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    Microsoft logo design evolution


    April 22 , 2024 Posted by admin

    Whenever you hear of Microsoft, you think of the first tech that gives you everything you want, like the MS Windows you use and the MS Office you use for your daily operations like writing, presenting, designing, or for accounting/financial or mathematical purposes, etc.


    You cannot imagine using a PC without Microsoft, whether you are in an office, educational institution, or for personal purposes. Even Apple has used Microsoft Office.


    Microsoft is not known for MS Office or Windows; it has other software products people use, like Xbox for gaming, Skype for professional chat, LinkedIn for networking, and much more.


    This blog offers insights into its logo design history. You can use it as inspiration. We will also discuss some tips for logo design.


    A Modest starting

    An IT giant put its foot on this planet in 1975. Bill Gates and Paul Allen built the foundation of the giant firm. Their interest in software and microprocessors convinces them to launch this giant tech firm. These legends had a great interest in hardware/software development and started work on it for the Altair 8800—an MITS-based microcomputer used in the early period, based on the 8080 CPU.


    In 1980, a collaboration with IBM of Microsoft happened—a big step towards the business’s success, as IBM is a top PC software manufacturer and supplier.


    Aftermath, Microsoft consistently leads the world of hardware and software development firms it is today. Currently, the company has its own OS, office suites, and Internet Explorer browser.


    As of 2024, Microsoft has stores and offices in multiple locations worldwide with a total volume of 166 0000 staff around the planet.


    • Microsoft has a 21% market share in the global tech sector.
    • In the SaaS segment, the business has 11% global shares (from 2019–2021)
    • While in cloud infrastructure services, it holds 23% shares quarterly globally (2017–2023)
    • Desktop operating system comes with 72% shares globally (February 2024)
    • In the applications suite, it holds 12.92% shares.


    A US multinational corporation (MNC) is the third business to touch a trillion-dollar market after Amazon and Apple.


    The Microsoft Logo: A Timeless Modern Design



    After discussing its success, let’s discuss how its logo plays a portion of the role in enhancing its brand value. Microsoft’s logo is timeless, minimalistic, soft, and classic and has remained the same for a long time.


    The log key feature is its grid-like multicolored or (four-colored) design, which gives a feeling of “younger days of innovation,” like when tech was booming. The design is pleasing and grabs attention. When you look at the logo, you remember the old days when we used XP or even 98 windows.


    Another reason the logo looks everlasting is its impactful font or typesetting, “Segoe.” A dark grey “Segeo” font appears gorgeous and simple and conveys the business’s inventiveness in fortifying new tech, both in hardware and software. You will mostly see the color and font in all products or services and marketing materials.


    However, before becoming a timeless design, the logo had many revisions.


    Here is the evolution of The Microsoft Logo


    1975-1980: – The Disco Period—the initial Microsoft Logo



    Do you know who designed the Microsoft logo? The company’s owners are Bill Gates and Paul Allen. They built upon the early programming language; the logo designer was Simon Daniels.


    Initially, Microsoft’s work was not in a single line or united but separated with the hyphen “Micro-soft,” which is why the words show two levels.


    The shape and letters are like a Disco music disc.


    1980-1982: – Heavy metal bands inspiration



    Then, in 1980, Microsoft decided to revive the logo with a new design. This time, the logos were inspired by a heavy metal band. The logo is similar to that of Metallica.


    This logo has the name “Microsoft” in a single line or as a unit. Besides, more aggressive lettering is applied in the design with multiple diagonals and sharp angles. Moreover, the letters (M, R and F) are larger to get the audience’s attention.


    The new Zekek typography used by Simon Daniel appears piercing and aggressive.


    With its new logo, the company demonstrates its high confidence in its brand identity and its intention of creating a better future.


    Unfortunately, the company has decided to revise the log with a new design.


     1982-1987: – The ‘Blibbet’ Period



    In 1982, the business rmoevit6s rock star band look and give a new look to it.


    Now the designer apples an element called “Bilbet.” This logo design instantly gained fame, especially among employees.


    It is an informal name invented by the designer or the company itself. The name suggests the “O-shape designed” in the Microsoft logo, which gives it a peculiar and bizarre look.


