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    6 Logo Design Trends for 2021


    December 19 , 2020 Posted by admin

    We all know that a logo is the most prominent portrayal of a brand or a business. That is because it is printed on all of the merchandise of the company, as well as an identifier on billboards or other media. So, it would be understandably obvious that a business would want a logo that stands out from its competition in a positive way. A way to do that is to look for trends that seem as if they would last a long time, as well as provide a unique design for a brand logo that will attract a viewer’s attention. 


    Whether your business is just starting out or it is already established, having a strong visual presence and impression will be an important factor for continued growth. After all, how can you expect new customers if there is no way for a potential customer to know about your product or service unless they already know or have tried your services? Therefore, until the time that the customer becomes familiar with your product or service, it will be the visuals that present your brand that will be the driving force behind getting new users to come to your business.


    A major part of that visual impact is based on the brand’s logo. They are essentially the identifying feature of any business or brand out there and also usually the first thing someone sees about a company. Thus, we can easily say that a corporate logo design is used to portray a business’s message. 


    A well-designed business logo that suits the brand it represents helps that brand stand out from the competition. Therefore, a visually striking logo design is a necessity in many cases so that it captures a potential customer’s attention enough to make them curious about researching the business sporting that logo. 


    A graphic design logo that seems hasty or casual in the idea will never fulfill its intended purpose. The visual facets of the design, such as the style of the art, the color pallet used, the font typeface used, the overall shape of the design, and many more, are the factors that help convey the message desired to the viewers. Different designers might approach the problem according to their preferred ideology and techniques, but by choosing the right options for the factors given above, they will reach the right idea that will work wonders for the company image, whether they follow established rules and practices of the design world, or they take inspiration from current trends. 


    So now that we know what it entails to design a good brand logo, let us, without further ado, get on with learning the best logo design trends in 2021. 

    Best 6 Logo Design Trends:


    1- Flexible Designs

    Flexible Designs


    Logos that can be modified somewhat to portray support for certain causes are called flexible logos. They are highly in vogue nowadays, as they allow brands to signify their support for certain issues or portray their participation or support for certain events without drastically changing their logo so that it becomes unrecognizable. 


    That also allows brands to use the logo in its different aspects for different sections or audiences of the business. Research has proved that for brands catering to multiple sets of audiences, a one-for-all approach is not the ideal solution with a logo design. Personalization is very important today, especially if you cater to the younger and newer generations, who are all about inclusion, personal representation, and identity. 

    2- Illusionary Design

    Illusionary Design


    Designers have long been working on creating logo designs that give the illusion of a three-dimensional design when in fact they are two-dimensional. The illusion of depth is considered one of the most popular ways in which you can make your logo stand out from the crowd without overly complicating your logo. An example of this can be the logo for Japanese car brands like Mazda and Nissan, whose old logos were designed to depict as if they had been milled from a block of steel and looked like three-dimensional steel designs. 

    3- Bold Colors

    Bold Colors


    Choosing the right colors is very important when thinking up a visual design to perpetuate your brand message. That is because research shows that colors have a huge impact on our emotions, which affect how we perceive the things that we see.


    That means that choosing the right colors is as important as the design itself for the logo. It will help your brand logo deliver its message in the most efficient way possible by using the colors you chose to elicit the emotions that you want your customers to have when they visit you or use your products and services. 

    4- Abstract Minimalist Design

    Abstract Minimalist Design


    Designs that are minimalist and simple are all the rage nowadays. The idea of incorporating a simple design that utilize empty space without losing the essence of its message is very important and quite in demand nowadays. It can be very hard for designers to convey all that with a design that relies on simple, clean designs. 


    To counter that, designers have started utilizing abstract designs in their logos, which allow for deeper and more intricate designs in a smaller and cleaner logo so that they can implement minimalism while still conveying the brand’s message to its fullest extent.  

    5- Highly Responsive Design

    Highly Responsive Design


    In today’s world of mobile devices, logos that respond to responsive design are all the rage. Many designers are now in favor of designing a logo that can be easily used across a variety of screen sizes and devices. 


    The reason behind it is quite simple – more people rely on their smartphones and other devices to browse the internet, shop online, and much more. So, you do not only need a logo to look good on a desktop or laptop screen. It needs to still look good when shrunk down several sizes for a smartphone screen. 


    So, as smart devices are getting more and more common day by day, we can say that this is a practice for today, and it is a trend that will last a long time.  

    6- Convey its Individualism

    Convey its Individualism


    Online logo creators make your logo too complicated visually, and while simplicity is the name of the game nowadays, you still need to ensure that your corporate logo looks aesthetically pleasing and original. So, despite not wanting to implement complicated techniques and designs into the logo, you might need to do something like this in order to stand out. The key is to use these complicated designs as little as possible when designing your logo. Issues with minimalism occur when older brands try to revamp their looks to keep up with the modern world, yet would still like to give off the goodwill and brand presence that their old designs had garnered. 


    So, if your brand is in a similar dilemma, you need to find the right balance between minimalism and old aesthetics, which will help you stand out in today’s market as progressive while still benefitting from your previous goodwill. 


    So, these are some of the best logo design trends in the world in 2021. If you are a designer, this list clearly indicates that you need to be intimately familiar with the client’s business. Only then can you find what trends can be incorporated to design the logo to its best effect. If you are a brand owner, it is better to know about custom logo design trends and get your business logo designed by a proven and successful designer, as even if it costs more, it will be beneficial in the long run. While logos designed by online logo creators or amateur designers might be cheaper, skimping out on your brand’s foremost visual appeal might not be the right move for your business.


    If you are looking for a reliable and innovative logo designer near me for your corporate logo design, contact Logo Magicians and get their expert logo design services to design a company logo that will take your business presence to new heights.


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