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    Honda logo Design: Past, Present and Future


    February 26 , 2024 Posted by admin

    Honda has entered the race of automakers by redesigning its logo, moving its emphasis from conventional gasoline-diesel vehicles to new electric ones. Prominent international automotive manufacturers have recognized the change and are fully moving to electric vehicles. Honda, for instance, has recently declared the introduction of its electric vehicle lineup.


    When businesses present new products or services, they always focus on redesigning or updating the brand logo. This is because a business logo design is the most visible element. Thus, when individuals see a logo, they are immediately informed of the company’s nature or the innovation it is about to introduce.


    This also applies to the international brand Honda’s recent revisions to its logo. Significantly, the organization intends to enter the expanding market for electronic vehicles. Therefore, it modified its previous logo to correspond with its new brand message.


    In this blog, we will briefly talk about Honda’s past, its logo meaning, the complete timeline of Honda logo design changes, and the future goals that led to this new change of 2024.


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    History of Honda

    Soichiro Honda started the company in 1946 to make engines for motorized bicycles and complete motorcycles. This was the start of the Honda wing logo’s story. The first private company that made cars showed up in 1948. They began making cars in 1962, and the Honda Civic was one of them. The first car, a small pick-up truck used for business, had the first Honda logo on the hood, showing the brand’s mark for the first time. The second car made was a racing car that looked like a two-door drop-top.


    The founder of the brand, Soichiro Honda, was an outstanding engineer. He stopped going to school when he was 16 years old. Even though he didn’t attend school, he learned a lot working in car shops. He opened his car repair shop when he was about 20.


    Honda symbol meaning



    The stylized letter “H” has long served as the Honda brand’s logo, appearing on the company’s goods. The sign has additional meaning in addition to being a representation of the “Honda” name. Some analysts claim that the sign resembles a traditional armchair to represent safety.

    The Honda logo insignia can resemble a guy standing far away and raising his arms to the sky in exhilaration or discovery.


    Honda’s symbol was not as well-known as other auto logos for the first few years. People’s perception of the image before the 1960s was limited to a hazy picture on an automobile hood. Thankfully, the company’s famous logo changed as well as it did.


    What does ‘H’ mean in the new Honda logo?

    ‘H’ is for both the firm name and founder, Soichiro Honda. That’s why the business never fully changed the letter. The letter now embodies the business’s core values and the message it aims to convey in the market.


    The old letter “H” is still a part of the symbol. But small changes to the letter’s shape make it stand out from other electric car logos.


    Honda Logo Timeline


    1961 – 1969



    In 1961, Honda Auto made its initial badge public, remaining with the company for eight years. The logo was a dark burgundy rectangular shape featuring two nearly colorless, light blue elements. The precedence of the logo for the Acura division was a massive stylized “H” with its vertical bars drawn diagonally from the center adorning the upper portion of the logo. The logo was positioned atop the uppercase logotype using a refined traditional serif typeface characterized by clear contours and full letterforms.


    1969 – 1981



    This time, the Honda logo was a huge exit from its previous one. Here, the logo (or capital H) constituted the sole remaining component of the Honda automobile logo. Any coloration or name that was present on the logo was no more. Conversely, the letter H was rendered in white against a backdrop of black.


    Although the “H” was significantly narrower in this iteration of the Honda logo, the upper half of the capital letter remained considerably wider than the lower half.


    1981 – 2000



    In 1981, the Honda logo underwent a revision that brought it closer to its current design. This update included refining the logo’s lines and introducing the letter “H” in black against a white background with a black border. This version marked a major evolution in the logo’s appearance, setting the stage for its recognizable modern form. The logo looks like a rectangle and has curved perimeters.


    Once more, the formal Honda logo becomes famous by the company’s name being presented in a bold, black font. The typeface utilized was a bold serif design, with every letter capitalized.


    2000- 2023



    Honda incorporated additional color and texture into its design for the year 2000. Suddenly, the appellation “Honda” took on an intense shade of red. The stylized version of the previous logo featured the red Honda wordmark positioned beneath it, with the H undergoing a 3D silver redesign.


    The silver limbs of the Honda “H” are also elongated slightly at the top.


    2024 – A Fresh Logo for Its EVs

    2024 – A Fresh Logo for Its EVs


    Although the organization reinstated its previous antiquated ‘H’ logo, big modifications were incorporated. The redesign of the Honda logo communicates the company’s intent to penetrate the electric vehicle industry and establishes a positive impression on customers.

    The next changes caused the traditional ‘H’ logo in the limelight.


