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    Facebook Change Name Revolutionizes the Logo Industry


    October 25 , 2021 Posted by admin

    Logos are an integral element of any business, reflecting your business or brand identity to increase sales while creating a timeless impact on the consumer’s mind. Over the past years, we have seen multiple businesses, even multinationals, change their brand name or, in other words, company logo to enjoy the full benefits of a logo design. The question arises as to why companies change their names after years of creating a brand identity of their own, making the audience recognize them from just their color, shape, or symbol. No, we aren’t talking about small-scale businesses but billion-dollar companies like Facebook.

    Facebook is one of the 90’s kids Disneyworld, letting them enjoy and connect with strangers from all over the world and, of course, with people they know. It gives you the privilege to chat, call, play games, market your products, plan events, etc., without any difficulty. We all have been using it for ages. The best and most recognized brand to date. But do you know Facebook is changing its name? Yes, you heard it correctly. It recently shared the news with the public, saying it’s changing the logo of its company. The well-known brand that is embedded in our minds will be gone. The logo design will change the blue color, the enormous size, the fonts, everything. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality will take over Facebook’s new approach towards the industry’s revolution. But pondering on the reasons, we realize it was high time to change Facebook’s name. Indeed, something incredible is coming up that will shoot its profit. Let’s see what could be the possible reasons behind the logo change.

    6 Reasons for the Facebook name change

    1. Contemporary


    Logos are associated with your brand and developed to have an everlasting impact on the consumers’ minds. Facebook, an iconic brand, has decided to change its current logo. The reason behind this could be it wants to showcase an evolving logo and give the audience the impression that the company is well aware of its needs and the existing trends. Though the new logo won’t be quite different from the new one, it will be a more polished and refined version of the name, giving a contemporary feel. A logo redesign also indicates to customers about the upcoming new options or features with the name.

    Why is it important? The growth of giant companies needs to show the audience they are in sync with the advanced changing times. Usually, companies make minor changes to the current logo, but the sharpness makes the real difference. The change in the FB name will create an immersive environment for the consumers, bringing AR entertainment features to better connect with their loved ones.

    Google, for example, has made many changes over the years, but they aren’t noticeable besides the sharpness that has been added. Facebook news has left us guessing about the new AI and AR features for the future.

    1. Visual Appeal

    Visual Appeal

    The current era is known as the age of advancement, where customers are on the lookout for immersive experiences with new products or services. Social media is one of the essential factors that connect and engage customers with new AI and AR products to refresh the brand’s name in their minds. In short, it is a brand strategy to tell people they are continuously evolving with better features according to the time. Whether you make minor or significant changes, the brand can easily target its customers to perceive it as a newly launched brand. What impact does it have on consumers? The brand stands out from its competitors, inviting new customers with a modified modern logo design. Mark Zuckerberg, the famous Facebook developer, seems to adopt the evolution technique to target its audience better.

    Logos should meet the high standards and class of your company that you are unable to convey verbally. Going through the current news, we all read the title of the change in Facebook page name, leaving us curious about the sudden decision.

    1. Change in Company’s Ethics

    Change in Company’s Ethics

    Another reason could be the change in the company’s ethics or values. It could relate to a change in ownership or a difference in the company’s philosophy. It could also be a change in the target market with new opportunities with updated focus and product, leading to restructuring the company, strategy, or plans. Re-branding is the best option when a business wants to change its logo to a better version for effective communication with the audience. Facebook changes, for example, will successfully create a good branding image for the people who currently do not use it or people who left it for a reason. Having the best logo is the first step toward the success of your company.

    1. Stand Out

    Stand Out

    A brand aims to stand out from its competitors to make maximum revenue and profits. The success leads to people making similar products and keeping the same names to trick the consumers into purchasing their brand, affecting your sales in the long run. Even if other companies do not copy your brand, there are multiple competitors in the market with the same outlook ready to take over. To minimize the adverse effects, it is always advisable to keep evolving your brand by making minor changes in your original logo design to create a prominent feature for the customers after a specific period. What is the outcome of the evolution of logos? Your counterfeit brands will be out of competition, making it challenging to keep up with minor yet robust changes. Facebook company pages seem to change their name because multiple social media platforms allow people to interact more efficiently and successfully with unique 2D and 3D features of AI and AR.

    Reebok is one of the examples that adopted this approach to increase its sales with regular updates to its logo, as many fake brands successfully copied its logo and started competing in the market, decreasing its sales immensely. The new Facebook is not facing such problems, but it is taking up its game, leaving similar companies far behind.

    1. More Memorable

    More Memorable

    You may have a memorable brand identity with your logo. Still, sometimes it becomes crucial to evolve your logo design to impact your customer’s minds again, making them realize your brand is growing for the better to cater to their needs more efficiently and effectively. How does it help your business? Customers tend to become more loyal to your brand, and those who weren’t before might end up liking or using it. So, consistent logo redesigns can help your logo stick to the consumers’ minds. Redesign logos or change the name Facebook so that it’s the first name that comes to their minds when searching for a similar product or service. Adding a 2D or 3D picture, symbol, or graphics to your existing business logo design helps people remember your brand more accurately than text.

    Mark Zuckerberg news has left everyone guessing about the new features, thinking about its strategy to change the brand’s position in our minds to target customers and make profits.

    1. Merging or Acquisition

    Merging or Acquisition

    Often, brands or companies decide to merge or are usually taken over by other large companies to run the company’s functions better. The newly merged or acquired company offers new products and services to a different target market. Hence, it becomes crucial to redesign a logo keeping in mind the new target market, vendors, investors, and the products. The new logo design depicts the updated version of the company’s functions and insights to the customers, making them well aware of its acquisition or merging.

    Facebook is changing its brand name or, in other words, its logo. Still, according to the insights, this may not be the reason behind the big decision. It is a billion-dollar company that owns Mark Zuckerberg Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc., making it clear it only acquires, not gets acquired.

    In conclusion, logo designing is a piece of art that caters to the needs of the brand place and impacts the target audiences’ minds. However, rebranding or redesigning the logo is the most crucial part of increasing the company’s revenue and profits. It becomes highly essential, too, if you are changing your business value to target new consumers. The best logo design company redesigning Facebook’s logo has taken the stocks by storm. The reason behind it can be anything from increasing stuck sales to repositioning its brand with artificial intelligence and augmented reality, depending on the problem it faces. It is high time for the evolution of Facebook like other brands.

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