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    Five Brand Packaging Trends That Every Creative Should Be Aware Of For 2023

    Five Brand Packaging Trends That Every Creative Should Be Aware Of For 2023-01-01

    June 10 , 2023 Posted by admin

    Whatever creative discipline you specialize in, packaging design provides a quick glimpse into the realm of contemporary visual culture. The industry is now being driven by developments in sustainable and biodegradable packaging. By 2025, it is anticipated that the value of the luxury packaging market will surpass 22 billion dollars.

    You only need to travel a short distance to the next supermarket or specialty food retailer to witness hundreds of businesses employing creative aesthetics to stand out in a crowded market. And it can help you understand the current state of the creative industry.

    1. Aerial Perspective

    Aerial Perspective-01

    Let’s start with a top-down perspective, though, before we discuss specific trends.

    Given the tumultuous social situation we’re in right now, including the ongoing climate crisis, the war in Ukraine, and growing prices, it’s not a surprise that digital branding services are currently exhibiting a diverse range of styles. But there are some recognizable themes that might unite them all in terms of 2023 packaging design trends.

    The melancholy of this singular period in contemporary history is, above all, balanced by a definite sense of optimism, vitality, and pleasure. Another prevalent theme is a sense of escape and nostalgia from youth, which captures the coziness of familiarity and the fun designed to encourage brief moments of joy.

    1. Exuberant Colors

    Exuberant Colors-01

    Bright, striking colors will make you stand out on grocery store shelves. However, if everyone is doing it, you might need to take things a step further. Thus, the current fashion for ecstatic colors is intensely saturated, punchy neons that are both playful, self-assured, and daring.

    Currently, we notice that this trend is becoming more common in drink packaging. With our visual attention more valued than ever, being bold, colorful, and exuberant is taking over.

    Studio for strategic design one of the most significant tequila distilleries in Mexico, Casa Centinela, was designed by Human, who also made full use of the trend for exuberant colors. The bold vintage layout that symbolizes the brand’s past served as the basis for the brand’s RTD cocktails, but with a twist in the color scheme that pays homage to Mexican mythology and the vibrant cocktail culture.

    Another excellent example is the new line of artisan beer from Greene King, which features English folklore and vibrant, saturated neon hues. By maximizing color vibrancy, Design Bridge, who designed these graphics, made the brand stand out in a congested market.

    1. Typewriter Scribble

    Typewriter Scribble-01

    Although typography has always been important for packaging, there has recently been a noticeable trend toward hand lettering that has a relaxed, scribbled appearance. This gives off a rustic, DIY vibe that contrasts sharply with the more refined, well-placed brands that we are all familiar with.

    But it comes at the perfect time as the globe quickly moves away from the polished, anemic perfectionism of Instagram and toward the more anarchic and real-world spirit of TikTok and BeReal.

    The Lite Pack design by Luz Viera Studio, displayed above, and the can idea design by Nadya, are two excellent instances of typographic scribbling on packaging.

    The simplicity of this technique is frequently what makes it beautiful. The Sangiovese wine label designs from Stolpman Vineyards provide yet another example of this. To emphasize the loving care they give the full grape bunches to keep the grapes intact through fermentation, Stolpman renamed Carbonic Sangiovese as “Love You Bunches”. This lively, jovial wine is the ideal match for this straightforward, whimsical label, which highlights the calligraphy of vineyard manager Ruben Solorzano.

    1. The Look of a Sticker Book

    The Look of a Sticker Book-01

    Every kid enjoys amassing stickers. In order to appeal to our inner child, particularly those who miss the 1990s, the most recent packaging design trend has borrowed from that desire. This floating style of composition crackles with irreverent energy by fusing sticker book elements with dynamic color use. The mood is especially well-liked by Gen Z shoppers due to its emphasis on vivid colors, adorable symbols, drawings, and other similar elements.

    The use of stickers in packaging and branding lends the packaging personality and intrigue. Additionally, everyone who examines the box will be eager to see what is included inside. People can chuckle when they see stickers, and they are just incredibly entertaining!

    The logo for a bakery created by goopanic, as seen above, and the designs for the women’s clothes business Sense of Shelf created by mcrrno, as seen below, are two excellent instances of sticker book aesthetics in packaging.

    You might even have a peek at the packaging for Noble Otter, a soap company that used Moxie Mason’s skills to create its endearing mascot. In this instance, a noble otter in every way—complete with a pirate helmet, parrot, and flashy attire.

    1. Charming Cartoon

    Charming Cartoon-01

    Cartoons have an immediate reassuring and welcoming quality, and it’s not just because of childhood nostalgia. Although there are many different cartoon styles, at its core, the discipline revolves around simple lines that readily capture the core of a product and the atmosphere around it. Additionally, they typically display a brand’s sense of humor and silliness, demonstrating its approachability and lack of self-importance.

    Where have we, then, seen outstanding examples of this? To refresh its positioning and identification system, Byron Burgers recently contacted Taxi Studio. The goal was to develop a straightforward yet expressive brand that tapped into Byron’s “eclecticism, quirkiness, and verve.

    To combat this, Taxi invented George, a character-filled mascot pickle that is splattered throughout all of the burger joint’s packaging. A supporting cast that brings the brand and menu to life with humor and mischief was also created by George, who also served as the inspiration for a new tone of voice that “channels the essence of the immensely contentious English poet Lord Byron.

    The packaging for Castleton Coffee Company is another option. A straightforward line drawing of a coffee expert holding out a cup of the beverage to the drinker and expressing appreciation for everyone’s preferred hot beverage serves as the centerpiece of the design.


    The transition from 2022 to 2023 has, in many ways, made the future seem more unclear than ever. However, one thing is certain: packaging design will become more significant as consumers become more conscious of how they spend their money. If you are looking for corporate branding services and the best digital marketing services in the United States, get in touch with Logo Magician.


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