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    Rolls-Royce: Another Company Overhauls Its Graphics Design Logo


    August 31 , 2020 Posted by admin

    In an unprecedented move, we have seen a lot of automobile industry leaders update their logos to cater to multiple channels.


    The latest in this regard is the legendary company Rolls-Royce. They have recently come up with an updated logo for their iconic brand. Sources tell us that it took a whole year to complete the logo. The aim of the revamp was to modernise the Rolls-Royce brand and attract younger customers.


    The company logo design now contains the Spirit of Ecstasy emblem which has become the centre point for the logo but it has not let go of the double R monogram.


    One more reason for the rebranding is that the company needed to differentiate between Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and Rolls-Royce Engineering. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is associated with its luxury cars and Rolls-Royce Engineering is concerned with aircraft engines. Both the brands use the double R monogram in their graphic design logo. That is why the company thought of changing the Motor Cars logo. This logo centres mostly on the Spirit of Ecstasy emblem which was designed by the famous sculptor Charles Robinson Sykes. It is the figurine of a woman who has her arms spread wide behind her and is leaning forward. Every Rolls-Royce car has this emblem on the bonnet.


    The emblem has seen 11 iterations. Currently, the Spirit of Ecstasy emblem is smaller in size as compared to the previous versions and is spring-loaded so that if the car is ever hit, the emblem will retract.


    The company agreed that although the emblem was the representative of the brand, it was too complex for digital channels. Another reason was that the logo was not modern enough for the company’s digital image. Before this one, the company digital logo was the double R. That is why the revamp was needed.


    The designers came up with the idea of turning the emblem from facing left to facing right so they could give the impression of something moving forward. Another change that you might see is the decrease in the reflective marks. Also, you will notice that the figurine has a base underneath. This was done so that everyone would know that the figure is that of a statue and not of an actual person. The designers who worked on the emblem paid attention to every little detail like the figurine’s head, waist, the span of the wings, and the face. They made their best efforts not to sexualize the figurine.


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