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    Personal Brand Logo Vs. Company logo Design


    July 9 , 2024 Posted by admin

    We live in an era where not only companies exist, but now, with the advent of digital platforms (even though people also builds their brand for offline purposes also), many individuals are starting their own personal brands to expose their experiences, expertise, and what they value and how they wish to portray themselves.


    When we talk about brands, we know the logo is the central thing that represents the brand to the intended audience.


    For a company, the logo is the main factor that represents all the values, vision, and offerings. Now, personal brands want to portray themselves as professional companies do. Still, in specific ways, both logo designs differ based on what they represent and their goals, affecting the logo design focus.


    In this blog, you will clarify the difference between a personal brand logo and a company logo design.


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    What is the personal brand logo, and what does it represent?



    First, let us understand what a personal brand is; a personal brand is a person’s brand that he/she wishes to display their expertise in a particular field to get huge followers in social media or one who is freelancing and wants to identify themselves as the professional buddy in his/her field like if a persona is good at graphic designing wish to allure those people who are in need to make animation or 2D images for their marketing or branding purpose; these could be any person or any SMEs.


    I am not here talking about graphic designers as an example only. There are many industries apart from it, such as any individual who is SEO or PPC experts or a writer or AI consultant or an app or website or software developer and sure he /she can help SMEs with their in-depth knowledge as a freelancer could have a decent personality brand logo design.


    Also, a person can be a media personality or an influencer or a painter, cooking expert, author, or even show host who wants to create their own unique identity with multiple YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok subscribers who talk about current trends and knowledge regarding foods, lifestyle, music, gaming, and other trendy niches. They also have the power to influence other buying decisions, as many organizations approach them to promote their product or service as a new marketing tactic due to their high-volume followers.


    Also, Now, as they are very thoughtful individuals, they want to improve their existence with a logo first. So, a personal brand logo is a logo that represents freelancers, media personality, or influencers in their particular field. The motive behind the logo is to create the same identity as the corporates do. The personal brand logos convey emotions about them, and in most cases, it can be used as a trademark for them to stop people who steal their work or ideas.


    What is the company logo, and what does it represent?

    In a corporate or actual business world where trading is the norm and the audience is the target, either B2B or B2C, every business wants to deliver the best, be unique, and attract the chosen target market via strong marketing tactics, finance management, and human resource management.


    But before they do that, they first build a logo as their business’s visual representation to make an impact on the audience. The logo acts as a trademark, protecting their copyright claim.


    The company logo design is a tiny showcase of the company’s values, mission, and vision and its offerings, whether tangible or intangible products or services.


    Our previous blog discussed all about company logos. So, this view is enough explanation for you. For an in-depth review, check out earlier blogs.


    What is the design focus of the Personal brand logo?



    Let us ensure you that when designing a company logo, you need to be cautious of what elements match your target audience’s preferences, and your brand personality. This means your logo must be in the niche you belong to, the logo must have the fewest colors, at least two or three, the font selection must be done carefully, and the logo must be scalable, versatile, and memorable and not designed to keep current trends in mind.


    In personal brand logo design, you have the liberty to infuse an in-depth amount of creativity as per your target audience, as you are not confined to a certain point. You can be as open as possible using the colors, any unique fonts, or a unique layout style or shape. But for a better approach, your logo must follow the same principle as the company logo design, but with the full flow of your imagination.


    You can use typeface such as script typeface to show creativity and elegance while sans-serif typeface, while for color psychology, you can choose the best possible colors that dictate your dedication and extremism in your interest. Regarding the layout and symbolism, abstract, letterforms, pictorial, alphabet-inspired, and 3D are ideal choices.


    Remember, all these depend on your expertise. For gaming, you need to use abstract or 3D ones; for cooking, you can use pictorial ones; for painting, the same abstract ones are the best, and so on.


    What is the design focus of the Company logo?

    The design focus of a business logo is based on certain important elements and principles to keep in mind when designing a logo. First, the elements you choose must portray your brand personality. For example, if you belong to the children’s toy making industry, you cannot infuse elements that portray seriousness or professionalism; you need to portray casualness and fun. For this, the colors you choose, the fonts you choose, the layout and shape you choose, and the type of logo you pick all matter.


    After an in-depth study of your target audience, you need to assume what suits your brand characters, such as your values, what offers you provide to the client to help them resolve their issues, and what your vision and band mission are, as all these factors are the crux of your logo design.


    What is the goal of a personal brand logo?



    As we discussed above, the goal of a personal brand logo is to communicate the individual’s expertise and dedication to what they do on multiple platforms, whether freelancers, artists, gamers, authors, or expert influencers in their domain who wish to build their own identity. In the corporate world, most individuals compete with each other. With a decent logo, they can emotionally attract followers as influencers or clients as freelancers.


    What is the goal of a Company logo?

    The company logo design goal is simple: it builds a solid emotional connection with the viewers, builds brand recognition, and differentiates them from rivals. They want to convey all these matters in a logo, including the type of product or service they are providing to the clients, what solution they are giving, what value they provide, and what their mission and vision are.


    The logo will serve as the visual brand ambassador, helping them gather as many true facts as possible about the brand to communicate and craft a long-lasting relationship with clients.


    Example of a Personal brand logo



    Oprah Winfrey: Oprah is a media personality with her personal brand, a women of empowerment. With the Oprah show, she always admires others with her welcoming nature while motivating them. Oprah’s logo has a simple and elegant design with her initials, “OW,” in bold serif font which defines her personality and is inspired by millions of others.


    Martha Stewart: Martha Stewart is a bestselling author and is the host of the Martha Stewart Living Omni media and Emmy® Award-winning television show. It has its own personal brand logo with a signature script in a sophisticated design, conveying a sense of authority and expertise in the home and lifestyle space.


    Examples of a Company logo design

    Apple, Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola, Samsung, McDonalds, Nestle, Dell, Amazon, Philips, Suzuki, HBO, and everything else that aims to sell/buy products or services to the client have logos.


    Stand out with a personal brand logo. Upraise yourself




    The difference between a personal brand and professional brand logo is clear now. Although the goal of the logo is equal, but the personal brand logos allow us more creativity as compared to company logo designs which has certain limits, as they needs to consider the company’s values, offering, vision, and target audience.


    So, if you are designing a top notch logo for your company or personal brand, Logo Magicians’ logo design services are here to guide you.


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