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    17 Logo Designs From Top Communities And Charities To Serve As Models In 2023


    March 12 , 2023 Posted by admin

    For many people, a company’s logo is the first point of contact with a company, making it a significant symbol for conveying its beliefs and goals. As a result, logos play a crucial role in building recognition for non-profits and community groups.


    Not-for-profit logos that get the most attention are visually appealing, unique, memorable, timeless, and scalable. They are simple enough to be used across multiple mediums, adaptable (both in color and black and white), and successfully convey the values of the organization they represent.


    In this blog, Logo Magicians, a provider of the top logo design services in USA, will look at the aesthetics behind some of the most well-known logos for local groups and charitable organizations. By reading this, you will bring helpful insights and ideas whether you are a logo designer seeking design inspiration or a community or non-profit organization wishing to redesign your logo.


    Below, find a list of twenty logos from communities and charities that you can use as examples in 2023.


    1. NPR



    National Public Radio (NPR) is a non-profit news and information service that carries on more than 1,000 stations across the United States. The organization’s name appears in lowercase on the logo, which does not reduce its overall design. The lowercase letters in this sans-serif design are all legible and straightforward.

    Three primary colors make up the logo and they are red, black, and blue. Enthusiasm associates the color red with broadcasting, whereas self-assurance is related to black. At the same time, the seriousness and expertise of one’s responsibilities indicate the color blue.

    2. Free the Slaves

    Globally, Free the Slaves conducts anti-slavery initiatives as an international non-governmental organization. The symbol successfully conveys the message of the organization’s opposition to slavery.

    The logo is designed to resemble a broken or open lock, representing independence and individuality. The logo’s choice of red was deliberate; it conveyed the firm resolve of free societies to get rid of slavery.


    3. Oxfam

    With the sole purpose of ending poverty around the world, the twenty-one separate charities make up Oxfam. This federation was established in 1942 in Great Britain. Oxfam’s distinctive logo is a stylized human symbol, reflecting the organization’s staff and the people it serves—the letters O and X display and represent the band’s name.

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    4. Charity Water

    A group keen to transport pure water to the general public in developing nations. A non-profit with the primary mission of providing safe drinking water, it was established in 2006. Its logo appears like gallon water containers that the needy use it.

    So, the logo accurately depicts the clientele the company serves. The logo’s yellow color represents optimism for the future, while the logo’s white color represents innocence.


    5. Humane Society



    Another charity working to safeguard animals is Humane Society International. The group actively protests offensive practices like factory farming and animal testing.

    This American group’s logo is easily recognizable thanks to the clever use of a map of the country constructed entirely of animal representations. It also communicates the importance of animal welfare with a single look.


    6. One Drop

    One Drop Foundation is another non-profit that helps bring clean water to people worldwide. The group raises public consciousness about the importance of supplying people with clean water via the power of art, creativity, and collaboration.

    A drop of pure water serves as the “1” in the company’s blue logo. It’s a logo that stands out from the crowd while remaining straightforward.


    7. Stand Up To Cancer

    Stand Up To Cancer efforts to save lives and improve the quality of life for cancer patients (SU2C). They work to hasten the development of innovative medicines.

    Its distinctive three-arrow logo symbolizes the organization’s straightforward approach to applying cutting-edge cancer research to treating patients.


    8. International Rescue Committee

    It’s worth noting that the International Rescue Committee isn’t the only non-governmental organization (NGO) providing support and building infrastructure. The committee’s unique logo serves as a visual representation of the group’s activities and aims.

    The logo is black and white with a bold arrow pointing toward development and good deeds for humanity. The logo is set against a bright yellow background to symbolize its optimism.


    9. CaringBridge



    The non-profit organization CaringBridge Inc. has been available since 1997 for anyone dealing with health issues. The group also helps patients’ loved ones stay in touch with one another.

    The organization’s name is centered on a heart shape surrounded by vibration lines. The audience rapidly grasps the message of support and dialogue.


    10. Cancer Research UK

    Cancer Research UK is one of the most prestigious non-governmental organizations devoted to cancer research.

    They have made significant walks in recent years. Its distinctive logo is a vast, dotted letter C in a rainbow of colors. Individually, these points stand for everyone who has ever taken action against cancer.


    11. Design Museum Everywhere

    Design Museum Everywhere, a philanthropic group, aims to inspire people to make positive social change via the creative process. The logo effectively communicates the group’s mission to help reform social structures.

    This logo stands out because the capital letter D is pink and oversized, and it has a pattern of dots. It communicates that the organization and its members can use design to make a difference. The red logo color highlights the group’s message in a very appealing and effective way.


    12. PBS

    The PBS logo is a mix of an icon and a hand-lettered typeface. The logo’s signature blue and white color scheme has made it instantly recognizable.

    The color scheme communicates competence and dependability. The PBS Explorer uses the serif font to have readability and clarity throughout the design.


    13. New Bedford Whaling Museum



    The New Bedford Whaling Museum in Massachusetts, United States, was established to protect the whaling industry’s history, culture, and science. It features many whaling-related artifacts, from ships and ports to paintings.

    Its symbol, which depicts sails from a bygone era, is meant to express the museum’s historical theme.


    14. Ambitious about Autism

    The UK-based organization “Ambitious About Autism” works to expand and enhance possibilities for people on the autism spectrum. The logo has a series of arrows in various colors pointing ahead, representing the company’s optimism and potential for growth.

    The non-profit’s goal is to spread joy among persons with autism, so it chose to utilize orange, green, and blue in its branding. The logo looks professional because it is written in Helvetica.


    15. Care International

    Care International is a non-governmental organization focusing on worldwide development and humanitarian support. A primary goal is the complete elimination of poverty in the world. Therefore, its logo features a group of hands forming a circle.

    With its hand-lettered letters, the name refers to the organization’s approachability and friendliness in combating poverty.


    16. Feeding America



    Almost two hundred international food banks are affiliated with Feeding America, a non-profit established in the United States. As part of its mission, it works in homeless shelters, food banks, and soup kitchens. Its red and black logo conveys a sense of authority and a drive to help others.

    The logo is visually appealing because of the red wheat plant symbol, which conveys the notion of donating food to those in need.


    17. Girl Scouts

    American girls find a sense of belonging in countries where the Girl Scouts are active. The mission of the non-profit is to empower young women by providing them with meaningful opportunities. The organization organizes skills development, field trips, cross-cultural communication, and volunteer work.

    Three self-assured ladies fill the shamrock shape of its symbol, while the space between them resembles two raised hands in solidarity. The logo’s primary colors are green, white, and black, alluding to the forward movement, pristine nature, and authoritative nature that the organization represents, respectively.

    Those are our picks for the most motivational logos for community and charity groups. If you are creating a logo for your charity organization, contact us for the best logo examples for inspiration.

    In Conclusion

    The mission of many community and charitable groups is to help individuals in times of crisis. The logo design should inspire enthusiasm and commitment to propel their services to completion. The logos used by many different charities and community groups worldwide are works of art in their own right.

    You can contact us if you are about to begin a non-profit firm or are already in the process.

    Logo Magicians offers the best logo design services in USA. Our logo design in the Phoenix office offers the best business logo design for all industries. Our range of industries caters to almost every sector; whether it is the top medical logo design, education logo design, or automotive company logo design, we are here for you.


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