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    Discover the Top 8 Inspiring Logos for Your Next Electric Vehicle Brand!

    Electrifying Brilliance Discover the Top 8 Inspiri(1)

    October 23 , 2023 Posted by admin

    Watch how the roads change as electric cars become more and more famous. Here, you will explore how many car companies fiercely elevate their EV car brands by putting logos on their EV brand.

    Initially, electric cars were a niche luxury item, but car production has come on a long path since then. Now, electric cars are becoming standard in the auto business and a finer alternative to gas and diesel engines. It has an environmentally friendly nature and no rising cost of petrol filling.

    Electric vehicles are currently available for sports cars, delivery trucks, and bicycles to make transportation more accessible, faster, and finer for the environment.

    Using data from Statista, it is predicted that the global market for electric vehicles will produce sales of more than $450 billion in 2023 and $858 billion in 2027.

    This blog from the top corporate branding company discusses the top 8 corporate logos for EV businesses. It’s aimed at companies considering starting their own EV business or shifting from traditional car manufacturing to EVs.

     Top 8 Logos For Electric Vehicles To Get Ideas

    As more companies begin producing electric cars, their brand names will be prominently featured in various marketing and advertising campaigns. These automotive giants are well-known worldwide, and you can draw inspiration from their business logo design to create a unique design for your own business.

     1. Canoo


    Canoo is a global brand of electric cars and lifestyle cars. Its image is fresh and inspiring. At first glance, the symbol for electric cars seems to be just a few white lines that don’t notify much. But the lines cover what they mean.

    You can see the car’s tail lights along the well-placed white lines. These lines, which resemble powerful chemical bonds, signify the control and safety of the company’s electric car.

    The wordmark is also spread out to make the business name and brand for electric cars stand out and watch beautiful. Canoo’s fresh logo design has a few smaller lines spread evenly.

     2. Tesla


    Tesla is a well-known American business that makes solar-powered and battery-powered electric cars. At first glance, its design looks like a stylized T. But if you overlook the style, you can figure out what the Tesla logo means.

    On one side, the T’s resembles a motor’s stator; on the other, it resembles a motor’s rotor. The word T also stands for the name of the company. The red and white colors of the logo also grab concentration on the spot.

    The logo is red, a sign of love and fire, and aims to show high-tech electric cars that benefit the Earth.

     3. Faraday Future

    Faraday Future-01

    Faraday Future is another well-known name for electric cars among people who enjoy EV cars. Since its existence in 2014, the business has become technologically progressive in creating electric cars. Its logo is among the car logo names that appear simple. But looking at the image closely, you can see its meaning and purpose.

    First of all, the whole logo appears like a fish moving up. After that, the pattern has the initials F for the company. The top of the symbol appears like an arrow for moving forward.

    Besides, the best EV brands contain digital letters you see in a digital watch representing the electric car section of the company. So, the fish-shaped image is aesthetically gorgeous and shows the brand’s personality and message. This image is undoubtedly one of the best in the car business.

    4. Richard


    Rivian Automotive Company is another dedicated American business that makes electric cars. The business is well-known for creating pickup trucks and sports cars. Its logo has the name of the brand and a symbol. The logo appears like an arrow on the outside and the inside.

    The outer arrows exhibit that the business needs to develop novel concepts and hold chances to enhance the world. But the lines on the inside exhibit that the business starts with everyone and needs to twirl forward. So that the sign for a clean energy car stands out, the horizontal bars in the letters R and A aren’t complete.

    Remember that the image is black to exhibit strength and power. Black is also a color of authority, which lets people explore the technology used by the business that makes cars.

    As the car manufacturing firm is moving to EV production, so do we? Besides offering corporate logo designs for manufacturing businesses, our area of expertise also aims to give logo design services in California for electric vehicle businesses.

    Along with logo services, we are a reputable branding company that excels in small-business branding and provides specialized solutions to elevate your brand. We have the know-how to enhance your brand’s visibility in the EV industry through top stationery design or appealing brochure design. Contact us immediately for our fantastic branding and logo design services!

     5. Lordstown 

    Lordstown Motors launched in 2018, which makes it a relatively novel name in the business world. Its logo is simply recognizable and makes people feel strong.

    The company’s label is a hexagonal shape with a lightning sign inside of it. The car business based in Ohio has a logo with a hexagonal shape that shows how long the brand has been around.

    The custom uppercase sans-serif font wordmark is another appealing part of the eco-friendly automotive logo design. The boldness and beauty of the font give the emblem a new watch and help the business stand out in the market for electric vehicles.

    The electricity sign inside the hexagonal shape of the Lordstown logo services gives the business an image of being for strong men. The logo style helps the business persuade customers that its smart cars are just as reliable as cars made by well-known companies.

     6. Karma

    Karma is a California-based business known for creating cars with fresh designs. The image the business uses is one of the most recognizable for electric cars. The logo service is round and looks unique from other logos.

    The Karma sign is a round, three-dimensional shape that resembles a car headlight or a security camera’s peephole. Its primary colors are unlit blue and a thin, shining yellow line in the upper left corner. The ring is a deep red color. Between the middle and the edge is a black line.

    The logo also has a fresh look, with letters of shining silver and in 3D. “A” would stand out more if the letter “A” had a horizontal bar. The 3D logo design tells people that this business makes cutting-edge cars that benefit the environment.

     7. Nikola Corporation

    Nikola Corporation makes commercial electronic cars. Fuel cells or batteries power these cars for charging. Its logo is a potent picture that carries the brand’s meaning well on the costumes. It has two essentials – the brand title and the hexagon.

    The hexagonal shape with the word N for the brand stands for power because it resembles graphite, one of the most robust materials. It shows how strong, powerful, and safe the car is. The logo sans-serif typeface name shows just how new the name is, and the fresh style looks pleasing.

    The logo shows that the team has vital information about modern EV cars. People want these cars to be as reliable as cars that rely on gas or diesel.

     8. Lucid

    Lucid Motors, which makes electric cars, is based in California. The logo services show what the brand is all about in a fresh way. Better spaces between the letters in the brand name make it easier for people to read.

    So, the letters are clear and easy to read, like the company’s cars. The Renewal Energy Car logo is a fresh wordmark in a sans-serif all-caps font because more space between the letters makes the logo watch horizontally stretched, chic, and polished.

    This design stands out because of the new letter-shaping method and the letters’ shortness. Because of this, the whole logo has a slim, contemporary look, like how electric cars are made.

    The Bottom Line

    These are some of the most distinctive and enduring electric car logos that hold work as inspiration for us. Consider looking at these logos for inspiration if you’re trying to develop creative logo design concepts for business.

    These electric car logos exemplify how firms can effectively communicate their identity and dedication to the environment through easy designs. These logo design inspirations are distinctive and represent the environmentally friendly aspect of electric vehicles by using only a rare graphic component.

    Approach LogoMagicians for excellent logo design services in California for your EV brand. Our corporate branding company specialists greatly undergird small business brandings, such as corporate logo design, stationery design, and brochure design. Let your EV brand shine like a diamond!

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