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    6 Ways Logos Matter More Than You Know


    February 17 , 2021 Posted by admin

    We all have a simple understanding of why the logo of a business or brand matters. But we rarely think about it for more than a minute when looking at one, unless we need one ourselves. 


    When was the last time you thought about why you like the logo of a particular company or brand compared to most others? Is it the color, the font, or the art itself? Well, it’s all of it and more. All we take in is the aesthetic and of course what else is there about that we like, dislike, or are indifferent to.


    Let’s assess why most of us have brushed past the real reason why we like certain logos.


    What To Go With?

    What To Go With?

    When coming up with a logo, people usually begin with one of two things – what kind of artwork or the general color tone they’d be pleased to look at. Whether it be an animal or an object a well-known symbol or an entirely new design. Fortunately, any brand development consultant worth their salt would tell you that there are only a few ways it can go: brand mark – no text in the logo; wordmark – the word is the logo as artwork, letter mark – initials or symbolic acronym, combo – text, and artwork together, and emblem logo consists of the text within the artwork.


    Stoic or Playful?

    Stoic or Playful?

    Even before the general look of the design, we already know what we would like to see when looking at a business logo design. That’s where the ideas for the logo start forming. This is easier said than done. A business logo, once done, looks like an easy task especially to come up with but since most of us won’t ever have the daunting job of thinking of one, we’ll never know.


    Dull and Gray or Soft and Colorful

    Dull and Gray or Soft and Colorful

    The other aspect of the overall look of the logo is the brand itself. This has to do more with the brand identity itself. Logos such as Wikipedia, Nike, and Microsoft go the less is more route. Of course, when these companies started they didn’t know what kind of influence and recognition their logo will have, only we know that now since we look at it with the hyped perspective when thinking of these giants in their own right. On the other hand, McDonald’s, Google, and Pringles take the colorful approach. Usually, a diligent web design company in USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Europe, Australasia, New Zealand, Europe, and Middle East countries would advise you of just that – color palette and choice. How it will appear on screens is the question.


    Calligraphy or Typography

    Calligraphy or Typography

    Companies spend countless man-hours and money on marketing agencies mulling over how they should display the text on the logo, if any. Why? Because of the brand’s identity. How you write, whatever you decide to write, defines your company’s stylistic appeal and in the later years its identity. Companies like HBO, Ford, and Coca-Cola are vastly different with their approach to logos, but they all have one thing in common – their brand logos are known for their fonts. Font type and font color are permanent, think it through.


    Keeping it Proportional

    Keeping it Proportional

    Whatever logo you like and however you orient it. These brands are mindful of such things as; the ratio with which the artwork and text if any, present themselves. This is important for a few reasons. First, the text can not overpower the brand logo as to jump out at the observer. Of course on the other hand the logo also cannot be so prominent in size compared to the text that the text is barely noticeable. Brands take a long time to search for ideas for their brand logo design


    Would it Translate and Market Well

    Would it Translate and Market Well

    The last thing to worry about is whether the whole brand logo is multi-purpose and marketable. If you are the kind of brand that could have its brand logos plastered from walls to buses and be well-perceived, then you’re losing brand recognition points by having a logo that doesn’t appear well on t-shirts, backpacks, and even helmets. Apparel is a good step to take when subtly marketing to the general public. For example, Red Bull can market their name on almost anything, so they are, but Rolex cannot follow them down the same avenue. This marketing overload serves companies well, and they never opt to not use this option.


    Final thoughts

    Think of your all-time favorite brands. What do they look like in your mind? Are they text-oriented or centered around the artwork? The most popular brands indeed have to be known for their brand logos as much as their quality work and products. However, it’s something to be said that most popular brands have their name in the logo, be it initials or the full name, to have an association with the consumer.


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