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    How Famous Brands Work On Their Logo Design to Create an Impact on Customers

    How Famous Brands Work On Their Logo Design to Create an Impact on Customers-01

    December 8 , 2022 Posted by admin

    We often ask, “How do these brands capture consumer attention?” “How do we get great results and love from consumers?”

    Logos play a much more important role than most people realize. Therefore, brands should leverage the power of logo design. A strong business logo design can subconsciously influence the minds of your customers.

    Modern businesses tend to introduce goods and services that interconnect with their customers on an individual and emotional level. According to Statista, the marketing services is a $475 billion industry with positive growth in the 2010s.

    Brands attain this type of connection by making meaningful logo designs that represent their brand’s meaning. They convey the right message in seconds, inspire trust, and demonstrate core values that create a memory factor.



    Corporate branding is known all over the world and is used in a wide range of contexts by people around the world. Brands may be known and operated locally or internationally. Internationally recognized brands must be actively promoted and marketed in a variety of ways. Branding is the process of creating a distinctive name and characteristics for your business through marketing, advertising, and promotion with a consistent brand voice. Corporate branding is also essential to maintain customer loyalty and retention.

    Brands need a consistent theme to boldly place their name and identity in the minds of their audiences. You need to describe your company’s vision and mission. Also, your brand logo design should be consistent with your brand vision. The importance of logos in branding is undeniable, so a logo must truly represent your brand in order to attract and engage your audience.

    The Role of Logos in Branding

    The Role of Logos in Branding-01

    A logo is your brand’s visual persona and one of the most important elements in building trust with your target audience. A perfect logo is one that is functional, memorable, in transmission your brand message, and effective in building the right brand associations.

    To be a memorable face and convey a brand message, a logo must contain both conceptual and visual value. If the logo is difficult to remember, it will not be remembered and may defeat one of the logo’s main purposes. Similarly, if your logo doesn’t truly reflect your brand image, even if you offer the right service, it may not resonate with your users. Add to this any logos that cannot be properly associated with brand values ​​and may fail the purpose of representing the brand. For example, companies typically use simpler, combination logos, while paint manufacturers typically use colorful, vibrant logo designs. If the situation is reversed, both companies will not be able to express their brand image well. Therefore, depending on the type of brand, logo designss should represent customer-specific attributes and characteristics.


    Characteristics of Good Business Logo Design

    • Simplicity in Logo Design

    Simplicity in Logo Design-01

    The key element of a logo is simplicity. To make your logo stand out and memorable, you need to organize your business logo design. Unnecessary use of design or color can result in an uncertain and misleading brand image. When forming a logo, it is recommended to have the logo design modest, simple, and elegant according to the nature of your brand. We recommend that you do not use multiple colors in your logo, as it makes it difficult to understand the strong message from your logo design.

    Additionally, a monochromatic logo design can use multiple hues to accurately emphasize your values ​​and concepts.


    • Using Shapes in Logos

    Shapes are typically used in logos in two ways. It can be directly incorporated into your logo design, or it can be framed around the logo.

    1. Edge-shaped logos containing squares or triangles suggest the stability, robustness, strength, and integrity of the associated brand. These forms also represent productivity, proficiency, and strength.
    2. Circular– This shape of the logo represents community, relationships, continuity, stability, and consistency. Circles are often used in logo design because they convey different messages and meanings.
    3. Triangle– Logo design suggests permanence, cycle, power, science, and logic. It is also used to indicate poise and masculinity.


    • Using Color

    Using color in logo design is a complex process that requires the designer to think carefully about color selection. Different colors therefore represent diverse theoretical and visual messages. An experienced designer’s job is to let the logo do the talking.

    • Red

    Sports and food companies combine this color into their brand logo designs to show their energy and passion. Famous examples include Espn, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola.

    • Black

    It is used by young and high-end audiences. The logo and the brand as a whole express authority and elegance, creating a sense of mystery while expressing a powerful presence. A good example is the Swoosh from Apple and Nike.

    • Blue

    Blue is a bold color primarily used to represent corporate identity, technology, business, professionalism and seriousness. Facebook and Dell are a few famous examples of blue logo designs.

    • Green

    The color of symbolizes, nature, tranquility, earth, and health. Many nature and health-themed companies use the color green in their logo designs. Subway is an example for the green color.

    • Yellow

    This represents energy, warmth, and life. McDonald’s, Shell, Yellow, and JB Hi-Fi Pages are common models of yellow logos.

    • Purple

    It represents creativity, insight and imagination. FedEx, and Yahoo use purple in their logos to make their brands innate and remarkable.

    • Using Negative Space

    Using Negative Space-01

    White space or background space in your logo can be used to express a meaningful message and brand image. Some very simple logo designs use space to convey a strong message. The FedEx logo is a prime example of using background space to convey your message and emphasize your brand’s voice. Combining the logo’s E and X creates a spontaneous logo. This type of space can also be used for logos by typing or representing the brand name in different typefaces and typefaces.


    In short, logos are an integral part of brand building. It is no overstatement to say that a great brand is born with the perfect logo that truly reveals the vision and mission of the brand. Your logo should contain just the right amount of colors, shapes, and imaginative concepts to enhance your product branding. If you are looking for the best business or financial logo designs, then you are at the right place; get in touch with Logo Magicians, a top logo design company for the best logo design services in the USA to make your brand stand out in the competition.


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