    The designs became so extraordinarily famous that when a company came up with a new design in 1987, the staff started protecting it and making a petition that this logo design must remain the same and should be reconsidered before making any changes.


    The design has a horizontal line inside the letter “O,” which resembles a CD and makes the logo unique and notable. Later on, the letters” O’ in the logo became a symbol of Microsoft and achieved extreme popularity.


    This design is the reason that put the company to great heights of success in the computer world and left behind the rock and Roll or hippie/disco period that does not accurately match the brand personality.


    1987-2011: – The ‘Pac-Man’ Logo



    The team came up with another design in 1987. This design has a very round, soft, and thicker appearance. Such thickness and softness indicate a business’s keen interest in making the best hardware and software.


    In this design, the designers put a bit of slash among the letters “O and ”S,” making the logo highly mesmerizing and notable and focusing on the “Soft” (the last four words) business name part. The logo depicts speed and notion.


    However, the slash gives the logo a mouth shape similar to Pac-Man, a famous video game character.


    Thus, the nickname “Pac-Man” was given this logo design. The logo has an italic font, “Helvetica.” The logo is a great symbol that has ruled people’s hearts for over 25 years and shapes a company’s self-assurance and assertion in its computer hardware and software business.


    You can see that only fonts are used in this logo development, and no other elements are involved.


    During these years, Microsoft developed many taglines, such as “Your potential. Our passion” and “Where do you want to go today?” for different messaging and marketing strategies. Still, the iconic “Pac-Man” logo remained the same until 2012 and remained the recognizable symbol of Microsoft’s brand identity.


    2012–Present: -The window Logo



    Lastly (as of now), Microsoft redesigned the logo again in 2012. This time, only radical alterations were applied to show a new era in Microsoft’s business.


    The colorful (orange, green, blue, and yellow) window panes give the logo an edge compared to its previous ones and give the brand a new image. Although the logo is new, certain elements remain there, like the rounded and soft “Segeo” font.


    The quad-colored window is still in use in 2024.  The Windows colors on the logo show Microsoft’s software products.

    • Red: – Office Suit or Microsoft
    • Blue: – Windows or Word
    • Green: – Xbox or Excel
    • Yellow: – Outlook or Bing


    This current is the best representation of how you can combine your different business products or services into a single use.


    If you are looking for the best logo design, the first thing you should do is barnstorm. Then, get ideas from each other and pick the one that best shows the brand’s personality and message.


    Also, hiring or outsourcing your logo development project is another smart approach as you don’t need to perform; just tell us your industry, what you value, and what your business operation is, and the rest is upon us. Logo Magicians has a team of experienced graphic designers who can transform your logo redesign or logo development ideas into reality with constant collaboration with you.


    Consider These Steps While Designing A Logo

    If you are doing a logo design project via DIY, getting some tips can be very helpful.


    • Explore your target audience: Most aren’t entirely aware of what their target audience is. Be mindful of this if you are unsure. Being aware of the audience’s social, cultural, and psychological factors will help you choose the perfect elements for your business logo.
    • Write your brand Message:  – Take a piece of paper and write down your brand message. Select the most appropriate colors, fonts, and design elements, such as shaping, to display the message.
    • Take insight into your rivals: – Get to know everything about your rival is taking regarding their logo changes, what color fonts or other elements they used in their logo. Explore the brand messages, values, and characters. Thus, you can make a logo better than them
    • Built a scalable design: – Make sure that you design a logo in a way that can adjusted into smaller or larger like mobile phones, websites, billboards, etc. When designing a logo, it is scalable and versatile.
    • Make it simple and notable – This is not essential, but try your best to make a logo simple. So that viewers can understand what you want to convey.  Simplicity is key to getting the audience’s attention in logodesign.


    The Microsoft logo shows how a logo can be memorable and simple and convey everything the brand can show to its audience with just a few colors and the perfect shape.


    Come up with a simple yet appealing logo with us




    Microsoft’s logo is a remarkable inspiration for other startup or SME tech firms. The story shows how it simply started its journey and came to an unreplaceable level; the same applies to its logo. Before it reached its four-colored window logo, which all recognize, the logo saw many changes. The evolution of logo design indicates that every company must redesign its logos to keep up with current trends.


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