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    An Overview of Starbucks Logo Design Evolution


    March 27 , 2024 Posted by admin

    Coffee is a culture for Americans, especially for the morning routine. Whenever they wake up, they hear “Wake up, and coffee is ready,” either from their life partner, spouse, or themselves. Coffer can lift your mood very quickly.


    To clarify, Starbucks has mastery in making coffee as per consumers’ fondness. For generations, consumer lovers have relished it. It is not just a trademark but a flavor that lets consumers feel special and excited and helped the brand achieve remarkable fame. Besides the designs that unique mermaid surrounds it, it has played a massive role in making the brand recognized globally.


    The logo has cultural elements that connect the audience with its historical events.


    The logo has undergone various modifications over the years. In this blog, we will discuss these changes throughout its history.


    Let’s begin.


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    Starbucks Market Position

    Regarding statistics, let’s overview how this big coffee brand holds a big place in the market.


    Starbucks has 38,038 stores all over the world. In the year 2023, Starbucks built $36.687 billion in revenue.


    A typical Customer visits Starbucks six times a month. Meanwhile, 20% have their own reserved tables and visit them 16 times a month.


    Starbucks offers Almost 87000 drink mixtures. Since 1879, there has always been an increase of at least two stores daily globally in its localities.


    How did Starbucks give birth?

    Jerry Baldwin, | Zev Siegl, | and Gordon Bowker—these three give birth to Starbucks in Seattle in March 1971, Washington.


    Initially, these three give the name “Pegoud” to a firm. The name gets inspiration from a whaling ship. The ship is in a “Moby-dick,” Herman Melville’s American classic. But pronouncing it gives strange vibes, which led the trio to change the name to Starbucks—a word the chief mate holds on the Pequod.


    While searching for a name, they viewed the world map and found a town named” Strapo.” Starbucks is a source that they got from this town’s name. Still, there are many myths circulating.


    In the beginning, brewed coffee was not on the list of Starbucks products to be sold—instead, the company bags contained roasted coffee beans.


    A stranger named Alfred Peet is the one behind the roasting coffee beans. Thus, Starbucks sells roasted coffee at the market.


    Coffee beans selling is their starting era.


    Still, after 15 years of effort, espresso coffee is unavailable in their brand service. Starbucks offers free samples of coffee beans (sourced from Alfred Pete) and is famous among visitors.


    In 1986, coffee bean selling began in six locations in Seattle. In 15987, a former manager named Howard Schilz acquired a firm. He spread the word about Starbucks worldwide and gave a peek at what we know today.


    Starbucks fame: logo is the Reason

    A logo is a reason that Starbucks is so famous today. The mermaid in the logo shows a natural being with mystic and far-sighted powers. Coffee lovers enjoy their coffee due to its round logo. The scent of freshly brewed coffee motivates them to visit the stores for a fresh coffee cup.


    Its packaging design also makes the audience excited to buy the product.


    What does Siren say?

    “Twin-little mermaid,” or you can say “siren,” is the symbolic image in the logo. As per Greek mythology, in the South Pacific, this sign was a way to attract sailors to shipwreck off the coast of an island, also called a Starbucks island. The actual founders used this icon so that coffee lovers were attracted to it.


    Knowing about the meaning of the logo, the Starbucks Global Creative Studio’s creative director, Steve Murray, states that: –


    “The Siren is] definitely about coffee, but it’s much more than coffee. It’s about being good to people and being good to the world.


    We do this in the way we source our coffee, help farmers, treat our customers, and treat our partners. I think it’s about being good citizens of the planet, taking care of each other, and standing up for what we believe in.”


    When Howards Schulz acquired it, the logo design completely changed. The words” Spice, Tea, and Coffee” no longer appear in the logo; instead, It only has “Starbucks coffee” on it.


    Schultz eliminates the intricate designs of its logo and gives a polished look to its business logo design.


    Despite all changes, two-tailed mermaids exist there.


    Its current version has simple and soothing colors and a unique round shape, with a siren in a way and green matching.


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    Starbuck logo Evolution





    In 1971, the logo appeared and became a brand recognition. The two-tailed mermaid exits there since starting, but with a wordmark that has a circular around it.


