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    What Does It Mean By Simple And Complex Logos?


    December 30 , 2021 Posted by admin

    Every year, we see thousands of businesses getting into the market. Each business intends to be unique and creative in its own way to avoid competition. This is why the marketing strategies are always different for all of them. People are always interested in the brands that they know will help them in any way. Quality always prevails, so the more well-handled your customers will be, the longer they will be staying with you. A custom logo design plays a crucial role in attracting customers from the market in the tough competition.

    We must understand that logos, the gateway for the business’s story, can work wonders. It is quite impressive how corporate logos can impact the minds of potential customers and draw them to the business. A good combination of images, text, letters, and colors can creatively tell the customers about the business. Moreover, a well-designed business logo always helps to build brand recognition. Having your brand recognized in the market is what helps it grow. The creatively portrayed images always last in a human’s memory despite how easily we forget things. We always prefer remembering things associated with images, which is how logos work.

    Understanding The Logo’s Purpose

    A logo has to make the customers perceive what the business is about. Having so much information burdened on the logo makes it challenging for the consumers to understand it. If your customers can recognize your logo’s connection with the business, it becomes easy to remember.

    The custom logo design can make you stand out from the competition in this noisy market and help the customers see you. As it is the first thing that welcomes your customers to the company, it has to be perfect in every aspect. Be it corporate logos, simple logos, or even complex logos, as long as they clarify what the company is and what its values are, you will see the customers coming in.
    The Two Types Of Logos We Have Out There

    The Simple Logos

    The Simple Logos

    We see these logos working wonders for the companies in the market. The further you learn what they are and how they are accomplished, you will use them accordingly. We see how simplicity plays an essential role in a logo’s success in most cases. If a logo is simple, it may leave a long-lasting imprint in the customers’ minds. On the other hand, if it has too much to portray, it can send mixed signals to the customers, which is never the goal.

    Ensure that the logo is simple but not dull, as it may not look professional. This is why if someone plans to have their logo made simple, they must pour their hearts out in the research process and see how it can convey the intended message. Even at times, a simple custom logo design can be challenging for the customers to understand. Sometimes, there are far fewer elements to represent the business’s message, which is not enough. This makes us choose the suitable logotype depending on what our business does.

    Let Us Have A Look On Some Simple Logos

    • Simple Logo Example

    A simple logo design lets the businesses have a sophisticated feeling for the brands. Below, you will come across some examples of the simple logos out there.

    1. Google


    Although there have been many changes in Google’s logo’s history, their simple approach made it pretty compelling. Also, they never had any dramatic changes in their logo, which helped them avoid all the extra marketing.

    1. Coca-Cola


    Just like Google, Coca-Cola also had a simple approach from the beginning. The logo evolved using a thoughtful process in every era, and it still stands tall in the market.

    1. Target


    The bull’s eye logo inspired the target’s logo; you must notice how the logo aligns with the name to some extent. This is what the customers find interesting and exciting. Customers felt more welcome looking at this logo every time to buy something.

    The Complex Logos

    The Complex Logos

    We can be surprised to see the number of complex logos. The logo has multiple elements that make it a bit complex for customers to comprehend. However, this is not always the case, as most designers say that complex logos are more appreciated than simple ones. Designers get creative in complex logos as they can perfectly put in the many creative elements describing the business.  A complex logo can add so much information to a small logo and help the brand survive for a long time.

    It may happen that the customers may not be able to understand the logo in the first glare. Sometimes, they have so much information in it that the customers need to look at it for a good time to realize what it represents. Usually, companies with more than one service and product are seen to have complex logos.

    Let Us Take A Look At Some Complex Logos

    • Examples Of Complex Designs
    Examples Of Complex Designs

    These are the logos you see out in the market that have been doing wonders for their businesses and companies.

    1. Apple


    In 1976, Apple’s logo was pretty complex and hard to understand. Later, the designers realized that simple logos are always easier to understand and accept by the customers.

    1. Starbucks


    The first logo that Starbucks had was pretty complex to understand. Back then, there was little awareness of how to make logos catchy, so most logos designed long before were complex to understand. Eventually, Starbucks removed coffee from its logo to expand the business as it felt so limited.

    1. Fuddruckers


    The Fuddruckers is popular because of its hamburgers. The American-based franchise was founded in 1997 and later changed its logo to a simpler version. They did it because of the customer’s requirements, as their first logo did not appeal to them much. Over time the brands always change their logos to a bit simpler version.


    A business logo design is the first aspect the customer interacts with, so it must look professional. Ensure that the logo you design for your business is easy to memorize, which helps the customers to recognize you. How you make them remember all the happy and pleasant feelings regarding the business depends on the logo.

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