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    8 Features of Unique logo design


    July 1 , 2024 Posted by admin

    When you wind up with a project of unique logo design, how can you assure yourself that the logo you come up with is impressive and unique? To eliminate this fear, we have crafted this blog for you, in which you will find out the most successful features of a professional logo design.


    But before we proceed, let’s discuss some vital things. Always remember that a good logo design does not appear by chance or with a mere stroke of luck; you need to work on giving quality to your logo, not only by adding abstract shapes, images, or words but also by associating them with your brand offering; otherwise, it is an empty vessel.


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    So, let’s understand what we mean.


    What is the role of a logo?



    Remember, the main goal of the logo is recognition. But this does not imply that you underestimate the features we discuss in this blog. Most people make a logo with no defined rules and launch it, and with time, once they get to dispose of seeing that logo appearing on a brand’s website, app, or marketing material, people start recognizing it.


    This doesn’t suggest that you should not focus on the features of a unique logo design, but do it as a way of guidance, not strict rules.


    Note, there are no rules for a creative logo design; it’s all about the artistic mindset of designers who know how to graph a logo according to business external and internal needs, which is what matters.


    For instance, when we look at a big corporation logo like Coca-Cola, which still makes headlines the way it did 50 years ago, we can identify that the features we will discuss here are the reason that make the coca-cola logo timeless and still grab the attention of today’s generation.


    So, by learning what those features are, you can make smart decisions during the unique log design phase, and your logo will stand the test of time.


    So again, the features we will mention here are a guide for you, not a strict rule.


    Let’s start!


    What logo must be simple?



    When you take a glimpse of the top 100 logo designs, you see their logo is simple. Although there are few exceptions, but 90% are simple.


    If you look at their logos, which have been redesigned over time, you will see that they become simpler with each modification.


    Also, when you read certain books that expose the success story of their business logo, you will see that the arguments in those books are to make the logo simple.


    Since identification is a logo’s core motto, we take this matter seriously, and we know that the simpler the logo, the easier it is for a brand to identify with viewers.


    So, during minimalistic logo design, try to use as many ideas as you can, and among those ideas, pick the best two to three ones, considering all the elements of the logo. This will help you end up with a simple logo design that is easily identifiable and easy to remember.


    Why being different is vital?

    When you do a Google search, you see millions of brands on the site, which is a crazy number. This also suggests that whenever you go outside shopping, you see thousands of brand products on the shelves, and everyone is fighting for their attention.


    So, how can you differentiate yours? Strong branding will do that for you, and unique logo design is the main crux of it.


    This opens our eyes to the competitive sphere, where each brand is battling with another.


    And with thorough design research, we can develop a logo that is 100% different.


    If you unintentionally design a logo that appears a bit like a big or even SME brand, the market will assume that you are trying to overrule them with unethical tactics, which will have a negative impact on the audience.


    So, to lead the filthy ocean of rivalry, you must be 100% unique and simple.


    Also, don’t make the logo exceedingly original. It just needs to be 100% unique from your competitors. That’s all


    How do you give relevancy to your logo?



    While we discuss the importance of a logo’s uniqueness, you need to make sure the logo isn’t so unique that it loses its relevance by failing to show the niches to which it belongs.


    What we are trying to say is that certain things, such as colors, shapes, and fonts, show where the industry’s business belongs.


    So, when working on a unique logo design project, make sure that any shapes, colors, or fonts you use in your logo must reflect your niche.


    For instance, if you are a bank or finance business and your goal is to build trust, use colors that evoke reliability and trust, and the same goes for symbols or icons, fonts, and shapes.


    What is a logo that is memorable and remembered by the people?



    Another feature to discuss is the memorability of a custom logo design that will be remembered by your audience forever.


    First, we know simplicity in a logo is a way to memorability, and uniqueness in a logo also helps with memorability.


    Understanding both simplicity and uniqueness in a logo builds a logo that stands out in a mess bazaar that the audience will remember, too.


    Also, color plays a central part in making the logo memorable.


    Assuming you are swapping the color of McDonald’s with Subway, your perception and feelings regarding both brands will change.


    Besides color, other elements like fonts, shapes, styles, or negative space can be used creatively to make a logo simple, unique, and memorable.


    Above all, it’s up to you to determine whether graphic designers are capable of molding a logo that appears remarkable, which is the finest part of doing this job.


    Why a logo is effective that can adjusted to any size?

    So, when we build a logo, we need to keep certain things in mind, like where your logo needs to be put. We live in a universe where images are everywhere: on social media platforms, on your website or app, on a car, on a bus, on a billboard, on a train, on an airplane, and even on the streets. We do all sorts of advertising and need to post the logo everywhere viewers can easily see it.


    So whenever you work on a unique logo design, make sure to zoom in and out on the logo to get satisfied with its size. This means that it should look legible in every possible size.


    To promote scalability in your unique logo design, you can make a variant of the same logo in multiple sizes.


    We advise you to test your logo on mockups to confirm that it performs well in real-life applications and is identifiable from a distance.


    What versatility makes your logo successful?

    A unique logo design must perform well in all possible situations. No matter what material or color it is printed on, the logo must be legible.


    To ensure that you appear well everywhere, you can make multiple configurations of your log using “lockups.”


    For example, if the logo you place on has a black background, and your logo is grayish, and you feel it won’t fit there well, you can make a color version of your logo that works best on a white background and another version that is designed to stand out on darker backgrounds.


    What legibility in a logo is a must?



    Make sure your company logo is clear to read. If your audience has trouble understanding your logo, it is a serious issue.


    Most designs you see, especially wordmarks that appear in logos, are styled in a way that changes the word or even its meaning or makes it appear something else to read, which something you need to evade is.


    You can stylize a word in a shape form, but ensure it must be legible.


    So, when you design a logo, you must ensure it is legible; you can get second and last confirmation from the people around you by asking whether the logo is readable.


    This way, you can evade costly mistakes or revisions.


    How is “the way you work on a logo design project” important?

    The quality of a logo’s execution is the last feature you should bear in mind. A well-designed logo will be executed with perfect colors, shapes, spaces, styles, and fonts.


    There are cases where designers have the best ideas and the potential to convey what they want, but the way they put together the elements in a logo design process is not quite impressive.


    This can result in a too-simple or too-complex logo or a style of lettering that doesn’t make sense or looks unprofessional.


    So, we advise always beginning with well-designed fonts, mainly if you are unaware of the font design. Lousy color choices, bad color contrast, or too many colors can lead to failure to create a unique logo design.


    Another thing is imperfect shapes, curves, or spacing.


    You can improve all these using some sort of grid system, which can make an ideal artwork.



    So, there are seven features you can add to your unique logo design project. These are not rules of thumb but guidelines for creating a logo.

    If you want to build a logo that is simple, unique, memorable, versatile, legible, scalable, and relatable, contact Logo Magicians logo design company for it.

    For the best logo design, get in touch with us.


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