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    Google logo design evolution


    May 10 , 2024 Posted by admin

    Around 5.44 billion people uses the Google for searches and views the logo daily.


    On the digital platform, Google is the most visible thing to see.


    Everyone searches, whether for a product, to book a ticket, or to explore certain information.


    But, have you imagined how Google logo design came to life?


    Thus, in the blog, we discuss everything about the Google logo.


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    Let’s begin.


    The Google Logo Past



    A project called Backrub started in 1996 at Stanford. It was a search engine project. The founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin had a vision: “Gather and put all the world data into single digital platforms that everyone can easily access.


    With time, the word “Backrub” was scrapped.


    After certain polishing in the strategy, a new name takes life: “Google,” which we all recognize.


    There is a fun fact during this change: rather than “Google,” a “googol” was decided. But, due to a misspelling by mistake, a “Google” name appears attractive.


    The word is a term applied in mathematics about the number “one” with a hundred zeros after it.


    Cofounder of “Type-Togethers, “Veronika Burian” states that “A logotype suggests visual culture, creation, and taste. The logotype also conveys business attitude and basic actions.”


    After the name “Google” is finalized, then how does this logo change with time, and what does its logo look like?


    Let’s discuss all these further in this blog.


    The actual Google logo



    The first version of Google’s logo design is simple. Sergey Brin designed it using a general software tool that existed at the time. Looking at that logo, you get a feeling of retro Word art. The audience adored such typefaces at that time.


    This version of the logo shows the basic, plain soul of the venture entering the market.


    “This Baskerville bold font appears brave and playful, and the logo design colors grab the attention. The emblem was fun, simple and unique. ”


    There is no actual justification for why Google picked these colors. But there are rumors that the Lego tower, which stocks the tech giant’s first server, inspired the Google team to come up with these colors.


    The logo survives for a short time but is iconic.


    1997 – 1998 – Google’s original official logo 



    Then comes 1997, a time to give the Google logo design a new look.  This version has a classic 90gmplse. The logo ends with an acclamation mark.


    You can use a bit of the “Yahoo” logo style.


    The version is presented in a serif font to suggest trust and authority. Trust is necessary for a business where users rely on the words and information Google gives them.


    Larry Page says: “If users don’t trust us, we don’t do business.”


    Considering all these, Google is always alert and escapes its playful soul.


    Therefore, the team brings shades in the logo, makes letters more encircled, and converts the color of “G” from green to blur/

    This logo designexpresses the 90s with its 3D effects, simplicity, and bright colors.


    1999 – 2010 – The Classic era 



    Google again came up with a new version in 1999. This time, they focused more on their playful spirit.


    A designer named Ruth Kedar was assigned to build this version.


    A new font on the logo design was applied called “Catull.” This font has an angle axis, sharp serifs, and a contemporary look.


    Ruth Kedar, Logo designer, states: –


    “We eliminate the primary colors but apply an in-order pattern; we use secondary colors on the letter “L.” This recalled Google’s belief in no rules. ”


    These bright colors define the Google logo for the next few years.


    In the logo, the two red and yellow “O” are inclined to the words left, whereas the axis on the red “e” inclined towards the right appears much more playful and focuses on Google’s vision of innovation.


    This version of the logo design says goodbye to the exclamation mark forever. After a decade and a year, Google decided to change the logo.


    2010 – 2013 – The starter of a cleaner appearance



    In 2010, it started removing the idea that it is a startup business.


    Now, Google has 25000 staff members, and the operation is active in more than 100 nations.


    Therefore, google wants to design a logo that expresses that this business is now an internet giant.


    Thus, Google reduced the shadows and muted the colors for a smoother look—the start of a new modern era where Google rules the digital searching world.


    Another motive of this design is to give users a smooth experience.


    2013 – 2015 – An importance of minimalism



    The 2013 change in the logo design takes a simple yet modern approach a bit more. Now, shadows are no more and a lighter, flatter, and simpler design.


    Type-Together Co-founder Veronika Burian says, “It is a reasonable decision made by the team to remove the garage-style startup style from a logo for a giant tech giant. We do this by eliminating the 3D and shadow effect.”


    This version is a reflection of Google’s evolving designs that prefer simplicity.


    Moreover, such designs favor smartphones as flatter designs are better adjusted on smaller screens.


    Birth of the present-day Google logo (2015 – Present)



    The 2015 version is the most modern Google logo design. It shows a change and a complete rebranding of Google after founding its parent firm, “Alphabet Inc.”


    As per the Google’s designers regarding the brand kit re-design stated: –


    “The Google logo has always been simple, friendly, and easy to approach. We wanted to keep these qualities by mixing the precise shapes of geometry with the simple letters you learn in school.”


    Jonathan Leepull, Jonathan Jarvis, and Alex Cook


    This time, Google eliminated the serif font and used a custom geometric sans-serif font called “Product Sans.” Such fonts are modern, crispy, and easy to read, and they provide flexibility and cohesiveness.


    Also, they are versatile and can fit in any screen size.


    The color palette does not change, but it becomes smoother to retain the colors of the tech giant business.


    One fact is that this design does not satisfy everyone, and some even compare it with Kid Discovery Zone and associate it with “fridge magnets.”


    The beginning of Google Doodles

    A new fun entry in the Google logo when searching for it is “Google Doodles.” It shows how users can interact while searching in the search bar.


    It first started in 1998 with playful and quirky logo changes on the page and during a visit to the Burning Men Festival.


    Here is the fit “Google Doodle”


    This eccentric logo is the invention of Google Doodles, a new celebrating practice associated with the brand.


    The Doodles logo shows Google’s attitude of adding creativity and fun to searching words.


    The aim of Google Doodles is to show the great achievements, memorable days, anniversaries, and events of these great peoples, which the world celebrates either within its borders or worldwide.


    The most vital thing is that it links users of past and present events to Google, allowing users to recognize the brand as their new search platform.


    Google’s ever-expanding universe

    Google has a specific range of products, each with its logos. Let’s see how Google manages all those product logos the way it maintains its own. The business does this with crisp clarity, color, and shape.


    Google Drive: A unique triangle shape. The triple colors show the “Slides, Docs, and Sheets” Google services in the logo design.


    Google Maps: It applies the Google color scheme in a location pin style, which implies it’s “helping people search the places.”


    Google Play: A triangle shape with Google’s exact color. The colors overlap as blocks or stripes—a way to decorate the logo with colors.


    Gmail:  This is an envelope icon with the same color scheme. The shapes suggest an electronic transfer of communication using Google platforms.


    Google remains similar when using colors in all of its products.


    Although the brand uses unique elements, it still applies the same brand identity with some differentiation.


    The Google logo influences over time.

    With Wi-Fi or 5G availability, anyone can see the Google logo.


    Google logo is universally accepted and appreciated.


    Google’s vision is to provide information digitally with the touch of a finger, and they have succeeded. This shows in their logo, which expresses their upkeep of simplicity, colorfulness, and playfulness.


    The vibrant colors show creativity in innovation, while the simplicity shows commitment to delivering the most up-to-date information to the public.


    The move from serif to sans-serif in 2015 is to make it more accessible for people to read text on screens like phones and computers.


    The change in the Google logo reflected how the company became more than just a search engine. It now offers a whole range of products for everyone.


    The logo isn’t just a symbol; it shows how Google has evolved and its future plans.


    We hope this blog clarifies everything regarding the origin and changes of the Google logo.


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