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    Famous brand logo designs that give a vibe of the 1980s


    July 10 , 2024 Posted by admin

    The 1980s were full of bold patterns, vibrant colors, and funky geometric shapes. This unique vintage era heavily impacted the actions of multiple big brands, especially in logos.


    When we look at multiple industries, we see that certain brands’ logos still have elements from the 1980s, such as brighter color palettes, huge fonts, and bold geometric shapes.


    This blog will look at those brand logo designs that deliver a sense of vintage periods in their logos.


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    12 Popular brand logo design of 80 look

    Let’s glimpse the 12 best logo designs that give a feeling of the 80s.


    1. NBC



    In the NBC logo, two parts are a must-look at. The first one is how the brand logo design applies a negative space, which is art-like.  When you take an in-depth look, you will see a peacock outline between six feathers of six different colors in a white space.


    Most of the time, there is a rule in brand logo design to stick to no more than two or three colors, but here, no such rules are used; rather, they pick eight colors: white, black, green, light blue, purple, pink, orange, and yellow. This proves that they are masters in broadcasting with their eight-color range and peacock mascot giving a feeling of the 80s era.


    2. CNN



    Red Turner started CNN in 1980. He uses a simple monochrome logo in black and white colors. The reason for using this style is to imitate black-and-white television shows that appeared in the 1980s.


    In the middle of 1980, CNN made certain changes in the company logo design to reflect the 1980 moments by adding red to the logo. The company added the colors based on the logic that red shows passion, leadership, and motivation, as per color psychology, which is essential in the news reporting industry.


    3. HBO



    Since the invention of the business, the look of the HBO logo hasn’t changed that much. You can see how, in clever style, the brand logo design made a small circle within the letter “O” to display a camera lens—a brilliant idea.


    Also, HBO has launched famous comedy show hosts like Bill Aher, Ellen DeGeneres, and Martin Laurence. HBO is a platform that gives them a chance to showcase their hidden talent.


    4. Nintendo



    It may surprise you that Nintendo, a precious videogame firm, began by selling playing cards. Since Nintendo’s birth, the brand logo design has not undergone any big changes since 1967. There have been only small changes or tweaks in the logo, nothing huge.


    In the 1980s, wearing a lot of makeup was a trend. Nintendo’s red color scheme was colorful and bold, and it remained the same until 2004 when it became a standard color.


    But again, in 2016, they reverted the color from grey to red to give a vibe of the 1980s. This time, the logos come with a red box, which is a stretched-out oval style, like a racetrack.


    5. Apple



    We see the famous Apple-bitten logo design today, but if we look back at the time when Apple used rainbow-like colors in its business logo design, it reminds us of the 80s era, from 1977 to 1999. This rainbow color is a full reflection of the 80s period—colorful and bright. This unique logo design is the opening of the first color-displayed PC.


    6. Miami vice



    If you ask someone what their favorite shows were in their 80s, the answer is “Miami Vice,” an NBC hit show. The shows gave the impression of undue jewelry, neon colors, and fanny packs, which were the norm in 1980.


    An ideal and exemplary logo of 1980 is the Miami Vice logo, which uses two unique fonts: Broadway Stencil at the bottom and Broadway Regular at the top line. Thin and thick lines separate those fonts, while the aquamarine color mixture and bright contrasts in magenta fulfill the 80s look. The entire brand logo design appears to be a huge neon sign.


    7. AT& T



    Whether you are unfamiliar with the band name AT&T or have ever been a client of AT&T, or you are still aware of the white and blue striped global symbol. The 80s logo of AT&T has no difference from the design of now; just a 3D resemblance makes it different from the 80s with lower case, while the rest are the same.


    The 80S video was all about being visible and alluring the viewers’ attention. However, AT&T’s good logo design evokes trust and professionalism, so it uses light, bold colors and oval-type geometric shapes.


    8. ESPN



    The logo’s design of ESPN appears casual, but the combination of orange and red is the most symbolic of the 80s. According to color psychology, orange portrays determination, thrill, and success, while red describes passion and power. Also, red improves the heart rate and bump-starts your cravings.


    These reasons are enough to convince anyone why this color pick-up is ideal for the ESPN logo.


    9. Scandinavian Airlines



    Likewise, like most business logos of the 1980s, this brand logo design applies a bright scheme, appearing like most Scandinavian flags. The logo has a moving forward color with thick bands and angles like a plane or a plane tail, where the flag is displayed.


    10. United Colors of Benetton



    A global fashion brand issued in 1965 in Italy, this brand logo is designed as a green rectangle background with simple uppercase sans-serif typography. It is a famous example of an 80 logo that is enduring enough to last for generations.


    11. IKEA



    Its unique 80s design is enough to tell that even when you remove its work mark, people can still recognize the logo on the spot. The logo uses a color that keeps up with Swedish heritage, with a perfect blue and yellow shade of the 80s, and blocks high-influence lettering. This confirms ultimate visibility from far away. When we look at today’s logo, it isn’t that different from the 80s logo, with a few tweaks in shades and shapes.


    12. Swatch



    The brand was founded in 1983 in Switzerland. Today, it is the most popular watch organization known for its reasonable price tag, AAA quality, and unique design. The brand is available in thousands of stores worldwide.


    Swatch’s visual identity is something we should know about since its logo hasn’t been changed since 1983. In spite of that, the brand always introduces a new watch design each year. Although it hasn’t redesigned its logo since its establishment, it introduced an iconic icon related to elegant watches it used to make for decades in its brand logo design, giving the sensation of the 1980s.


    13. Guess



    Guess is the most famous apparel brand in the US market, trading various clothes, jewelry, watches, and shoes. Its logo has a bold red inverted triangle inside, which is a name on the top part. An equation mark is between the covers, with the names USA on the top, WAHED on top, and JEAN on the left. A small triangle in the bottom is covered with 1201 and 1203 numbers—so much creativity in a single design.


    The logo can be built when Marciano gets inspired by MC Donald’s billboards posted daily with the caption “Guess what’s in our new Big Mac?”


    Ultimately, Guess became the company’s authorized name—a perfect example of taking inspiration from daily life.


    14. X-men



    Marvel is the universe of fictional superheroes, among which the most famous are the X-men. In 1963, the mutant concept took hold, and in 1987, a single wordmark logo with a red and yellow color scheme appeared called the first X-men logo. The logo is implemented in a red 3D wordmark with short angles and straight lines and in bright yellow, echoing the energy and power of the X-men sphere.


    Design a logo that gives a sensations of our 1980s now!




    These 14 popular brand logo designs give a sensation of 80 now wrapped up.


    From bright color palettes to 3D graphics, each company logo design has its own way of color palette, styling, shaping, proper font usage, and white spacing.


    You also note that since their establishment, they have remained the same or, if so, with minor tweaks.


    These 80 design logos still inspire us, and we hope will do so in the future.


    So, if you want to design a log as powerful as this 80-era resemblance, connect with the most affordable logo design agency for the best logo design services in the USA.


    Whether you want a modern logo design or ones that give a vibe of 80 or 90, we can do that for you.


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