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    Five New Mobile App Technologies to Watch in 2023 And Beyond


    May 23 , 2023 Posted by admin

    A mobile app approach that has captured the hearts of its target audience unites Uber, Zoom, Airbnb, Netflix, and all other top development companies. With more than 5 billion mobile apps available in app stores, the app market may appear to be oversaturated, but all businesses, regardless of size or industry, need to have a strong mobile presence.


    Changes in consumer behavior, increased internet usage, and the convenience that mobiles provide are some of the drivers propelling the growth of the mobile ecosystem in the modern corporate sector. Regardless of whether your business is just starting, starting, developing, or expanding, you must decide what sort of mobile attitude you will adopt if you want to leave a good impression on your clientele.


    Client engagement, brand loyalty, the marketing of new services, lead generation, sales growth, business visibility, and the enhancement of the customer experience your firm provides are all aided by well-designed mobile app development. However, a poorly designed mobile application will simply cause you to incur more technological debt and harm the reputation of your business.


    The ten cutting-edge mobile app development technologies and best practices covered in this article can help you attract, convert, and retain app users while building your brand. In order to make your software stand out in this crowded market, keep reading.


    1. Machine Intelligence


    Artificial intelligence is one of the most crucial mobile app technologies utilized by businesses to develop sophisticated and incredibly useful applications (AI). A McKinsey research claims that $39 billion was invested in artificial intelligence in 2016 and that this amount has increased each year afterwards.
    AI is used by mobile applications to develop intelligence, learn user behavior, and make important decisions. AI makes use of the information the app gathers to better comprehend user behavior and enhance the user experience. In reality, the majority of widely used applications now use AI to support business operations.
    The various advantages of AI have led to a 270% growth in the number of businesses utilizing it in the previous few years, according to a Gartner poll.


    2. Geofencing


    Geofencing technology enables owners of mobile apps to profit from location-based marketing. This technology can help mobile app marketers get data on when users enter or leave a specific geographic area so that they can target users of mobile apps at the perfect time. Here are a few examples of how marketers could make the most of this technology;


    • You might improve foot traffic in your stores by sending push notifications to passersby.
    • Offer product suggestions based on previous in-app user engagement; • Boost brand awareness by integrating social sharing
    • Enhance customer service by gathering consumer feedback or building channels of contact between consumers and businesses.


    Geofencing is unquestionably one of the tactics utilized the most frequently today for reaching your target audience. As a result, companies are utilizing this technology to its fullest potential. By integrating geofencing technology into your mobile app development, you might provide your business with a competitive edge.


    3. Advancement Web Apps


    PWA is a mobile app technology that is expected to gain prominence during the ensuing few years. Despite the fact that PWAs are not a recent invention in the field of mobile app development, they are here to stay and aid businesses in attaining their goals in an affordable way.

    These apps serve as a link between web pages and native mobile applications because they were created using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Ones that stand out among other PWAs are Starbucks, Uber, Twitter Lite, Expedia, QR Code Scanner, and Hulu.

    One of these businesses, Starbucks, is utilizing PWAs to their full potential.


    4. IOt and Bots


    The creation of chatbots, also referred to as bots, is reshaping the mobile app business. According to predictions, the market for chatbots would be worth $1.25 billion by 2025. According to Business Insider, during the next two years, chatbot consumer spending will actually surpass $142 billion globally. You can create a bot for your company in the same way. This massive growth is the result of the advancement of technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. Interactions with chatbots will also appear more natural in the future because of technologies like sentiment analysis, voice and facial recognition, and semantic search.
    In the quickly developing Internet of Things ecosystem, these bots will have a big impact.


    5. Blockchain


    Blockchain technology has fast moved past the stage where it was unclear what it was and what benefits it offered. Even while each has advantages and cons of its own, when mobile applications are combined with technology, the income charts take a perilous turn higher.

    The adoption graph that blockchain has created for itself has all it needs to rank among the top technologies for the creation of mobile applications in the future years.



    The size and scope of the application industry today and in the future are confirmed by these mobile app developments. If you’re a new business owner or entrepreneur wanting to break into this emerging market, you must be well aware of these trends to be future-focused and prosper there. If you want to know about the mobile app development cost, you can always get in touch with our knowledgeable developers if you need assistance or direction. If you require to hire the best mobile app developers in USA then contact Logo Magicians at any time.


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