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    How do you come up with a good logo design?


    June 10 , 2024 Posted by admin

    The charm of a good logo design isn’t limited to being beautiful visually.


    Your good logo is your heart and must expose your brand personality essence and align with target clients.


    For the best logo design, there are easy and important rules you need to bear in mind.


    This blog will tell how you can craft a good corporate logo.


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    Let’s start!


    How do you get a good logo design?


    Here are the 15 ways to develop a good logo design.


    Explore conceptual icons


    There is a misconception that your icon must be a small image in a logo that shows what you offer.


    Well, that is not true; you can add conceptual icons. Imagine your icon not as an image but as a symbol.


    Be artistic when designing symbols. Try to use your creative imagination.


    When brainstorming, keep in mind your brand’s dos and don’ts, its niche, and the type of clients it targets. Most importantly, thinks how your icon in a logo can evokes emotions.


    Use the space you have


    Use the icon, tagline, name, and slogan in a logo that captures what your brand is all about. In case you don’t have a tagline, break it into two lines to not keep the space wasted.


    Flirt with uppercase or lowercase.


    Small details make a difference in logo design. Use uppercase to convey a message of reliability or lowercase to convey a vibe of casualness. Try playing with them and adjusting them to fit your brand personality.


    Regard handwritten fonts


    Computerized typography is always a good option, but making handwritten fonts is much more powerful. Handwritten fonts are most useful when you have a tagline in your logo. Avoid using caps, as they make the fonts less reliable.


    Balance your tagline


    Use a tagline with NOT more than 25 to 30 characters if you want to. Your tagline is always shorter than the name. And the tagline must appear smaller or thinner than the name mentioned in the logo.


    Modify your name and tagline


    Visual balance is a golden design rule. Although your tagline may appear smaller and thinner, it should also line up with the name in a logo. This way, when viewers view it, it gives them a sense of harmony. If your name or tagline is too long, you can fix it by changing the font size or making the text smaller. That way, everything fits well in your logo.


    Let your logo take in air



    If you want your logo surrounded by borders and colors, make sure to give space between your chosen frame or border and the logo.


    If the logo seems messy, change the size of the fonts or enlarge the frame.


    Assure readability


    Your logo will appear in all branding and marketing materials, so it must be easy to read.


    When you create the final version, check the logo on multiple physical and digital platforms. If you find that it appears messy on any of them, adjust the logo size and make it versatile.


    Make a scalable design



    Your logo must fit and appear clean everywhere it appears. A scalable logo can be adjusted to any size. Some logos are designed very complexly and are hard to adjust to appear clean on smaller screens. So, use high-resolution vectors in your logo to be adopted in multiple file types.


    Offer your background contrast


    By contrasting it, you can make a good business logo design that everyone sees. You can do this by giving your logo a background color. If your background color is white, go for a darkish or vice versa.


    Regarding this, knowledge of color psychology is vital as color greatly evokes emotion in human brains. So be cautious when working on color implementation in a logo, either in the background, in a font, or in any other area of the logo.


    Align all your elements


    Your logo elements are the tagline, fonts, icons, and name. Ensure they are all well-aligned and balanced. Also, give attention to symmetry, negative spaces, and alignments, which are major components of color psychology. We suggest you put elements in the same directions: left, center, and right.


    Enlarge the size of your icon


    Your logo icon affects the other logo elements. Ensure that your logo shouldn’t be smaller in height than the text. If so, then make it large enough to fit the text.


    Know your competition


    When you analyze toy rivals, you can gain strategic insights. Always keep an eye on what your rival uses in their logo. This way, you can come up with a really good logo and set yourself apart from the competitors.


    Stay as enduring as possible


    A classic never fades in the world of logo design trends. When searching for the best logo design, avoid following the trends as they come and go.


    Your logo is the crux of your brand personality and needs to be displayed everywhere possible. So, take time, effort, and energy to develop a timeless logo until and unless you are sure that your logo will serve generations.


    Be memorable


    You need to come up with a memorable logo. Use your brain and consider what elements infused in a logo can make people remember it for a long time.


    Try not to use other logos as inspiration or ideas; otherwise, your mind will consciously think of those logos, and it will become hard to come up with your own uniqueness in a logo.


    Keep brainstorming the artistic designs to apply to a logo for your brand identity and associate these with your target clients.


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    Advice to select the finest logo


    Take a look at some advice on how to build the ideal logo.


    1. First, understand your brand; what do you want with a logo you want to convey? What are your brand values, mission, and vision? What issue are you solving for the clients> Once you know the answers to all these questions. You are ready to go.
    2. Second, what is your target audience or target market segmentation? What are their interests? What styles and designs appeal to them? Always remember your audience when creating a logo.
    3. Third, pick a versatile design so that whenever your log appears in any place, it looks good,
    4. Be original for a creative logo design and to beat the rival’s logo. Don’t use pre-made temples available in online tools, overused symbols, or clip art. Start from scratch.
    5. Last, take a review. Once done with a modern logo design, share it with certain friends, family, and relatives. Ask for their advice and make positive changes per their suggestions.
    6. Also, use simple shapes and fonts, select the color wisely, and never underestimate the value of experimenting. Try defiant things until you get the design ideas that you adore.

    How do you mix your logo into your Organization?



    Here are the specific ways to infuse your log into your company. Let’s take a review.


    1. Use your logo on your branding material, such as brochures, product packaging, and flyers.
    2. Use your logo in your marketing materials, such as physical banners, social media channels, apps, and websites.
    3. You can use it in your office buildings, rooms, and other office spaces. Also, if you have your brand’s stationary products, such as notebooks, pens, mugs, caps, and shirts, you can use those stationary products.
    4. When you partner with any other business or cross-promote your business, you can offer discounts on each other’s products or services by allowing your partner to show their products or services in their marketing materials.

    The golden principles of good logo design


    Here are the golden principles of robust logo design.


    1. Simplicity: Try to use simple designs in a company logo that makes it easy to remember. Keep it simple and unique.
    2. Memorable: Design a logo that people can remember for a long time that beats the logo of your vials.
    3. Versatility: A good logo design must be versatile and can be adjusted in any medium of any size without losing its influence.
    4. Relevance: Your good logo must be based on the target audience and show your brand character. The log reflects your brand value and appeals to the audience.




    Thus, whenever you start designing a logo, remember to be clear about your brand, including your brand values, target audience, brand character, what problem you are solving for the audience, and what solution you are offering.


    As per these things, you will brainstorm a logo and sketch multiple ideas. Once you have a few solid ideas, you will work on an authentic and timeless logo.


    Always remember the five golden rules in creating a logo: Simplicity, Humor, Versatility, and relevancy.


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