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    Disney+ has revamped its entertainment logo design


    April 30 , 2024 Posted by admin

    The first quarter of 2024 ends, and with that ending, fresh news is circulating in the entertainment industry regarding the change of color of the Disney+ logo.


    Disney + is a top video streaming subscription-based platform. This platform delivers all sorts of Disney movies that the Disney Company has made.


    For a century, Disney mesmerized the audience with their uncharted fictional cartoons, gorgeous animation movies like “The Lion King,” “Beauty and the Beast,” etc., and even came up with top-rated films such as “Pirates of the Caribbean.”


    Disney movies or shows always begin with an entertainment logo design that almost everyone admires.


    This blog will revolve around Disney+ and discuss changes in its logo background color.


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    The Disney+ logo design looks a bit changed now



    The logo design is the same, but the color has changed. Just take a look for a second and assume what color it can be. Previously, it was blue. This color is similar to its previous background color, blue, and Hulu’s green.


    The color is “teal,” a greenish-blue, or an “aurora.” You can compare this with common bird teal head feathers or a natural greenish light display that illuminates the sky.


    An awesome hue exists between blue and green on the color continuum. People often define this color as dark cyan or a medium to dark greenish blue.


    Regarding this change, the company assumes the Disney+ evolution.


    As per the Disney+ creative vice president, Andy Baker: –


    “We think we’ve found a balance of new and nostalgic that helps strike a chord that Disney+ has all the things you love about Disney but is also evolving and adding new things to love, too.”


    Logos has the aurora borealis or the northern lights


    The Disney+ logo design has a northern light in a subtle gradient form. The light looks bright at the lowest left corner and becomes darker at the highest.


    Previously, the Disney wordmark came first, and then the star pounced over it and converted it into a + sign. But now, the opposite occurs; the pounce comes first, and after that, the wordmark comes.


    The logo has no pouncing gradient now, which is a big change. There is only a white color in the logo design with a teal background. This simple white logo design reflects the dark night atmosphere.


    In the previous version, a pouncing gradient came to the plus in the logo.


    Changes in the animated version



    The swooping is the first thing that appears in the logo, then comes the word mark with +. The color of the swoop is a strong white with a thicker + symbol so that the entertainment logo design sticks out in all screen sizes.


    As this is the era of smartphones, most people watch their services on these tiny digital phones, which is why white appears most visible on those small screens.


    Thus, in an animation version, the logo appears with a white swooping down in the black background, pointing to a + sign. Then, a wordmark appears first with a light beam crossing hundreds of clouds with a greenish-blue or teal color for a second and converted into the bottom part, giving a greenish shadow.


    Why did Disney change its logo?

    The company didn’t specify any reason for changing its color. But after observing its strategy, we came up with the following reasons.


    Partnership with Hulu



    Some people think they collaborate with Hulu, a live streaming service like Netflix, and show this in their logo. The Hulu logo is teal, so they mix their design with Hulu’s color to show their partnership.


    Also, Hulu has two main shows: – “Wives and Dopesick” and “The Commanders.” Both of these colors are teal.


    As per the Disney+ representative, we take the color teal as an inspiration from the Aurora Borealis, the green-blue sky. Hence, the northern lights wonder signifies the night sky, a noticeable feature of Disney shows.”


    Appear Unique from Rivals

    One more reason is to stand out in the crowd. Disney has many rivals, such as Max, Amazon Prime Video, and Paramount. So, Disney applies a new color to its entertainment logo design to make it stand out.


    Netflix is in the top position in the live-streaming world and is Disney’s number-one rival. So Disney+ decides to beat it with a new color in a logo.


    The latest changes in the logo design are also to improve its visual brand identity. The company thought that such a change in the color background could separate it from its multiple competitors in the subscription streaming media.


    Such a change in the Disney+ logo design allows many business owners to learn from Disney+. They should consider revising their own entertainment logo design to keep up with the trends.


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    Audience reaction to this change

    People wake up and open the apps to watch a movie; there is a new logo. The iconic blue is now no more. A new green glowing color called “aurora” appears on their screens.


    It has created some controversy: For some audiences, it is just a simple modification in an entertainment logo design with the same design, while for others, it is a good change that appears highly unique from other video streaming services.


    Some even question whether the color has truly changed or if they’ve seen their TV incorrectly.


    Whatever the assumptions are, the logo design does change and is a huge step to convey to the world that it partnered with Hulu and has revamped a big portion of its streaming infrastructure to unify the entire company under one platform.


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    Wrap Up

    Disney+ shows how a color change in an entertainment logo design can be a great step toward success.


    This change from royal blue to teal is due to Disney+’s partnership with Hulu. With this new logo design, a new era of Disney+ will bring new audiences to its video streaming platform.


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