art feature, users can generate a digital picture of their voice or use one of the platform’s incredibly realistic stock voices for a wide range of tasks, such as editing current recordings or turning text into speech.


    You can program an AI speaker manually, so you need to make a thirty-second vocal recording. The platform will then require you to read a statement. The speaker will be trained and authorized to use this step.


    This practical and uncomplicated procedure enables the generation and refining of audio using an AI voice in under one minute.



    When seeking a watermark-free AAI video editor, Descript is a viable alternative. The free plan of the platform includes: –


    • One hour of remote recording.
    • One hour of watermark-free export /month.
    • One hour of transcription.


    Their paid tiers, which range in price from $12 to $24 per user per month, include additional hours and features, with the more expensive bundle including unlimited AI features.


    5. Canva



    If you’re previously utilizing Canva’s AI video editor for short films and reels for basic graphic design, Canva’s AI video editor can excite you.


    The Cavna AI video editor has the following features: –


    • Users or animators can crop, trim, divide, resize, and adjust their speeds within the video editor.
    • Users can augment their animation Videos with various pre-licensed audio tracks, sound effects, music tracks, and voiceovers.
    • The Beat Sync function synchronizes your video automatically to a specified melody.
    • Generate easy access captions for animation Videos automatically, so there is no need for extra software.
    • Magic Design™ for Video is for auto-editing, audio integration, transition app. It makes shareable animation Videos.
    • Users can easily unite text, overlays, titles, and cinematic transitions into animation Videos to enrich their video quality.
    • Users can make time-lapse effects or slow-motion sequences. With this, they can modify the speed of video elements.
    • Authentic AI avatars can tell your animation Videos in multiple languages; enter your speech and select a speaking style to get this.
    • Magic Animate (Pro) enables users to integrate motion and movement into their animation Videos by automatically adding transitions and animations with a simple mouse click.
    • Add content from the Canvas media library, like stock footage, video clips, audio, graphics, and stickers. This way, you can custom-made your videos.
    • Gain access to thousands of customizable templates, industry-specific and available in pre-sized configurations for social media, YouTube introductions, and advertisements.
    • Crop, resize, or invert video footage without difficulty to achieve the desired screen size or output.
    • Swiftly divide your animation Videos into distinct segments to remove redundant content or rearrange your story.
    • Canvas integrated recording studio that can record voiceovers, yourself, or your screen directly within the app.

    It’s vital to know that Runway energies Canva’s text-to-video AI tool, so don’t be amazed if it makes animation videos that look the same. The AI-made movie  have some problems, which is expected since it’s just an integration, and they be working on improving it.



    Magic Design is visible to every Canva user. Users with a free account  utilize their AI image generator but only submit up to fifty queries. Paid tiers of the platform, beginning at $12.99 per month, permit users to produce a maximum of 500 images per month.


    6. AI DeepBrain



    If the primary motivation for utilizing an AI for animation Video Editing tools is to create an AI avatar, then DeepBrain AI  be remarkable. After all, it has more than 70 AI presenters with various 2D and 3D avatars.


    AI DeepBrain is a worthwhile option for creating animation Videos in multiple languages. The tool provides more than eighty voice variations and languages. The platform has unique and hyper-realistic avatars that are 96.5% similar to the human model. These avatars have accents, facial features, subtle expressions, and intonations.


    Utilizing this is pretty simple. You will view a topic or query and be prompted to pick a template using DeepBrain AI.


    Then, the template can give an AI-generated script and a customizable background, text, and images.


    Even when you first use the app, you find it easy to navigate because it has a simple interface.



    The tool’s packages is between $180 and $24 /month, and they include scene and video minute counts.


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    Ethical Concerns in AI for Video Editing

    Although AI in animation video editing provides unparalleled capabilities, it raises ethical concerns. A few concerns need to be addressed to guarantee responsible usage: –


    • Consent and Privacy. Concerns about privacy arise when AI can recognize people, study their habits, and even guess what they will do next. You can guarantee the protection of users’ privacy, it is imperative to obtain their consent before utilizing their images or data. This is especially important when it comes to deep-fake and facial recognition, where the difference between real life and material made by AI can get fuzzy.
    • Rights of intellectual property. Concerns arise regarding the ownership of AI-generated content as it improves by assimilating from pre-existing works. Establishing unambiguous protocols regarding the utilization and attribution of AI-generated content is critical to safeguarding the rights of the original creators and promoting novel ideas.
    • Bias and representation. AI systems are prone to inherent biases in their training data. Discriminatory or unjust consequences for the ultimate output result can occur. You need to reduce these biases for diversity and inclusion in training datasets. Moreover, evaluate AI-generated content for skewed representations or stereotypes. It continues harm or inequality. However, going for human creatives is a good option for creating visual assets such as brand style guides or branding mockups. You can guarantee that the final products retain their human-centric nature.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


    Can AI take the place of film editors?

    No. AI can manage animation video editing tasks, such as fixing colors, trimming, and adding effects. But it failed to do everything that humans can do. After all, AI can’t fully replicate a human editor’s power to be creative, suggest a good story, and understand how people sense. AI can be a valuable tool for video makers to be highly productive and efficient.


    Does anyone know of a free AI movie editor?

    Yes, free tools let you change animation Videos with AI. As you can see from the list above, some of the most popular platforms allow users to use them for free, but there are some restrictions, like only being able to use certain features or export movies with watermarks.


    Can I make an AI movie for free?

    Yes, free AI-in-video tools can make animated videos from text or pictures.

    Besides the ones already stated, Visla, Peech, invideo AI, and are other AI video generators that give no cost trials or free versions for a short time.


    Can ChatGPT change videos?

    No. Because ChatGPT relies on text, it can’t directly change animation Videos. However, it can give you directions, help, and hints on editing videos, as well as help you write scripts or plan video material.


    Trust us to build an AI video animation




    The editing process will now be modified with AI-based animation video editing tools in 2024.

    The animators or creators can now work on their creativity or idea generations. Features like scene segmentation and aromatic editing can improve the video quality.


    However, certain ethical issues, such as privacy, intellectual property rights, and bias, must be addressed.


    With top tools like Runway, Wondershare Filmora,, Descript, Canva, and AI DeepBrain, creators now have more exciting opportunities to develop captivating animation videos.


    The digital age is nothing with AI now. A focus on ethical concerns ensures responsible and innovative video production.


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