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    How to design a logo? A guide from a logo design company


    June 24 , 2024 Posted by admin

    A brand without a logo is impossible. Never imagine launching a brand without a logo.


    If you are unfamiliar with the term logo and are starting a business, ensure you have a logo before you launch it.


    As a professional logo design company, we want to enlighten you on the remarkable journey of designing a logo.


    If you are on your own to make a logo, we advise you not to go for any random pics; manipulate them and design a logo using free tools.


    You need to be careful about certain things before you do that.


    You can also outsource a project and contact Logo Magicians, one of the best logo design companies, to create a logo. Our custom logo design company will develop a logo that helps your business stand out in the messy market.


    Here are the steps you need to be aware of.


    Understand why you want a logo



    Dating and business are similar in one way. In your dating app profile, you need to have a pretty profile that attracts lovers, and in a similar manner, a business needs a logo that can attract the audience. Your profile image motivates the audience to contact you, take you on a date, and learn more about you.


    Likewise, your logo, when professionally crafted, attracts the audience at a huge margin, convinces them of what you offer and makes them want to explore everything about your brand.


    Your custom logo will play a major visual part in your branding, so make sure you come up with a perfect picture logo that can explain your brand personality, core values, mission, and vision.


    Custom logo design services can help you with a unique and perfect logo design.


    Describe your brand identity

    Make sure you are well-versed in brand character. As we discussed, you will tell your audience what your brand character is, what your core values are, and what your vision is.


    If you don’t know about these, then it is time to explore the foundation and reason for brand existence in depth. What issue are you solving for the client, and what solution are you offering? What value are you offering your clients?


    Find the answers to these questions and then decide on a logo.


    If you are feeling how to design a logo considering all these factors, call Logo Magicians the most reputable logo design company.


    Get inspiration for your design

    As a zero-knowledge buddy of what a logo is, you need to get inspiration and ideas from brands similar to you that have logos that perform well in the market.


    Once you get that inspiration, you can brainstorm to come up with something unique; no matter how bad the idea, just put it in a mood board. Think like your target audience. Think about what words define your brand and how you want the audience to see it.


    Try to use multiple people’s ideas in your surroundings, like the people involved in building your brand successfully. You are not alone in the journey.


    Chill yourself and think out of the box.


    If you feel stressed, assuming this is a challenging job, contact our logo design company, Logo Magicians. We will do all these things for you.


    Gauge the rivals

    You can borrow ideas from your rivals. Gauge what they’re doing, what connects them with their audience, and what doesn’t. Since you both are rivals, your target audience is your rival’s target audience. When you analyze them, you can think about how you make yourself unique or better than them.


    If all your competitors are using the same color, font, or style, you should try a different strategy in your business logo design.


    Pick your design style

    Once you are clear on your brand’s “do’s” and “don’ts,” you feel inspired and can convert those into a design. At this moment, many elements came across, like color, shape, style, and the structure of a logo. Instead of getting overawed by the entire design, focus on elements alone and imagine what each can do for your logo. This way, you can perform a logo design step by step.


    When designing a logo, you can choose the proper aesthetic—classic, retro, vintage, modern or minimalist, fun or quirky, handmade or handcrafted.


    Don’t just pick one; try mixing and matching to fit your brands.


    Remember, no universal style suits everyone; you can only choose what best suits your brand character and target audience.


    Find the right type of logo



    Besides choosing the aesthetic, you must know what logo type you want to work on.


    There are abstract, animated, calligraphy, combination, emblem, illustrative, mascot, monogram, pictorial, wordmark, and 3D logos types.


    Choose the one or two that suit your brand character. Well, one thing more: You cannot select a logotype that matches your brand character until and unless you know how to use these logotypes in a manner that defines your brand personality, core values, and vision. It depends on the skills of graphic designers who know the art and science of creating a logo.


    Our logo design company knows how to do that. You can contact us.


    Give severe attention to colors

    Colors suggest a lot of meaning to viewers. The theory or psychology behind color is mysterious, but colors evoke emotion and feelings. Although there are thousands of colors you can use in a logo, here are the standard colors that we often view.


    • Red—passion, anger and excitement
    • Orange—playful, vibrant and stimulating
    • Yellow—cheerful, friendly and youthful
    • Green—harmony, growth and fertility
    • Blue—reliability and maturity
    • Purple—feminine, eclectic and mysterious
    • Pink—sensitivity and feminine
    • Brown— nurturing, health and sustainability
    • Black—elegance, wealth and power
    • White—cleanliness, youth and purity
    • Gray—seriousness, maturity, and classic


    You don’t restrict to a single color; you can mix a multiple of two to three colors to convey an entire brand story.


    You can use the color wheel to pick complimentary, Analogous, and triadic colors.


    Select the right fonts

    Picking a font is also a challenging chore when designing a logo. But most of you can come up with a unique and simple yet appealing logo with just four fonts: serif fonts, which can make your logo appear high-end and classic; sans-serif font, which can give your logo a clean and modern look; script fonts, are similar to handwriting or you calligraphy fonts give down-to-earth and relaxed look to the logo and the last one is the display fonts are decorative fonts that are extremely stylized and provide a vibes with of 70 era.


    Now that you have an idea of the logo elements required to make a logo, you need to ensure that all the elements you choose work in harmony. Pair them in a way that gives a feeling of your brand personality, which is what you are looking for.


    Communicate with your designers



    Now that you know all logo design needs, you are prepared to start your logo design project.


    There are multiple options you can choose from; it all depends on what you want to do, whether a DIY approach with the help of your colleagues using free or paid logo-making tools.


    The second is you can hire an in-house team by hiring multiple graphic designers. Here, you need to be careful as you need to hire someone who knows about color theory and fonts, in addition to graphic design skills. Time management and communication skills are also needed, so make sure you gauge these skills during the hiring process.


    The third option is freelancers. You can opt for graphic design freelancers. There are many platforms, such as Fiver, Upwork, Simply Hured, or Toptal, where you can get freelance with a strong graphic design portfolio.


    The fourth and last option is to approach the best graphic design agency. These agencies offer the most affordable and professional logo design services, as they are all well-versed logo designers who excel in communication, time management, and graphic design skills.


    Evaluate Your Option

    Accessing your option can be challenging. To make it simple, you can take feedback from potential clients and colleagues, checking how Google ranks them on a website so that you can make a solid decision.


    Note: Viewers recognize a good logo right away as it delivers the message you want to convey. A good logo is versatile and can be adjusted anywhere it is displayed. Also, a good logo design quality is timeless.


    What things to avoid when designing a logo



    Some standard snares can be caused when you are in the process of designing a logo. First, avoid falling into your industry’s common stereotypes or overused ideas. For example, adding a tooth image to a logo won’t work if you are a dentist’s company. No, it is not a must to add those images that are related to your brand product.


    Another is don’t make your logo too complicated.


    Third is avoid getting too trendy when designing a logo; otherwise, you lose the timeless quality as logos are designed in a way that lasts for decades.


    And lastly, avoid coming up with a low-quality logo.


    Fit your logo design into your brand material

    After designing a logo, you can use it in your branding and marketing materials, whether a banner, billboard, package, business card, website, or app. Ensure your logo matches the brand guidelines, such as the color, style, tone, and voice of your brand visual identity and the overall look of your brand appearance. Now, you are ready to launch it to the public.


    Formulate your brand’s individuality with our logo design expertise




    Logo design is a complex project, and when you start working on it, you realize that it is not an easy job, so it is best to get logo design services from a reputable graphic design company.


    Logo Magician is the best logo design company in the US that can craft a unique, simple, and professional logo design. Contact us.


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