    An incline ‘H’ configuration

    The previous customized logo design featured a stylized letter H representing the organization’s routine vehicle operations. The electric vehicle company, however, has a new logo that features the return of the initial ‘H.’


    Previously a flatter ‘H’ shape, the H logo now possesses a skeuomorphic metallic appearance. However, the revised H design is more streamlined and flattened than its predecessor. In addition, it is visually striking, with a Honda logo illuminated at the rear of the vehicle against a lit backdrop.


    Due to its minimalist design, the logo now appears considerably more refined. Being visually remarkable, it operates independently of any additional components. That is the defining feature of a minimalist logo, as in the case of the Volvo logo.


    Removal of boundaries

    A more visible change to the logo design refers to the borderlines surrounding the “H.” A strict border surrounded the H mark in the past. The new H shape has sharper top prongs that stick out farther. In other words, they look like two “outstretched hands.”


    The new logo communicates liberation from contamination by eliminating the symbol’s boundaries. It also represents the delight and simplicity of operating an electric vehicle.


    The letter form had slight changes

    The ‘H’ shape is unique because it appears narrower at the base and wider at the top. Thus, a distinct wedge shape was produced. However, upon further examination from above, it also assumes the form of an arm-raising gesture toward the sky. The Honda logo represents the support or resolution that the organization offers to its clientele via modern automobiles.


    “The Power of Dreams – How we Move you” is Honda’s official slogan; this time, it is shown in this ‘H’ shape. People’s aspiration to own forward-looking technology vehicles, such as the Honda electric vehicles of today, is reflected in the slogan.


    Moreover, the newly redesigned ‘H’ Honda logo conveys the firm’s mission to produce EVs that delight their drivers. The organization desires for the motorist to take pleasure in driving the vehicle. To symbolize this delight, the topmost prongs of the letter ‘H’ have been expanded outwardly. That is comparable to an individual energetically raising their hands to the heavens.


    The organization answers the novel H symbol shape, stating that “this design appearance resembles two extended hands. It symbolizes Honda’s dedication to expanding the potentialities of mobility and authentically catering to the requirements of Honda EV users.”


    Thus, Honda made these minor changes to its previous ‘H’ logo to better align it with its electric vehicle enterprise. The changes are minimal. People can readily recognize the company logo even though they have seen it numerous times.


    If one desires to modify an existing business logo design, strategically using it is a wise option. Ensure that the new logo embodies the aspirations of your newly identified target consumers.


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    What about the logo of a Honda motorcycle?



    Honda designed a new logo in combination with the launch of its motorcycle version of the brand. The initial version of the design was far more straightforward than the Honda automobile logo. It only has the word “Honda motor” printed on a blue backdrop with a white and gold outline.


    Honda has experimented with many logo designs, such as winged humans or a set of independent wings resembling the Harley Davidson logo. The Honda motorcycle logo is a condensed version of one of its earlier creations.


    Fans of Honda motorcycles can quickly identify the distinctive red in all Honda wordmarks. The motorcycle motif is represented by a reduced wing form over the word “Honda,” as opposed to the “H” logo on Honda automobiles.


    The motorcycle emblem’s wings and the recognizable crimson of the Honda logo combine to create a striking image that immediately draws in customers.


    Honda’s Future Goals: To enter the EV segment

    As explained in the 2024 logo update section, Honda, the preeminent automotive manufacturer globally, intends to venture headfirst into the electric vehicle sector. In 2026, the organization will assemble its elective vehicle. Following North America, Honda will introduce the Honda 0 Series of automobiles to the Middle East, Europe, Japan, South America, Africa, and Asia.


    Saloon and Space-Hub, two concept models from Honda’s Honda 0 Series of electric vehicles, were disclosed at the recently concluded CES 2024 in Las Vegas. At the exact location, the new Honda logo came to life to represent the corporation’s dedication to electric vehicles (EVs), considered vehicles of the future.


    The new ‘H’ Honda logo simultaneously bring to mind a retro and futuristic aesthetic. At this time, it is defining its new EV operation. It is uncertain whether the Japanese automaker’s 0 Series electric vehicles will debut with its new “H” logo.


    Enhance your brand with Honda’s renowned logo evolution inspiration!




    Honda just released a new logo for its line of electric cars. This company will have electric cars on the market in two years. Honda made some minor changes to its famous “H” sign to show what it wanted to do. This time, there is a flatter form, with the top of the H shape being a bit wider. The logo design shows how great it is to drive an electric car that doesn’t pollute.


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