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    A Guide to Creating Logo Design Concepts


    October 19 , 2022 Posted by admin

    Logo designing has changed how we view a company in today’s world. It has branded the products and services offered by industries, attaching a high value to their existence. One can find icons and symbols that we can identify from far while a few are so generic that we easily forget them. This decreases the purpose of the brand and symbols. Thus, it is necessary for firms to identify the key points that help make the logo recognizable. It is way above having a good memory.

    Logo design gives the company a unique position in the world, letting it create a powerful impact that attracts consumers and converts leads into sales. All of these factors lead to high consumer loyalty. Take the example of Apple, the most valuable brand of 2022 in the universe and currently leads with $355.1 billion.

    But the main question still remains why do we need a logo design near me? A recent study shows that consumers are more attracted to visuals and tend to remember the things they see with their naked eyes. If a person sees the design five to seven times, they tend to remember the brand name, where blue is the most common color used for designing a company’s name. Hence, nearly 73% of consumers blindly trust businesses they know.


    What is a Logo Design?



    Have you ever seen a well-known brand with a brand name or logo? The answer will be no. This is because designers and companies recognize the power of a creative name and let their imagination run wild to create stunning icons that represent their business. It gives value to a company, making users often buy from them. In other words, it impacts how one perceives a brand. It highlights a company’s identity and tells customers about what it offers. However, it becomes necessary for firms to come up with a simple design that gives a clear message to the audience. Too many graphics may hide the message, leading to a wrong brand perspective.

    Though logos may look easy to create or design, they are usually challenging. Before designing a name, designers need to do thorough market research to have in-depth knowledge about the business and target customers. They even need to consider all the design principles to gain a competitive edge and stand out from the crowd. We have many examples of companies doing so. Take the example of Louis Vuitton, a fashion luxury brand known worldwide because of its logo that spells ‘LV.’ The name is catchy, simple, and short, that anyone can pronounce it.

    The process might be long and complicated for many businesses. To avoid such issues, one should hire a logo design company with experience dealing with such complications. However, this now guarantees a good design, so it is always advised to start designing a logo on the basis of a story. This helps attach meaning to the brand, and customers are more drawn to hearing stories. Once the message or story is conveyed most effectively, consumers emotionally connect with the brand. Moreover, it leads to greater brand loyalty which later brings profits. The next thing you should know about the business is why one wants to create a logo or what message one wants to communicate.

    Steps to Create Logo Design Concepts


    Steps to Create Logo Design Concepts

    Logo design concepts that accurately reflect your brand values and appeal to your target audience. Designing a brand icon is exciting and tricky at the same time. For a few, it might be easy, while others might face difficulty depending on the industry or the message a company is trying to communicate. Here, every logo design concept starts with creating a story, as discussed above, but many still don’t know the following effective methods that promise an excellent symbol concept. Let’s focus on the following steps after story-making.

    1. Brainstorm

    Once the designers have the story, it’s time to find words that best describe the products or services offered by the company. One even needs to search for synonyms and keep doing so until one finds enough good words that will help draw the customer’s attention. Here it is always better for opting ten words that answer the what, why, who, how, where, and when. These words help to provide a guideline for a refined concept.

    1. Sketch a Draft

    Once done, choose the keywords and start sketching with paper and pencil. Sketch anything that comes to mind. One may usually not get the design at the start, so do not get irritated and keep trying. The more refined a sketch is from the previous one, the greater the results will be. Here, businesses can focus on shapes or the name. Many even choose a blend of both to create outstanding designs. However, here, one should opt for simple shapes and use colors that describe the brand personality well. This is a work of intelligence, and the right use of colors can help target customers’ emotions and bring the desired results. However, we do not recommend using more than three colors to convey a clear message.

    1. Choose Any Three Sketches

    Once sketched, choose any three of the best drawings and show them to friends, family, or other people to take feedback. It is always better to ask for someone’s opinion with the best buyer persona as it tends to give a real idea about how the brand will be perceived. A more genuine opinion. This way, designers can work on the art and refine it further for better outcomes.

    1. Select a Logo



    Select the most appealing logo, refine it to give it the perfect shape, and attach it to the brand story. One should use the words one identifies that explain the brands. Use each term to describe the symbol until it is fully refined.

    1. Develop its Layout

    Once the artistic work is done, the technical work starts that turns the simple paper drawing into a digital product. It’s now time to bring the icon to life. For this, one can use various online platforms or hire a professional logo designer to recreate the sketch in a digital format. Here, opting for the perfect layout is a must. This means using text and shapes that are well formatted and spaced to align the entire design. Here it doesn’t need to be symmetrical but should definitely be well-aligned in various contexts.

    1. Pick Complementing Colors

    Choosing a vibrant or sober color scheme is essential as it should complement the exclusive designs. So any issues in applying the wrong colors may confuse the customers as they will get the wrong message. Remember, a logo is placed against background colors that a company doesn’t choose, so they should be the ones that can go with any theme. It even becomes necessary to use color variations of some dark and light backgrounds to make the icon stand out. One can even change the font color or the color of the complete company’s name.

    1. Select a Font



    After choosing the color, the designers need to combine text and images for the ultimate effect. Select a font that complements the sketch and colors and makes the design stand out. A font speaks volumes about a business. Thus, many companies opt for serif or sans serif fonts besides the classic ones. However, one should avoid the generic fonts suggested by word processors, including Times New Roman, as they tend to work against the business image and make them less memorable.

    1. Scalable

    These logo designs are used on different platforms by the company, including stationery designs, websites, shirts, mugs, apps, etc. Thus, organizations must opt for highly scalable symbols that do not look bad when minimized or zoomed on a platform. This means no matter what size one puts the name into, it should be legible and clear enough to be understood by the customers.


    Professional logo designers help organizations make a huge impact on customers. They are the core strategies that make a business memorable and timeless so that people can recognize it from afar, even after ages. Take the example of Chanel or McDonald’s, which are old brands but are well-known by today’s generation as well. Following the above steps creates a beautiful concept and designs the logo around it. If one doesn’t have enough skills to begin the process, one can hire a logo design company at affordable rates and create a unique logo. If you are one of the companies searching for a branding agency that is famous for creating company branding services and business logo design, feel free to contact us.

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