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    Superman logo history and evolution


    April 6 , 2024 Posted by admin

    Superman is a name familiar to most Hollywood, comics, and pop culture lovers. Although these fans know how Superman evolves in movies and comics, they haven’t been very aware of the changes in a logo since its existence. As for the information, just like the actor’s changes in the Superman film and comics, the logo has also undergone at least 25 changes until now.


    Taking a deep look at the Superman logo, we can see that the change is not huge, only minor tweaking are done since it was made.


    Thus, in this blog, you will explore in depth how this superhero logo design has undergone slight changes in the past decades.


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    The Original Ones: the emerging Superman logo



    In the DC comic book universe, it is mainly recognized even in movies. The Superman logo must be visible in the tight superman suit with a logo directly visible on chest.


    Clark Kent was the first man to play superman.


    Joe Shutters, Jerry Siegel, is the angel behind its comic creation, which was released in “Actin Comic#1” in 1938. Since then, the personality has had great value in both the X and Y generations.


    As the media is evolving, so the logo had been used in multiple types of media, like television shows, radio serials, movies, and novels.


    With each new change in a logo design, the super character visual has evolved, with the focus remaining on the iconic “S” badge.


    The first ones were very different from what you see today. Still, they have most of the exact features of the first ones, like a yellow background, shield border, and red icon “S.”



    Super Superman logo History



    The shield in the Superman logo resembles a police badge. This similarity indicates that superman is ready to protect his people by hook or crook, although such first ever logo appears only on the comic cover.



    In 1938, the same year it came to life, another one, a triangle emblem was created. Everything is the same as the previous one, but the surrounding shape is now a triangle rather than a police badge. The triangle has dual black outlines with red inside. The “S” is in the middle with black outlines and red inside. In between the “S” and triangle outlines is a yellow background.



    The new Superman logo has a shield with more refined “s.” In 1939, the triangular logo got some polishing. Here, the shield “S” appears more enlarged, touching the red triangles. The top part appears big, while the bottom part seems smaller or half. Black outlining is no more.




    In 1940, multiple changes occurred, including an entirely new color scheme and shape. The triangle has two rounded shapes with a thick black outline surrounding the logo. Under the black outlining is a white background on top and a black background with a red “s” symbol. The “S” icon appears like hand-drawn calligraphy.


    This only lasted for two episodes.


    In the same year, a new version appeared with a big triangle and a yellow background. Two very thin lines of black outlining cover the Superman logo and the “S” red icon with the same yellow background. The upper position of the red “S” icon is enlarged, ending with a horizontal line, while the lower positioned “S” is similarly compressed with a horizontal line.


    Another version occurred in 1940, which is like a diamond but curve-shaped. Two black outlines exist, and in between them is a red background. The inner black outlines have a red “S” icon with a yellow background. The “s” icon itself has black outlines with a red color inside it.



    From 1941 to 1944, the Superman logo underwent 12-15 changes in addition to the above-mentioned ones. Most changes are barely visible, and there are changes in miner red and yellow, which have slight color variations and different proportions and shades.


    When you see these four changes, you can see the shapes have changed. Some are oval-shaped with bold crowns and straight lines, while others have long and straight crowns, with the addition of a horizontal line on the bottom part of a 1942 logo.


    Is an oval-shaped diamond with bold red outlines covering the 1943 logo on the third one? The last one appears the same, with slight color shades and red outlines of the 1944 logo.



    At the end of 1944, the Superman logo was refreshed again. Now, with smoother shades, the framing and letter contours are bold and square. The Superman logo seems more confident and formal.



    In 1955, the contour of the Superman logo was fancy and modern. The “s” icon has an emboldened tail-like feature. The upper part of the “S” icon is curved, and the medium part is medium thick, making it highly unique.


    Another occurs in the same periods where the “S” icon is highly thick and the color is a bit red light. All is the same as the previous one.



    This is a badge we all see today. The Superman logo has two thick black outlines, one covering the logo and the other covering and attached with the “S” symbol. The shape is pentagonal diamond-like, with red (outside of the “S” icon) and an intense yellow background (inside of the “S” icon).



    During this period, the black outline was no longer present. The color is the same as in 1960. The shield is the same, but it is cleaner and more refined.


    Another version occurred in 1987 with only color variations and slight “s” shape changes. In this, the upper and bottom parts of the “S” have different lines and tail shapes. The color is a bit light.

    In 1989, a new version was in line with the pale color, wider, and slightly squeezed.


    1993 – Now

    This year, some minor changes occurred with the Letter “S,” which is more stretched. The corners of the Superman logo are highly bold, and the color is brighter now.



    In 1997, a unique version occurred (very different from all these versions). The color was entirely new, and the pattern “S” was also very differently stylized.


    One version of the Superman logo was white and black, and the other was red and white. In both of these, the “S” is barely visible. The logo has two black outlines; the upper is thick, and the inner is very light. In between them is a red and blue color on each. The white background is attached with an “S” shape, making the “s” entirely non-visible.



    At the beginning of 2001, a new experiment was conducted with a logo. One is red and yellow, and the other is black and yellow.


    The black ones have black outlines with red and black backgrounds. The yellow ones have thick red outlines which directly cover the “S” icon. They are closer to earlier Superman logos, but the colors appear to be pale, especially the yellow ones, and less dramatic.



    A movie, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie,” is released with a Superman logo in combination with the Batman logo. The logo has a red Batman and a diamond curve shield inside, in red and slight black crisps.


    Super Superman logo meaning, colors, and typesetting

    Whenever you watch a movie or a comic book lover, you see the Superman logo with a shield where “S” is defined as a Kryptonian symbol for “Hope.


    The meaning is “Fight for Justice, Protect the innocent, and Hope of Peace,” or you can say “life, power, and good.”





    Black, yellow, and red are the official colors of a logo. Red and Yellow have been the primary hues for a long time. Red shows the power to protect the people and the passion for equality, and yellow shows enlightenment and joy.


    As per the comic books, yellow and red have different points of view; Red Is about Krypton sun Superman, the character planet where he belongs. Yellow is the color of the sun, which radiates superman’s unbeatable power.


    The primary colors are: –



    • Hex: #FFEB00
    • CMYK: (3, 2, 98, 0)
    • RGB: (255, 235, 0)
    • PANTONE: PMS 3945 C


    • Hex: #C80000
    • CMYK: (15, 100, 100, 5)
    • RGB: (200, 0, 0)
    • PANTONE: PMS 186 C



    • Hex: #000000
    • CMYK: (60, 40, 40, 100)
    • RGB: (0, 0, 0)




    Well, let us confirm that it’s not a font; it’s a creativity or an art. The “S” icon has undergone many changes, and no one has yet come to know the font. Well, we can name it a “Superman font.”


    Build a logo that your audience will admire for a long time



    Let’s Celebrate the 86th anniversary of the Superman logo

    The world is now giving each other examples when they are talking about superpowers. Kids usually use this term and use toys of these comic heroes.


    They admire these comics because of the creators’ creativity in these characters, especially the superman.


    Today, superman inspires all good things. In the near future, he will constantly admire the next generation.


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