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    5 Types of Logos you Need to Know


    February 19 , 2021 Posted by admin

    The initial step in designing a logo that effectually stands for the genuine nature of your brand. You must acquire knowledge regarding the diverse range of logos that exist.


    Ultimately, your corporate logo design serves as its global representation. It is a visually emotional symbol filled with meaning. You can instantly reveal information such as brand positioning and personality.


    The first step in branding for a consistent representation of your brand’s values, mission and vision and a focal initial perception is to choose an appropriate company logo design.


    So here, we shall examine five distinct logotypes, each give a distinct means of conveying generous information regarding the brand.


    Let us begin!


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    Wordmark logo

    Wordmarks is a typeface-based logo that must have a brand only name, unlike letter marks, which use any text to make a unique typographic mark. This business logo style typically comprises the company’s name, rendering it a simple yet impactful design.


    Like selecting letter marks, conducting thorough research and identifying a suitable font that effectively represents your business is crucial in the wordmark.


    The FedEx logo, consisting of a geometric sans-serif typeface, is an excellent example. A distinct base supports the letters “Fed” and “Ex” in the logo. The logo’s colors have evolved; however, the present iteration incorporates delicate orange and light lilac.


    An arrow in white that points to the right is concealed within the letters “E” and “X” in the logo. The arrow signifies precision, speed, determination, and the pursuit of excellence.

    A measuring utensil also has the “e” tail of the logo. The spoon symbolizes the owner’s commitment to meticulously monitoring all aspects.


    Lindon Leader crafted the logo using two distinct fonts: Univers 67 and Futura Bold.

    A simple wordmark in a rectangle with contrasting hues comprised the initial logo. Since the 1980s, the logo has contributed to FedEx’s reputation as a dependable transportation company.

    Abstract Logoabstract logo

    Unlike a single, primary image, abstract logos are composed of decorative expressive designs or geometric shapes—Space, Line, Form, Texture, Color, Pattern, and Contrast. These logos are frequently regarded as visually captivating and among the most imaginative because they enable you to communicate your brand’s identity by applying colors and forms.


    These logos are most effective when they convey a message or represent a company’s offerings through imaginative design elements. Consequently, abstract logos are famous among sizable corporations that provide diverse and unrelated services. Yet, similar to other brand logos, the design must remain simple to ensure clarity.


    The Nike brand is an abstract logo design referred to as the Swoosh. The Nike logo is abstract because it represents motion, speed, and success rather than the product or service itself. The ideas are taken from the wings of Nike, the Greek deity of triumph. The logo has achieved global recognition despite the absence of any visual depictions of footwear or athletic equipment.



    Letter Mark logoletter mark logo

    Monogram logos, or letter mark logos, are composed exclusively of letters. The letters utilized are typically the initials of the company’s name. The brand logo for Chanel, for instance, is a monogram. It comprises two black, mirror-compound “C”s that interlock. The “C” represents Coco Chanel, the brand’s creator. The logo was created by Chanel in 1925. Since then, the logo has remained unchanged.


    The delicate yet robust forms of the logo exemplify the sophistication inherent in simplicity. The interlaced curves in a glass window of the Aubazine Church, where Chanel spent a portion of her infancy, might have inspired the logo.


    While the essence of the professional logo design remains consistent, specific limited-edition collections may feature supplementary graphical components or framing. The brand’s name is also displayed in the logo, using bold uppercase characters.


    Chanel is a fashion firm that majors in luxury products, accessories, and ready-to-wear for women. Their “Chanel Suit” and No. 5 perfume have also gained notoriety.



    These logos are most effective for companies with lengthy names. A handful of initials is more memorable than a string of lengthy sentences. By utilizing only a few letters, a logo comes into life that is both simple and memorable. Also, the typography utilized for letter mark logos is a must. A font that is readable, unique, and consistent with your brand’s identity is essential.


    Combination or Combo Logo

    Why not simply blend everything into one? A combination logo comprises, in essence, an abstract mark, a letter mark, and a pictorial mark. This type of logo will cause individuals to associate your company’s name with a visual representation, thereby facilitating the connection between the two. As your organization gains more stability, consider transitioning to a logo that strictly consists of images.


    The combination logo design explicitly describes the services offered by a business while effectively preserving the brand’s identity. Again, combination logos must be simple enough. They must be captivating, noteworthy, and straightforward to comprehend.


    The Starbucks logo effectively integrates typography and imagery to establish brand recognition through its circular shape, which features a wordmark containing the company name and two stars on either side. The wordmark “Starbucks” is combined with the siren, a visual representation, to form the Starbucks logo.


    The most recent Starbucks logo includes a wordmark and an enlarged siren without stars. Circular shapes are frequently helpful in the field of graphic design.



    Emblem Logoemblem logo

    The final one is the logo for Emblem. In general, emblems, which are alternatively as insignia logos, resemble crests. Text and symbolic imagery are integrated into the emblem logo design to create elaboration that exudes a sense of tradition.


    Stated a situation in which the typography is integrated into the logo to contrast with the artwork. The most recognizable logos originate from this particular logo design concepts.


    Combination logos, which are used simultaneously and represent the integration of two conceptions (text and image), should be distinct from Emblem. The Emblem unifies two or more pieces of information or concepts into a unified image that, if shortened, altered, or revised in any way, would lose all logic.


    The shield design comprises the NFL logo with the hues of the United States flag. The logo consists of:


    • The shield design signifies the league’s dedication to providing entertainment of the highest caliber.
    • Red, white, and blue hues resembling those of the United States flag
    • Lettering: “NFL” is composed of white block letters.
    • Additional components include stars, a football, and vertical red stripes.


    In 1960, the NFL implemented the shield logo. Over time, the logo has given a new look to reflect the league’s expansion and contemporary aesthetics. The NFL logo is currently one of the most recognizable symbols on a global scale.

    NFL logo

    The NFL also features 32 team logos, some of which may be more recognizable than the team names.



    As you can see, there are five logo design types. So, on that info, you can select the unique logo design for your organization or brand by grasping these types of ideas. These help create a custom logo design for your company.


    Choosing the appropriate brand logo design for your business can be challenging, but it is simplified when you understand the strong branding strategy from where your logo first came.


    Before designing your logo, you should articulate the positioning and character of your brand with accuracy. This will help you strategically determine the logo design.

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