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    Uses And Types Of Logo Design For Your Business


    November 11 , 2021 Posted by admin

    Logo is a first idea to promote your business. It reflects your brand and portrays the mission, vision, and values of your company. Every organization has a logo design that creates its unique identity and makes it different from local competitors. Numerous startup companies do not pay much attention to their logo creation. It should be their foremost responsibility to create an original and memorable logo that builds their distinct reputation and elevates their image in the market.

    Having a emblem logo design symbolizes the historic background of your organization. It increases your solid brand presence and put a sound impact on your target customers. A logo defines the mission, vision, and core values of your organization and stands apart from the competition. Adding colors, fonts, texts, layers, icons, and images in a logo shows a powerful inspiration to customs. It adds a beauty and charm to a logo and makes it appealing to customers to buy your products and services. Companies create multiple types of logo designs for their business. They select a choice of colors and fonts to enhance their significance and put a profound impact on customers.

    Following are the uses and types of logo design for your business:

    Symbolic and Iconic Logos

    Symbolic and Iconic Logos

    Many companies use icons and symbols to build a unique logo. They think these features will add more beauty and elegance to their logo design and it really happens. Adding the variety of symbols give your logo a distinctive appeal. They represent your brand and provide an alternative option for businesses to show their visual presence to customers.

    Pictographic Logos

    Pictographic Logos

    Using a pictorial logo design gives a versatile appeal to your brand. It expresses the detail of your brand in a picture format and draws deliberate attention of visitors. Using a picture/graphic based logo adds a unique charm to your logo. It captivates the senses and catches the eyes of your valued customers.

    Businesses increase their recognition and build strong mutual connection with the audience. The best examples of pictorial logo are Twitter, Apple, and Target. These are popular brands in the niche relevant industry that win the hearts of all ages of customers due to their exceptional logo design.

    Abstract Logos

    Abstract Logos

    They are big picture logos that use your logical and conceptual thinking abilities to create and come up with something new and different for customers. Businesses can think and brainstorm deeply to bring a unique idea to life. It promotes the true sense of originality and retain the versatility of a brand logo. Abstract logo allows companies to use core brilliance and design a logo that appeals others. It can combine both textual and graphical image based logo to attract the customers. The most exclusive examples of abstract logo designs are Air Bnb, Microsoft, Nike, Pepsi, and JP Morgan Chase.

    Combination Logos

    Combination Logos

    As their name implies, these kinds of logos are ideal for creating a perfect blend of words and images into their logo creation. They come up with a different look and trendy style to appeal the customers and make them buy the products. The purpose of combining texts and graphics is to put a profound impact and associate the feelings of audience. The master card, Pizza Hut, Puma, Toblerone, and CVS are perfect examples of combination logo design.

    Word and Letter Mark Logos

    Word and Letter Mark Logos

    The trend for word and letter mark logos signifies the value of corporate logos in business. Many companies either use a word or letter based logos to showcase their brand image. These logos are excellent ways to portray the true identity and brand presence of your company.

    There are varied examples of these logos in the market that makes your organization different and unique from others. The HP, LG, IBM, SUBWAY, Coca Cola, and Uber are popular yet successful examples of letter mark and word mark logo design. You can also combine both to exhibit a robust appeal of your business.

    Emblematic Logos

    Emblematic Logos

    These are illustrative logos that symbolize the brand image of your company. They show a conventional and professional appeal to customers. Emblems show a prestigious look and inspire others to know and understand about the values, mission, and vision, of your business. These logos are engrossed and labeled to showcase the elegant appearance of your organization. The memorable examples of emblem logos are BMW, Starbucks, and Harvard.

    Uses of Logo Design

    Uses of Logo Design

    Logo design can be used for various applications and numerous purposes. Every small or big company of the world uses logo design for its unique corporate identity. It defines a goal and objective of a business to reveal its core mission and think beyond futuristic vision.

    Bottom Line

    Hence, in a nutshell, these above-mentioned are the valuables uses and types of logo design for your business. It provides you a calligraphy logo design to show a handwritten artistic and creative work for your company. Logo creates a firm foundation of your business and builds strong relationship with your valued customers.

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