    Initially, the logo siren has complete details, a traditional and ornate look, and many minor accents.


    The log text is inscribed in block letters. The typography is modern sans serif, which balances the mermaid encircled with an ornate look.


    There are two thick circles or edges in a logo. The first covers the mermaid on the inside, and the second covers the text “Coffee Tea Spices” with dots in between on the bottom and Starbucks written on the top.



    In 1987, new logo design ideas circulated among the company owners. This time, a new color, green, was added to a logo badge. The thick circle is now green.


    The log now has only two terms: “Starbucks and Coffee.” It is easy and simple, with two five-pointed stars in white between Starbucks coffee. The typography and lettering are now bold.

    It talks about the siren (or, you say, a wordmark); it is now bare-bodied and has flowing hairs. But this new logo has a belly button of the mermaid.


    The green color’s purpose is to show freshness, growth, and prosperity.



    This version shows the log siren with a zoom frame, which removes the belly button and some corner parts, such as tails or side hints on the mermaid. Only the fishtail is visible. Everything else is the same as previously.



    In 2011, the company made another redesign. Now, there is more typesetting—just a wordmark. Why this? The firm knows that our consumers recognize us with a siren icon, so there is no need to put a typeface in the logo. Just the round-shaped word ark is called siren.


    However, the green color has now moved to a siren background, while previously, it was black.

    The major difference is the face repositioning. There is no border, just a siren with a green background encircled.


    The siren’s flowing locks now give it a much broader appearance. The sire is in an asymmetrical position, which makes her face more realistic and approachable.


    If you look at the mermaid’s face, it now looks more accurate (compared to the previous version), as the shading does appear like a mask.


    Today, it is a versatile logo that gives a give a vibe of richness and quality when purchasing.

    This 2011 design was a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Starbucks. The squad behind this is Lipincot and an in-house team. Kudos to them.


    Starbucks logo – Design elements

    Terry Heckler imagines the log of a Starbucks. He spends a lot of time reading old marine books. After learning about the 16th-century Norse woodcut with a two-tailed mermaid, Heckler gets inspired. So, he comes up with this logo.


    1 – Shape



    The logo is a circle in shape. When there is a wordmark, all its history is inside the circle, sometimes with a dot or five-pointed stars. The new logo with a big zoom siren has no such features but is still circular.


    I feel that circular shapes dictate the earth, and the association with green color means that the planet is eco—friendly (as trees boost nature), safe, and peaceful.


    Also, a circle is a standard graphic design approach when shaping a logo for the designer’s. They assume that perpetuity (time without end) is via a circle. It is like no end point or beginning point.


    2 – Color



    Green and white are the only two colors that Starbucks uses now, but previously, black was also used. Green shows the background, while white is in a wordmark or typeface.


    Green is all about nature, healing, protection, and even wealth. As coffee is a plant genus, green is the Starbucks Logo’s basic color.


    But there is another major reason the green color is applied to the logo. The firm has been culturally obtaining coffee for decades. Thus, friendly relations with consumers and local farmers are a must, and for that, they used green to let the firm portray itself in the market as socially responsible.


    3 – Fonts



    Now, Starbucks has no text. Look at the previous version hey have. The font was bold and simple, and, is a sans serif font applied in a very clean and polished way that appeared in block letters (sometimes with five-point stars and sometimes dots).


    As the firm realized it had gained a reputable place in the market, there was no longer a need to put a name to any typeface in a logo, so they got rid of it. Now, the firm knows the audience recognize them well with the siren (which is enough).


    So, this is the fascinating history of the Starbucks logo. The changes in the logo reflect the company’s vision to dominate the food and beverage industry, and they did it.


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    The Starbucks logo is unique and easy to recognize. Currently, the logo is very straightforward:


    • No wordmark
    • No dots or stars
    • Just a siren with two tails and thick, flowy locks


    The green and white matching makes it more appealing and shows that the firm is socially responsive. The evolution of the logo, which adds and subtracts certain elements, proves that Starbucks always follows the trends and is at the top of the beverage and food business world.


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