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    The Eight Types of Logos and What They Represent and How to Use Them for Different Brands


    January 26 , 2023 Posted by admin

    You might not be aware of how pervasive logos are in our daily lives. Look around you—one is on your screen’s upper right corner, perhaps one is on your shoe, and there are undoubtedly many more to be seen. If we look at the increasing percentage of logo design services in USA, this shows how logo has become an essential part of brand since very first day.

    No matter if they are enormous icons on displays or tiny graphics on the sides of buses, every organization needs these brand symbols. They help a brand express its individuality and set itself out from competitors. An excellent logo will accurately reflect the brand and its personality and be memorable and useful in a range of contexts. Logo design helps to enhance your brand’s identity and also helps to polish your marketing strategies.

    Consider all of the possible configurations for a logo while designing one. Here are eight different types of logos you might come across, as well as instructions on how to use them to create a great design. They range from a single graphic symbol to plain text or various combinations of the two.

    1. Wordmarks/Logotypes

    Wordmarks, often known as logotypes, are composed of the company name in a specific typeface. Even if it seems quite simple. If you want to learn how to design a logo, you must pay great attention to every single element.

    When You Should Go For Wordmark Logos?

    Here are a few different wordmark and text logo designs you can use. Some companies, like Coca-Cola, design a special, expert custom typeface specifically for their logo. According to Statista, worth of over 74 billion dollars, Coca-Cola has constantly been named as the best soft drink brand in the world.

    However, this requires patience and the skills of a professional logo designer. As an alternative, you can choose a typeface for your corporate logo that embodies your brand.

    1. Letterforms


    In letterforms, the brand’s name is simply represented by the first letter. Brands frequently incorporate a second version of their logo, called a wordmark or logotype that includes their whole company name in order to be used on numerous occasions.

    When You Should Go For Letterforms Logos?

    Because they are short, letterform logos are straightforward and scalable. If they have a fairly simple design without too many decorations, they are probably still recognizable even when used in little sizes. Letterform logos are typically a wise choice for companies with a respectable level of brand recognition. Otherwise, it could be challenging to get people to understand and remember the name of your company. They can also help long-named brands.

    1. Monogram Logos

    Often referred to as letter marks, typographic logos comprised of a brand’s initials known as monogram logos. Brands with monogram emblems, like IBM and NASA, are frequently referred to by their shortened name when speaking.

    When You Should Go For Monogram Logos?

    Like the previous logo types, lettermarks can be made using a distinctive typeface or by finding a font that clearly represents your company brand. In various industries, brands regularly use the abbreviation of their name.

    1. Logo Symbols


    Graphic icons, symbols, or images that represent a company’s identity or activities are known as logo symbols, sometimes known as brand markings or pictorial marks. These types of logos frequently show a real-world object. The best logos incorporate symbols so that you can know the brand as soon as you see it.

    When You Should Go For Logo Symbols?

    If you choose a graphic design logo, consider what would best represent your company. Would you prefer it to have your name written exactly how it appears, like Apple? It can also be utilized to subtly communicate your brand’s values or message. Consider the upward-facing bird that Twitter employs to represent freedom and hope, for example.

    1. Abstract Logotype Marks

    These logos, which are made of images, convey a company branding by applying abstract forms. Abstract logo designs are more metaphorical than visual marks that depict actual objects. Because abstract custom logo markings don’t depict a specific recognizable object, you can create something completely unique with them.

    When You Should Go For Abstract?

    If you decide to hire top logo design services in the USA for your brand identity, contact Logo Magicians. Logo Magicians has an excellent graphic design team that creates simple and unique logo designs to convey the brand message to the target audience. An abstract logo mark might also be a good choice for global companies whose names don’t translate well into different languages.

    1. Mascots


    Mascot logos show off descriptive characters that work as pictures of a brand. They can represent the brand’s soul whether they are made up people or real people.

    When You Should Go For Mascots?

    Because individuals naturally identify with other people or imaginary characters, mascots can be an effective strategy for attracting clients to your business. Mascots can also be utilized to convey a happy, playful attitude to your audience, which helps to account for the frequent adoption of this type of logo by businesses catering to children and families. If having a mascot for your business might be advantageous, consider how you may use it to deliver the right message.

    1. Emblems

    Emblems logos that are used regularly as badges frequently incorporate crest-like elements. They combine symbolic imagery with words to produce intricate designs that have a classical feel.

    When You Should Go For Emblems?

    When determining whether an emblem is acceptable for your firm, take into account your industry. Universities, sports teams, and coffee companies are particularly fond of this style of logo, though there are no boundaries. Currently popular is a modern rendition of the logo that adopts a more minimalist aesthetic and typically uses vector graphics and straight lines.

    1. Combination Marks


    This type of logo combines text and imagery. A combination logo might incorporate an icon and a wordmark, a mascot and a letterform, etc. Some companies divide the text and the image occasionally to better suit different scenarios and use the combination mark as their primary logo.

    When You Should Go For Combination Marks?

    For companies that are still building their brand reputation, combination marks can be a great place to start. With practice, you will eventually be able to use either just the words or just the icon and still be recognized. Additionally, if you choose this kind of logo design service, consider how to add icons, symbols, and other images to the text to help potential customers understand what your brand stands for.


    Regardless of the type of logo you select, keep in mind that professional logo design services in USA will not only build your brand but also guarantee that people will remember your logo for a very long time. Customers will eventually associate your brand and symbol favorably, which will ultimately boost value and trust. If you are looking for some amazing company logo design in California or any other state of the USA, then get in touch with Logo Magicians.


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