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    The Meanings Behind the Logos of Burger King, Domino’s, and KFC

    The Meanings behind the Logos of Burger King, Dominos, and KFC-01

    December 20 , 2022 Posted by admin

    Stories about origins are usually fascinating. They have just the right amount of allure, allure, and mystery to serve as the ideal icebreaker. The background of the design makes these stories all the more compelling to us. It’s an interesting explanation of how brands and designers arrived at their concepts and why they would choose one design version over another.

    Today, we share the origin story of the restaurant logo design of the most iconic fast food brands of our time. These brands are selected based on their global presence (number of locations worldwide). Enjoy the interesting details revealed here.

    Above all, discover how some of the greatest and most well-known logo designs originally began as something completely different. We’ll discuss the essential function that logo design serves in company branding.  It also explains how the balance is precarious when considering brand logo changes.

    Let’s get started.

    1. Burger King

    Burger King-01

    Before Instagram, there was Instaburger (Instaburger King, to be exact).

    After seeing McDonald’s restaurants, Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns started a fast food joint in Florida in 1953. They chose to launch their own restaurant franchise since they were so passionate about the operation and the level of service. Burns recently purchased new broiler equipment called the Insta-Broiler. They have incorporated it into new restaurant ventures and created specialties.

    The king is holding a beverage can with the words “burgers” and “shakes” inscribed on it while eating the restaurant’s iconic Whopper. The crown additionally says ‘Insta’ though the phrase became now no longer a part of the reputable emblem call anymore. The king remained at the emblem for numerous years till 1969 while the corporation added its burger bun emblem that have become the inspiration of all consequent emblem logo redesigns.

    Over the years, the BK logo has changed very little. Nothing has been tampered with except for subtle changes in font style and bread shape. That’s good, too. Contribute to developing a solid brand identity that will endure for decades. We also advise against changing the brand logo unless there has been a major shift in the company’s image or in its offerings. The BK logo was last updated in 1999, more than 20 years ago and that custom logo design is still there today.

    1. Domino


    Delivery men are the unsung heroes of pizza delivery. We would all be forced to leave Lakers games in the middle of them to grab our own pizza if they were not there.

    So, while we salute all pizza delivery guys in the world, this young man in his sixties deserves our respect. Around 1960, a small pizza restaurant chain was born called Dominic’s Pizza. Due to the chain’s success, two brothers, Tom and James Monaghan, became interested in it quickly. Tom came up with a costly idea to make it a nationwide chain after the brothers bought it. The new business required a lot of effort and after just eight months James sold shares in the company to his brothers and left the company. He didn’t want to jeopardize his established job as a postman.

    Tom had to come up with a new name quickly. The dominoes of the world sounded very similar to Dominique, so the delivery man suggested Domino’s Pizza. Tom liked the idea and Domino’s Pizza was born. Later, as the restaurant’s menu grew, the term “pizza” was removed from the brand name because the owners didn’t want to be constrained by a limited name. The original Domino logo consisted of two dominoes. One has three dots representing three locations in the restaurant, the other shows Domino’s Pizza. Rounded corners gave a new brand identity.

    1. KFC – Finally got it right

    KFC – Finally got it right-01

    KFC’s logo story is very popular. Few people today would recognize the elderly man grinning in the KFC logo. So think of this entry as a retelling of your favorite story. According to Statista, Global fast food chain KFC, a subsidiary of Yum! Accounting for approximately 27,000 restaurants worldwide in fiscal 2021. This represents an increase from his 25 thousand euros in the previous year.

    Harland Sanders started selling ham, chicken, and other foodstuffs outside of gas stations in North Corbin, Kentucky, during the Great Depression. His restaurant quickly grew in popularity, especially his fried chicken, made to his secret recipe using 11 different herbs and spices. He started using the honorific title of Colonel as part of his name after receiving it from the Governor of Kentucky in 1935.  As a result of efforts, his fried chicken became popular not only domestically but also internationally. By the middle of the 1960s, the UK, Canada, Mexico, and Jamaica all sold the brand of chicken. He trademarked the term “It’s Finger-Lickin’ Good” one year after patenting a roast chicken recipe and procedure in 1962.

    In 1978, the logo underwent its first redesign. Font’s style is more emphasized and layouts are more balanced. The lines on the Colonel’s face also smoothed out.

    Although KFC’s logo has undergone a number of changes since 1952, the Colonel has remained a constant in its design. The previous logo was black and white, but red was introduced into the design in 1991.

    The logo will be easier to see as a result. Urgency, passion, and hunger are all evoked. An excellent sentiment for quick food restaurants. The most visible change, however, is the renaming of the restaurant to KFC. The company took a negative view of it as people increasingly began to associate fried food with an unhealthy image. The next change in KFC’s custom logo design was made in 1997.

    In 2006, the brand’s logo was set in a red circle, this time in a richer color, and the Colonel was seen wearing a red apron with white stripes. Very nice looking, KFC.

    KFC logo for the latest KFC brand, launched in 2018, is a throwaway design from 1978 featuring a black and white colonel sketch and two bold red stripes on either side of his face. It’s a combination. The shape of the border around the logo looks a lot like a bucket.


    The facts and history of logo design are an interesting topic. Through these visualizations, you can get a keen eye on the many changes the company has undergone over the years. We hope that this discussion was not only fun and informative but also stimulating and informative.

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