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    5 Best Examples of Strong & Powerful Brands

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    June 11 , 2020 Posted by admin

    There are thousands of brands around the world that are among the race to become number one. Different industries like technology, software, food, entertainment, e-commerce etc. have some of the amazing brands that are towards the path of success. These companies hold great brand value with the generation of huge revenue each year. These industry giants set an example for other smaller companies to remain dedicated and focus on providing the best. Their customer services are worth mentioning as they firmly believe in customer satisfaction. The quality these brands hold is exceptional containing hundreds of employees that work tirelessly to bring out the best in every product and service.

    Companies across the globe are continuously growing and emerging to new heights of success. Have a look at the 5 most strong and powerful brands of the world that are an inspiration for all.


    1. Apple

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    Apple is the most powerful and successful brand in the world. For a quite long time, it has been ruling over the industries with its amazing products. Everyone is well-aware about the popularity of this highly valuable brand. Whether it’s high-end products, bright stores, unique design or great employee, Apple is always the best. The brand value of Apple is around $214 billion and annual revenue approximately $229.23 billion. Apple deals in products like personal computers, mobile phones, audio players etc. The customer service Apple provides is beyond words and the strategy this company uses is one-size-fits-all-strategy. Apple creates devices by considering the needs of its users and comes up with innovative ideas that make users fall in love with the product.


    2. Google

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    You must have heard ‘Google’ in this world full of digital technologies. Google has beaten-up many companies over the past year and has emerged to the second most powerful brand in the entire world. It is considered the father of tech industry due to the introduction and implementation of most advanced technologies. Google is the most used search engine over the internet with the latest techniques that make your searching process interesting. Among global ranking, Google is among the most expensive brands. Experts estimate its value to be approximately $167.7 billion, placing it in the second position. It was established in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Its search engine processes billions of queries every day. Google also implemented the strongest advertising aggregates over the internet that generates huge revenue for the company.


    3. Amazon

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    Amazon lets its services speak for them holding the largest number of customers in the world. It offers free deliveries, numerous reviews and recommendation modules that are the largest source of income for this company. This online store relies on advanced techniques of SEO, powerful supply chain, affiliated marketing and excellent customer service that make it the best among e-commerce industries. This custom logo design has made a unique recognition among the huge companies making customers stick to them for a long time. Amazon focuses on e-commerce, digital streaming, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. It has also appeared among the most expensive companies in the world holding value of $100.76 billion.


    4. Microsoft

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    Microsoft is among the leading brands of the world with exceptional growth each year. This tech giant gives a tough competition to other technological companies by producing the best software products. This brand believes in continuously improving the value by delivering excellent products that solve the tech problem across the globe. This software development company is the owner of multiple amazing software including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, etc. The most famous Microsoft Corporation was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates. At that time it was the only software company providing packaged software for personal computers use. Over time, Microsoft proved that its position can’t be taken by any other company having a value of $92.72 billion.


    5. Coca-Cola

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    If you are a foodie then you know what coca-cola means in the food industry. It is a non-alcoholic drinks brand that is famous worldwide. The carbonated soft drink brings a net profit of $6 billion per year. The famous brand of beverage was established in 1882 and now includes products like Sprite, Fanta, Diet Coke and Schweppes. Due to its high profitability and large value of the asset and huge staff, Coca-Cola has made its position among the top 5 most powerful graphic design logos. The brand value of Coca-Cola is estimated to be $66.34 billion. This brand is committed to providing the best in its every product, delivering high-quality beverages since the 80s. Coca-Cola has maintained its number one position in the food industry by believing in authenticity and dedication.  



    In a nutshell, amazing products and services make professional logo design for success. Companies should focus on giving their best by considering the demands and needs of the people. Brands like Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Coca-Cola are an example for small companies and startups. They believe in hard work and put their efforts in the right direction that makes their brand even stronger. They continuously improve their products and services and continue to evolve each passing day.


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