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    How Social Media Addiction Does Make Us Angry?


    December 3 , 2021 Posted by admin

    Social media has a rising fever among the young generation today. It is becoming an addiction for the youth and causing them to disturb their mood. According to the social media study, the excessive use of social media is becoming the root cause of mental frustration among people who express their anger on the internet. Social media is an effective platform for a logo design to spread knowledge and bring the latest information to the audience, it also puts a negative impact on the mental and physical health of users worldwide.

    In today’s era, social media is trending us everywhere. We spend most of our time using different social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and watch videos on YouTube. Many new brands promote their logo design on social media to attract customers and represent their company.

    The overuse of social media is losing physical interaction, and people are devoting their countless hours to the internet. It is gaining a special place in our lives, and we could not imagine living without it. From the morning till the night, we dedicate our time to social media. It is a new trend prevailing among young teens is to take selfies and post on social media. They update their status every day and mention their activities and location online. The severe obsession with social media impacts their physical and mental state and creates anger, anxiety, and depression.

    Following are the reasons why social media marketing causes anger and impacts our mood:

    Sleep Deprivation

    Sleep Deprivation

    Sleep deprivation is one of the fundamental reasons that cause anger and frustration among teens nowadays. Waking up late at night is a habit among teens. They stay awake late till midnight and get connected on social media. Sleep is the essential factor for the intense physical and mental state of people.

    Doctors recommend taking a sound and peaceful sleep at night for a healthy and long life. Young teens should take more than eight hours of sleep to stay fit and active. Using social media is a disturbing factor for a logo design company. It causes damage to their health and makes them ill. Parents must contribute in this regard and play their role in restricting their children from overly using social media.

    Lack of Physical Activity

    Lack of Physical Activity

    Sporting is a healthy activity for kids and young teens to indulge in positive activities and keep them away from social media. Parents should bring encouragement in their children to go out and play. They can play sports that provide physical and mental nourishment, such as football, tennis, table tennis, swimming, gymnastic, horseback riding, and basketball. Kids can also play hide and seek to find an interest and adventure in sporting activities and divert their attention from social media. Doing physical activity is good for your mood and creates a sense of confidence and positive motivation in your personality. Participating in indoor games like chess, Ludo, and carom can also play a pivotal role in minimizing social media obsession in kids and adults. These internal games create a happy and healthy family atmosphere and build strong analytical thinking abilities in children to have a broader mental approach.

    Quality Family Time

    Quality Family Time

    There was an era when people used to put strict focus on devoting quality time with their families. They sit together with their kids and teach them good moral values. Kids will carry these lessons for all their lives and become good human beings with active participation in society. Quality time is fading now, and parents must realize this to spend valuable time with their children and make their moments memorable.

    Apart from kids, social media is becoming a reason to weaken the mutual relationship between husbands and wives. Facebook is solely responsible for increasing the ratio of marital break-ups in the country. It is due to not giving proper due time and attention to their life partner and wasting their hours on social media. Couples are not having enjoyable physical intimate relationships and losing interest in each other. Social media also causes a breach of trust, and couples spy on each other and track their activities on the internet. Marriage is a loving, caring, and trustworthy relationship that is fading nowadays, promoting the trend of extramarital affairs.

    Increase of Depression and Isolation

    Increase of Depression and Isolation

    Social media marketing is an online platform with a virtual and imaginary world that cuts off the user from the real physical world. Having an extreme addiction can harm your mutual family and friendly relations and pushes you into the darkroom. Many teens find isolation and go into hyper depression. They lock them in their rooms and do not communicate with the people around them.

    Due to anger and anxiety, they start feeling hopeless and losing interest in their life. As a result, they make a big decision of their life of committing suicide and finishing their existence forever. The growing trend of increasing likes, shares, and subscriptions on the internet also causes frustration and anxiety in the young generation. Teens feel bored and lonely and miss having a real friend in need. They miss out on social gatherings and personal human interaction.


    Humans are social animals, and we cannot sustain our identity without getting involved with society. Social media is keeping us away from the physical and dragging us into digital marketing. This tangible to virtual transition brings about a major transformation in our behavior and attitude. Social media makes us lonelier and angrier to express our inner feelings, emotions, and sentiments. The lack of family bonding creates a void gap in the relationship and adversely impacts it.

    Wherever we see, people are becoming smartphone-friendly and getting closer to social media. Nobody has a time of meeting and greeting each other. The technology is departing us from our near and dear fellows. It is a time to revert our next generation to old classic values that will become forgotten memories soon in the future.

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