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    An Ultimate Guide to Successful Small Business Rebranding of 2024


    May 24 , 2024 Posted by admin

    When your small brand evolves, it expands and takes the first step toward success. But when you reach this level, you need to analyze what time you need to rebrand and what to rebrand— a fiddly task.


    Here in this blog, we will look into how changing the appearance of the brand or “Small Business Rebranding” can provide victory— a trendy and modern package design can do that.


    We will explain all these with one valuable example.


    Logo Magicians will first show you four stages a small business can go through for a successful rebranding.


    Then, we will also talk about tips for being successful.


    At the end of this blog, you will clearly see where you are standing and whether this rebranding tactic is right for you.


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    4 Stages in Small Business Rebranding

    Let’s take a view with an example of what stage small businesses need to go through for a successful Small Business Rebranding:


    1 – DIY



    Beginning with a moderate or humble attitude is a useful approach in branding, but it requires financial prudence or a careful way of managing and spending your finances.


    A huge dream and minor budget spending can go parallel.


    Let’s say you are a vegan jerky distributor in your local area struggling to make money. You want to design packages of your products to sell to the locals.


    The best thing you can do is use your own expertise. If you have design skills, use them in your packaging redesign.


    Also, if you have any relative or friend with whom you have a strong bond, take their expertise (in case he/she has self-taught knowledge in graphic designing)


    You can both team up to design the packaging of your product. You can take inspiration from your hometown city and can use retro pharmacy style in your packaging.


    If your product has certain flavors, you can add figures of your hometown city, as an example Louisville.


    Then, you can print those labels locally and apply them yourself in each pouch.


    And with time, as your sales grow, you can opt for a local printing company that can directly print the pouches or bags. This way, you can save lots of effort and time and focus on other major primary parts of your business.


    2 – Refinement

    Once your DIY packaging starts performing well, it is time to invest more capital for quicker production in your Small Business Rebranding. You now feel that the DIY approach isn’t valuable and stop you from focusing on your business’s core actions.


    Prepare to upgrade your small label to complete packaging. Here, your product packaging shall be fully covered from back to front on both sides.


    At this stage, delegation and collaboration are a must.


    You can search for multiple local graphic design agencies that come under your budget.


    In this situation, you can connect with logo Magicians for your Small Business Rebranding.


    In the past, we rectified SME and startup branding needs, and the result we delivered was beyond expectations.


    On our platform, you will explore multiple ideas and directions, which allows for a relaxing and refreshing creative procedure in your new business rebranding.


    Contact us to make this for you.


    As years pass, your brand of “vegan jerky” vegan snacks become famous among locals due to its interactive packaging that resembles snack packaging—as an example. As you expand your success via word of mouth and clever social media marketing, it is clear that you are not alone now.


    The competition is getting bigger, and you need to work on it to be in an edge position.


    3 – Expansion



    Now that you have gained fame, sales hit the target, and a solid social media following, here comes another milestone to achieve in your business branding trip as you are celebrating your 5—or 10-year anniversary.


    Now, revisit your packaging once more. You have new difficulties and need to find a solution for them.


    How can you stand out from your rivals in the market and get an international or broader audience?


    At this moment, connecting with a branding agency is an intelligent move.


    You can partner and entrust a reputable branding company, Logo Magicians, for your small business branding project.


    Moving forward, in your new rebranding, you can retain your retro pharmacy style, and your hometown city lets you keep the Louisville-inspired themes while infusing modern and trendy elements in your packaging design.


    You can maintain the charm of your shop while adding a hand-drawn picture of your hometown, Louisville, skyline and keeping your package window in the shape of Kentucky (as an example.)


    You can remove historical figures and replace them with brighter colors, bolder fonts, and other vector features for a solid, modern appearance.


    In addition to these, you can give your product packaging a fine look by adding a non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan certification.


    With this new contemporary design, you can attain a mass appeal audience and, with 100% confidence, put your vegan snacks product beside your rival product, showing the true essence of your hometown city roots.


    This way, you have a design that can be on the post recognized from a 20-foot distance.


    4 -Experimentation

    After all this, one more thing you can do is experiment. To keep things going creatively and fun, you can try releasing new flavors or recipes in your products.


    This is where you can connect with the audience distinctly, holding entire creative control and not worrying about the current trend. This method also allows you to mingle with other organizations that share your values.


    For example, you can collaborate with non-profit organizations that serve disabled people, and your packaging shows a sign of that support via color, icons, or shapes that relate to those causes to share stories worldwide. Your company branding is not just about selling vegan snacks but about putting money into endorsing the causes you trust in your community.


    5 advices helpful in your successful Small Business Branding Services

    By going through the above stages, your brand can gorgeously show how it can find its feet and evolve with clients’ constantly changing needs and trends while keeping itself true to its roots.


    From distributing DIY-made zip locked bags of vegan jerky products with relatives and friends to decorating the shelves in hundreds of retail stores nationwide, your brand has risen to a much greater success.


    Remember to keep your cores at every stage of your small rebranding to harden your identity while echoing with the intended audience.


    We hope this journey in how to have your small business branding gives a wealth of insights into your trip and what efforts are needed to keep the value and protect new and thrilled with time.


    Here are the five Small Business Rebranding tips that are helpful for you:


    1 – Don’t assume you need to do it all by yourself



    Thinking you can do everything on your own does not indicate you can really do that. Partnering with branding agencies or freelancers can generate a load of new ideas and viewpoints. This way, you can free yourself from secondary tasks and focus more on the primary tasks of your business.


    2 – Appreciate change

    Everything is evolving, and design trends are on top of that. So, keep your brand new by always following the current trends. Always keep your audience’s tastes and preferences fresh and relevant while appreciating trendy visual looks.


    3 – Balance innovation and consistency

    It is essential to appreciate change and always follow trends. A consistent visual identity is also important for a solid client connection.


    Mix your fresh ideas with elements related to your brand and the innovation you are infusing into those elements in the design, shape, color, or font form. Dong, this will help you to enhance your audience without losing your existing clients. Do you keep retaining existing clients while bringing new audiences?


    4 – Build your unique selling proposition to be on top of rivals

    In your Small Business Rebranding, build packaging that communicates your unique brand story to connect with your audience at an emotional level. This can be in the form of any color you use in your brand, adding a mascot that shows what you do and what you believe, or adding a tagline. This way, your packaging design can be your USP as a Small Business Rebranding or in your strong visual identity.


    5 – Leave room for experimentation



    As per Amazon Co-founder Jeff Bezos:


    “Failure and invention are twins,” said Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. “To invent, you have to experiment. If you know it will work in advance, it’s not an experiment.”


    Never stop doing experiments. You need to try new things; without experiments, it won’t be possible. Experimenting is a way to position yourself well in a stuff market.


    If you are bold enough to break the status quo and disrupt the way branding performs, you will achieve great triumph.


    Get in touch with us for your business rebranding needs




    These are the five ways and tips for your Small Business Rebranding.


    Think of your industry, access your target market, gauge the rivalry, and decide whether rebranding is worth it.


    And most important, the time when rebranding is needed is a viewpoint you keep in mind.


    Contact Logo Magicians for small business branding services and logo design services in the USA.


    Whether you’re looking for company logo design services, corporate branding, or digital marketing needs, we cater to all of them. Contact us!


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