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    History of Logos or Logo Designers


    April 14 , 2022 Posted by admin

    Logo designing is often considered a form of art that seamlessly communicates a brand’s message to the target audience with the help of a professional logo designer. It is vital to business success. With the digitalization and integration of the latest technologies, logo designing has improved its services by allowing businesses and customers to create their own logos through online logo makers. Since the visual world is getting the utmost attention, it is not far from when the world will be communicating visually. The best brand is one with a logo that speaks volumes about the company’s products, services, goals, values, and objectives.


    Company logo designs directly or indirectly emotionally connect with the audience, creating a sense of want when seeing it. Many big brands like McDonald’s, Nike, Apple, Google, Rolls-Royce, etc., focus on creating visually appealing logos. They work around the essential four elements of logo design: simple, unique, memorable, and unique, while the rest automatically fall in place. Since a business logo design is the face of any organization’s name, it becomes crucial to design the most attractive & professional logo design that is easily remembered by the audience. Further, the first step towards the success of businesses is to design a logo that stands the test of time and stands out from the millions of other logos.


    The History of Logos or Logo Designers


    Logos have made a position in the rapidly advancing world as one of the greatest marketing techniques, but how they emerged or got their name remains a question for many people. Here, we will concisely discuss the history of logos. In 4000 BC, the ancient  Egyptians used hieroglyphs, a method of writing using symbols that looked like hooks and circles. These images effectively communicated the message in every society and later were used by modern-day logos. Moving further to 2700 BC, the ancient Romans started marking their livestock using a hot iron to represent complete ownership of their livestock. Soon, in 520 BC, Greeks began using owls to represent knowledge and intelligence. These motifs were used on coins made from bronze and, later on, pottery as art logos; in 1492, metalsmiths sprung up, creating sigils for the royal class that were engraved into shields or used to decorate battle banners.


    In 1366, Stella Artois, a famous Belgian brewer, was the first one to use a company logo design. Though its advertisement was not as advanced as today, it could attract quite a number of people. Then, until the 1800s, newspapers and magazine advertisements boomed, getting complete attention from people and companies. However, these could only be printed in black-and-white contrasts. However, in 1810, German politician Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was the first one to discover color psychology and later used it in logos to impact people’s moods. The logo industry flourished with logos being used on different items which led to logo printing. In the 1900s, John Cadbury was the first to print the logo on his chocolate package. Soon, screen printing allowed businesses to print logos on shoes, bags, etc. From the Olympic Games logo to the entertainment company logo everywhere, logos became intricate marketing. Soon, television programs, fast food chains, banks, research organizations, and the tourism industry started using unique logos. However, it was not until 1987 that Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator changed the logo designing game.


    In the 1900s, Google gained immense popularity when it used a free editing program to design the logo that enabled it to choose from various colors and fonts. In the 2000s, social media logos frenetically increased as people started spending most of their time online. It started the phase of digitalization. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram hired skilled logo designers to develop world-class logos that helped them gain a competitive edge. Lastly, even telecom industries started using logos to differentiate themselves from other companies as more and more such companies emerged.


    4 Examples of the Best Logos


    1. Apple


    Another well-known brand, Apple, is a tech-savvy company that creates high-end gadgets like smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, tablets, etc. It gets recognized through its logo, which shows a bitten black apple. The company didn’t need to add more details to its logo as it was enough to stir the market and generate revenue overnight. Further, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say this design is timeless and that people can easily relate to, though it falls in an abstract logo.


    1. AdidasAdidas

    Adidas is a famous shoe brand that made head turns with its excellent logo designing techniques to purchase its products. It has a simple design with three stripes that fall into the abstract category. However, the brand is easily recognizable by people. The stripes were turned diagonally later on one side by logo designers to give them the shape of a mountain peak representing shoes for hiking. Hence, it targets the athletes.

    1. Mcdonald’s


    One of the most famous fast-food chains, McDonald’s, has placed itself as the top food choice for children, especially with its Happy Meal being the favorite of everyone worldwide. Its bold golden arches are enough to get seen from far. Further, the logo doesn’t have any other icons, symbols, or a blend of colors, making it stand out immediately. Its simplicity has made it a timeless and memorable brand. It is the first thing that comes to mind when deciding on a favorite fast-food restaurant.
    1. BMW

    BMWOne of the elite automotive brands that many are favorite is BMW. The company has placed itself in the top market niche like any other entertainment company logo while using an eye-catching logo design in white, blue, and black contrast. It shows a checkered logo that signifies the plane’s white propellers with a blue sky at the back. Moreover, it is an intelligent design that simultaneously gives an idea about aircraft engines and cars.


    Logo designing is often considered simple when it requires a lot of knowledge and skills to create the right balance of colors, fonts, and layout to make the logo stand out from the crowd. Hence, companies usually hire professional logo designers or branding agencies that create professional logo designs to give the brand the much-needed lift, which wasn’t possible with traditional marketing.


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