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    Modern logo designs: Types, Practices & Approaches


    June 15 , 2024 Posted by admin

    Previously, logo designs came to life by combining multiple letters, but those letters didn’t make a word when you looked at them. On the other hand, current logos are distinctive and easily recognizable since they include unique logo design techniques. A modern logo design also helps your audience remember it for a longer amount of time.


    In this blog, we will discuss what a modern logo is, its types, and the approaches to designing it.


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    What is a Modern logo design?

    The mixture of traditional and contemporary components creates stunning modern logo designs. Additionally, the logo has a certain beauty due to the skillful use of colors and shapes.


    A logo, mascots, abstract art, and other elements are all included in the modern logo design. Because they appear trustworthy and aid in winning over the audience’s trust, current logo design is crucial.


    A logo is an absolute necessity for any business that wants to succeed. There are various ways to create a modern logo design.


    What are the types of Modern logo designs?

    One of the first things a visitor notices upon arrival is the logo. It must, therefore, be attractive and unique. Using one of several different kinds of logos can breathe life into a brand. So, here are 9 types of modern logo designs which you can opt for:


    1. Brand Marks



    This minimalistic logo design is based on an image. An example of this type of real-world entity representation is Twitter, which depicts a flying bird, signifying that the brand is associated with tweets.


    Additionally, you can use YouTube as an example. Here, YouTube’s play button in the logo makes it very evident that the platform handles video playback and other closely connected content.


    Because Brand Mark emblems are associated with a tangible object, they are simple to recall. It also conveys to the audience a clear understanding of the business.


    It is a great fit for individuals who only have one item or service to offer their customers.


    2. Abstract



    Based on images, icons, or symbols, this logo gives a distinctive look rather than representing a real-world thing.


    Abstract logos are customized to ensure that the audience understands them clearly. This allows the customer to highlight a particular service.


    However, a too personalized logo may confuse and send the wrong impression. Therefore, careful consideration is needed when making these kinds of logos.


    Expert graphic designers with a keen sense of color and form may also produce fantastic logos that work well for businesses.


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    3. Mascot



    The mascot logo design applies in sports to convey an active lifestyle. For example, the Olympic logos used animals to represent their brands.


    Thus, the mascot features a distinctive brand ambassador, which provides a memorable element to the brand emblem and helps the audience establish a connection with the logo.


    You can use cartoons or actual people images in this, like the KFC logo, which features an old man – the company founder. While any type of business can use mascot logos, they are typically used mostly by restaurants and food brands.


    4. Combination



    It is a combination of words and visuals, as the name implies. Combining these two contributes to the logo’s versatility and ease of recall.


    This logotype makes people think of the logo and leaves a unique impression on their memory. These are the greatest illustrations of these kinds of combination logos.


    5. Emblem



    It revives the nostalgic atmosphere of old-fashioned colleges and institutions, where a circle or rectangle typically encloses the typeface.


    Symbols are simple to recall and exude professionalism. If your company has a dress code, you should prefer this type of logo.


    It offers fewer customization options than the combination. Therefore, more care must be taken when designing an emblem logotype. Starbucks and BMW are two companies that have such emblem logos.


    6. Dynamic



    This kind of logo can be regarded as a new-era logo since it allows the text inside the logo to be written in any font style and uses any image.


    Therefore, the font or graphics are not restricted in any way. Given its name, which denotes its colorful nature, this presents an opportunity for increased inventiveness.


    These logotypes are appropriate for the media and entertainment sectors or any creative enterprise. FedEx, AOL, etc., are some of the best examples of dynamic logo design.


    7. Pictorial



    It is entirely based on graphics and is also occasionally referred to as a logo symbol. Choosing a picture is the biggest dilemma when creating this kind of logo, as the Internet is a vast resource for photographs.


    Therefore, the type of service or product a company offers should be carefully considered before selecting an image. After all, this pictorial logo will be utilized for as long as the company is in operation.


    8. Wordmark



    This logotype does not use pictures or other graphics; it solely works with letters and their styles. Because it is made entirely of letters, it is easily recognizable and does not provide a strong impression of the design.


    The greatest examples of word mark logos include those from Coca-Cola, Subway, Uber, and other companies. It is strictly limited to font style and has little to do with images.


    9. LetterForms



    It is also among the most well-known logo designs, consisting of just one letter. Due to its single-letter format, it is simple to memorize and has a powerful effect on the listener.


    It can be stuck anywhere without disturbing the surrounding area and takes up minimal space. Some well-known companies with letterform-based logos are WordPress, Yahoo, and others.


    Ideas for Designing Modern Logo Designs

    A logo is crucial to every type of business since it communicates the essence of the brand, grabs clients’ attention, and helps close sales.


    A strong logo is imperative since it inspires confidence in consumers and conveys reliability. To create the best logo design, a few guidelines must be followed; these will be covered in more detail later in this post.


    Thus, some ideas for designing a modern logo design are:


    1. Identify the Brand

    Knowing the type of brand is one of the first tasks because logo designs differ between brands. Therefore, when choosing a good logo design, consideration should be given to the brand’s niche.


    Like other industries, the fashion industry prohibits using logos related to medicine. Therefore, it is necessary to define the brand industry and choose the best logo design.


    2. Usage of Pictures

    A picture can speak a thousand words; thus, using an image or any other type of graphic can help create the ideal and most suitable logo.


    Since the photo is applied with the logo and defines the brand, it is important to choose it carefully. Numerous firms, such as Apple and Twitter, are already in the market and use picture logos.


    3. Good Color Combination

    The choice of the Best Color Combination makes the logo more appealing, contributing to its individuality and excellence.


    You can use several tones to create a pleasing color scheme. Certain colors—such as solid dark hues—can be hard on the eyes, but the logo’s careful color selection makes it have a calming effect.


    4. Usage of Shapes


    Shapes provide the logo with a straightforward yet eye-catching look. Shape-wise logos look good on stationery, presentations, and other materials, and many professional firms use them.


    Using shapes, such as squares, rectangles, and circles, can result in a better logo design because it requires high inventiveness.


    5. Empty Spaces

    Careful consideration of empty spaces should be taken when designing a logo because overusing colors, forms, and images can result in a poorly coordinated logo.


    A highly customized and creative logo design is bound to turn off some people. Therefore, it makes sense to use space. Empty areas demonstrate the necessity of employing colors and images sparingly.


    Approaches to develop a modern logo design


    • Freelancing: An independent contractor who charges for short-term work. You can contact a decent freelancer and build a logo.


    • Hire an in-house team: Hire graphic designers within your organization and develop a logo.


    • Free or paid logo-making tools: Free graphic design tools like Canva and online log generators exist. You can use these tools to create a logo.


    • Outsourcing: Transfer all your logo design projects to a third party, where you will find multiple creative graphic designers who can design a logo in a very structured manner.


    Develop the most innovative and modern logo design




    So there you have it—a comprehensive tutorial covering the types, applications, and top ten tools for producing modern logo designs.


    So, for your brand logo design, contact Logo Magicians, one of the best logo design companies in the USA.



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