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    The Stories behind Today’s Top 6 Social Media Logos


    February 29 , 2024 Posted by admin

    Social media platforms allow users to actively participate in online communities and networks by creating, sharing, and aggregating content, ideas, hobbies, and other types of expression.


    Web 2.0 Internet-based apps like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, OnlyFans, TikTok, and many more are examples of the interactive technology used by this.


    At this point, it might make or break our professional and personal lives. Social media has changed how we communicate with one another and the world in countless ways, from keeping in touch with loved ones to learning about cool new things to buy.


    But have you ever pondered the backstories of these massive social media companies‘ official logos? Where did they get the ideas for their famous patterns, and what do they stand for?

    Here, we’ll examine the fascinating background and sources of inspiration behind the six most popular social media logos.


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    Meanings Behind the Top 6 Social Media Logo Designs


    1.  Instagram



    In 2010, Instagram debuted with a logo design created by Cole Rise, a professional designer and photographer who was retained by Kevin Systrom, one of the app’s co-founders.


    A camera icon featuring a rainbow pattern was incorporated into the logo; a Bell & Howell camera inspired it from the 1950s. The logo symbolizes the app’s visual narrative and photo-sharing emphasis while evoking nostalgia.


    Changes have been made to the logo over time, including minor design adjustments and the 2016 debut of a simplified, monochromatic version.


    Yet, the camera and rainbow elements that have always been present in the logo symbolize the app’s mission to unite individuals through diverse and imaginative visual content from around the globe.


    2.  OnlyFans logo



    For a subscription to the OnlyFans app with photos and videos that are often erotic or private, you need to pay for a subscription. It’s a new social account. It was first made in 2016 by English businessman and former banker Tim Stockley.


    The story of how the OnlyFans image has changed over time is one of adapting and improving. At first, the logo had a unique look, with the word “Only” in big black font and a subtle blue lock to show exclusive content. The elegant “Fans” half complemented it. It reflects the allure of the platform’s offerings.


    But as the platform became more famous during the pandemic, it became less important to brand it. The new logo design was very simple— a bold sans-serif font and a striking circle with wings that stood for the service’s initials. This redesign has a aim and that is to get people’s attention.


    Color holds great value in the branding. Each choice, from a flexible black and sky blue color scheme to a classy black-and-white one, showed the platform’s relaxed and sophisticatedness.

    Ultimately, the 2021 logo design has a sleek, modern look that shows how OnlyFans has grown into a well-known name in digital entertainment.


    3.  Twitter logo or “X” logo



    Since the social media platform’s inception in 2006, multiple versions of the Twitter / X logo have occurred. Graphic designer Linda Gavin created the first one. The logo is filled with a stylized bird. And there is a tuft of feathers atop its head, with the word “Twitter” in a light blue, smooth, and rounded font. This logo was live between 2006 and 2010 and shows simplicity with a light blue color and hospitality.


    In 2010, Doug Bowman, the creative director of Twitter, redesigned the logo with an avian icon. This time, the logo was classier and neater; this new icon is called the “Twitter bird.” The bird has a paler shade of blue, a slightly smoother, and an aerodynamic form.


    In 2012, Twitter changed its logo with a bird icon. This was less busy and more abstract. No matter what the change is, the image will always be that one shade of blue.


    Doug Bowman, who also designed this logo, explained that it has three overlapping circles. These circles symbolize the Twitter user base’s network of connections and conversations. The term “Twitter” was also no more from the logo design. It leaves only the bird icon.


    The logo has the platform’s ease of use, universality, and convenience.


    As of 2023, Twitter has been rebranded under the name X and has a new logo featuring the letter “X” against a black background.


    4.  Facebook logo



    Here’s an interesting fact: – the first Facebook logo was a mix of Al Pacino’s face and binary code. Mark Zuckerberg launched Facemash. It is a website that lets Harvard students rate one another’s appearances in 2003.


    Zuckerberg made “TheFacebook,” an online platform that connected Harvard students, available one year later. A white Facebook and a blue “The” comprised the logo’s simple text on a blue background. It looks like something one might find attached to a college bulletin board.


    In 2005, Mark Zuckerberg got the domain name for $200,000. He wants to remove the letter “The” from the name. Then, he contracted Mike Buzzard of the Cuban Council to come up with a new logo design. This has a white lowercase letter “f” set against a blue backdrop.


    The logo was streamlined and uncomplicated. The blue shows purity and optimism partly because Zuckerberg was colorblind.


    A redesign of the logo was carried out in 2015. It is an entirely new custom font and a marginally lighter blue hue. The objective of Eric Olson of Process Type Foundry in designing the font is to make the font for the logo friendlier and easier to connect with. It looked like something on a social media app’s interface.


    5.  TikTok logo



    TikTok is a popular app for sharing short videos with music and cool effects. You can make your videos or watch ones made by others.


    TikTok originated in China in 2016 with the starter of the video-sharing app “” by the technology firm ByteDance. Ultimately, the app was redesignated as Douyin, which means “shaking sound” in Chinese.


    Initially, the app’s logo had a moving musical note that looked like the letter D. The logo’s creator got inspiration from the energy and liveliness shown during live music performances. The logo’s background was black to generate interest, whereas the contrasting effect of the cyan and fuchsia shadows on the musical note added visual interest.


    ByteDance made the intelligent choice in 2017 to expand Douyin’s global reach by changing its name to TikTok. The only thing that changed about the image was the name.


    In the same year, ByteDance got, an extra video-sharing app with a sizable and devoted following among youthful users. The funny and lip-syncing videos on worked well with TikTok’s features.


    TikTok and merged into a single app in 2018, with TikTok retaining its name and logo, increasing the number of users and prominence of TikTok. Moreover, the app began attracting more personalities and influencers and diversifying its content.


    6.  YouTube logo



    YouTube is a video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. It was established in February 2005 by three individuals. They all were previously at PayPal, namely Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. Google acquired the website for $1.65 billion in November 2006 and used it in one of its subsidiaries.


    Over the years, the official YouTube logo design has remained unchanged. Unlike other social media and internet startups that arose around the same time, it has not changed its logo—a reason it hasn’t faced criticism that often happens when big firms change their logos.


    Indeed, most updates to YouTube’s logo have been so subtle that you may have overlooked them entirely. However, the logo has gone through multiple redesigns.


    The video-sharing platform has been active for seventeen years; you are likely familiar with its black logo and red square.


    During Black History Month in February, a series of temporary logos were applied this year, but other than that, the official YouTube logo remains the same. They keep it identifiable based on what YouTube’s strong social community has given.


    Perhaps not among the greatest logos; however, the YouTube logo history can give us a few things about simplifying the logo with time and improving a successful logo.


    Uncover the tales behind your favorite social logos. Make yours now!




    The attractive backstories of present-day top 6 social media megastars brighten these businesses.


    Every logo design has something unique to convey. For example, the bird app icon of Twitter has a purpose and that is to distributing ideas like birdsong.


    Meanwhile, the “thumbs up” logo shows Facebook’s goal of connecting with the viewers. This logo builds a good social community.


    Thus, there are many more new and unique things about all other logos.


    Our logo creator better appreciates social media’s importance and how it influences on people’s lives and knows how to design a logo for these platforms.


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