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    5 Best Logo Examples For Inspiration

    5 Best Logo Examples For Inspiration

    August 13 , 2020 Posted by admin

    One of the most essential tools for your business operation is good branding, which can take you to another level.

    Moreover, building a modern logo design is one of the essential elements for your corporate branding. This is why you should pay more attention to creating your logo or opt for premium logo design services for your business logo design that you will utilize for branding. It will help your target audience recognize your business for a long time.


    What Does a Modern Logo Design Mean?


    Before indulging in more detailed facts related to modern logos, let’s first know the word “modern.”

    People usually make the mistake of considering that the word modern is only about current trends or events, which is true but is half of what people know about the definition of modern. The modern period started to form the enlightenment, the significant “Age of Reason., a period of political, rigorous scientific, and philosophical speech that described the 18th century till the current times. As we know, the modern world starts with the industrial revolution with considerable progress in industrial technology.

    To your knowledge, the most famous logo designs like eBay, Google, and IBM are motivated by the era of modernism.


    Unique Features of Modern Logos


    Here are some of the features of modern logos that are memorable. The logo should be scalable straightforwardly and have more than two or at least three colors. A modern logo design service must have a clean and sleek appearance; shapes should be simple, have a trendy or stylish font or typography, and can convey a brand story or aim very straightforwardly. A logo must have elegance and line (if), be versatile and adaptable, have a color pattern that gives a fun feeling, and be professional with the right message and understandable symbols.

    There is no formula for creating a fantastic yet modern logo that will stand out from others and be efficient enough to last for an extended period. You can see that some firms have survived to build a logo that not only lasts for a long time but is also memorable and can be recognized from far away.

    In the blog, we will discuss the five most modern logos to get inspiration. Let’s begin


    1. Milos Zdrale: Simple Invest Logo


    This simple invest logo is an ideal example to tell startups and SMEs that they can utilize the brand’s name on the logo and still live with it.

    The addition of a growing graph that is simple is delicate. Nevertheless, it plays multiple roles at the same time. The graph’s third bar, which is utilized as a more minor “I” refers to the word “Simply,” while a longer “I” refers to the term “Invest.”

    Simultaneously, the growing addition before the word “Invest” also shows the role of “Call To Action,” which indicates the people who invest will see a growth in their capital when they decide to invest.

    This logo color choice is simple. The color shows a company’s sincerity with the firm and bold appearance of the grayscale background and red text.


    2. Ten11 Logo


    Usually, people consider a retro as an outdated design logo and not applicable to the modern world. But this is not true.

    The developer of the Ten11 logo has proved that this logo can be used in the modern world to build something new and imaginative that can convey the story of a brand or a name straightforwardly.

    In the Ten11 logo, the number 0 has been exchanged with the number 1 appears like a clock is moving from 10 to 11. This seems not only a smart design but also clean and smooth. Simple logos create a visual impact like this, which anyone can quickly identify.

    If you are considering creating modern logo design services in Oklahoma or looking for branding services, approach LogoMagicians. We provide the best logo design services in Hawaii and Oklahoma, USA. No matter which industry you belong to. We serve almost all sectors, from healthcare and Ecommerce to clothing and construction, and give you the best digital and emblem logo design for your business.


    3. Donndesign: Logo Of Catalyst Design Studio

    As we discussed in the features, simple shapes and lines are essential to creating modern logos.

    The logo of Catalyst Design Studio is an ideal example where multiple colors are used to cover the geometry of the shape while overlapping colors look stunning. You see that many well-recognized brands use numerous colors in their brand logo design, like Google and slack, the most prominent. When a standard color combines with other matching colors creates a fabulous logo that converts a powerful message. It says that logos with plain blue colors are old and become a one-time thing.


    4. Halo Lab Claud

    The concept of Claud brand is simple and fun, creating a portfolio of halo lab. The developers apply a modern and bold font and a little serif font that promptly provides a retro design.

    A single continuous line uses to design a logo mark which is a simple shape. A small cloud and shape inside appears as a bit of parted talking lips or like a butterfly. Halo applies a white space in a very creative way to allow the design to remain uncluttered and minimal.

    Two amazing colors (yellow and purple) combined in unique shades and tones with an image of black and white make this branding striking.


    5. Flour & Dough


    You can occasionally mix visual elements to establish a new and unique look. These visuals perfectly display your brand logo as captivating.

    Sometimes, the precise depiction of an actual object is where you require a visual element for your contemporary logo, which in this scenario is a whisker. It will match the brand perfectly and appear to be identifiable. You will sense vintage, an added look that creates this modern design’s unique feel.


    You will be on the right visual route to developing great company logo design services that will withstand the test of time as long as you adhere to the fundamental guidelines for designing a logo and draw inspiration from the modern logo design ideas in this post.

    LogoMagicians provides the best emblem logo designs and exceptional company branding services. Our exquisite corporate logos give a touch of grace to your standing business picture.

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