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    How to Create Depth and Movement in a 3D Company Logo Design?


    April 1 , 2022 Posted by admin

    A powerful company logo design is the core of business success, where companies try to establish themselves as the most influential brands. A company logo becomes its brand identity when a logo gets associated with it. Hence, this shows the impact of logos on industries and audiences. People genuinely believe in the first impression as the last impression quote, and logos have proved this since the beginning. Look at some of the companies you remember, be it a restaurant, construction, fashion, or retail business; people remember it by its logo.

    Designing a logo is not new, but how it integrates advanced technologies to bring innovation in the way logos are created or how they look is something to be applauded. Take the example of a 3D logo design that fought against all the traditional practices and emerged as one of the best and most used logo designing styles, bringing an image to life. Companies always talk about targeting people’s emotions to make them feel connected to a brand, but until the development of 3D logos, they all failed to do so. It was a 3D logo that evoked the target audience’s emotions, building trust, reliability, and connectivity with a brand.

    What is a 3D company logo design?

    What is a 3D company logo design

    In the last ten years, 3D logos have gained immense popularity. Organizations strive to create unique 3D company logos that can convey a brand’s message clearly and cleverly. But what differentiates it from traditional logos is a question often asked by people who have little or no idea about graphics. If seen closely, the 3D logos have an extra dimension that people can quickly notice from afar, making them pop out. Though these are best used for television and online branding, they have become common for physical shops. Many of the big brands use 3D logos. Pick up any car, apparel, fashion, or company logo that is well-recognized worldwide, and you will find your answer.

    Many logo design companies or agencies argue 2D and 3D logos are the same when implemented as they have a similar impact, when in reality, 3D logos are more attractive and impactful. The graphics developers use in a 3D environment are more in-depth, with more shadows, angles, and a balanced tone. These elements help make the design stand out from the rest, catching the customer’s eyes easily. Thus, these company logos are more memorable than others.

    How to create a 3D logo?

    How to Create a 3D logo


    A 3D logo design might look like a quick and easy task; in reality, it needs a team of professionals to brainstorm and create stunning designs. Though these logos have unlimited advantages, we cannot ignore their drawbacks. 3D designs are incredibly effective and eye-popping if the shadows, colors, fonts, styles, and angles are added ideally. Still, a misbalance in any one of them makes the logo look overcrowded and unappealing. This reduces the customer’s interest as the logo now looks messy. Therefore, companies should focus on a simple 3D logo using the elements accordingly to create a balance of a sleek design. Here are a few ways a 3D logo can win hearts.

    1. Shadows, highlights, and gradients

    Shadows, highlights, and gradients

    Depth is what a 3D logo design revolves around. It doesn’t mean developers keep adding shadows until the design loses its attraction. We are discussing using shadows, gradients, and highlights equally to create the much-needed depth. Most companies blend these three elements to revamp their design from a flat logo to a three-dimensional image. From adding a simple shadow for the illusion of hovering to adding highlights to pop out the logo, a 3D logo gets made. It is one of the key steps for a 3D company logo, without which a logo will follow the traditional trends.

    1. Optical Illusion

    Optical Illusion

    Creative designers at the best branding agency keep trying different ways of making a logo more unique and eye-catching, especially when it is a 3D logo. The addition of optical illusions adds a realistic touch to the design. Talking about the physical world, humans rely on visual cues to point out differences between 3D and flat objects without touching them. Similarly, visual cues are used in logo designing, tricking the brain into imagining an image or object that has more depth than it does. That is why customers often look twice at a design or image, as it feels like the logo design is bulging out of the screen.

    1. Hand drawn

    Hand drawn

    A 3D logo design is always associated with a digital design made by using various tools or software. It is one of the most efficient and swift methods that add style, depth, and innovation without any difficulty. But still, there are a few companies that focus on creating hand-drawn 3D logos to add warmth that the digital logo lacks. Therefore, creating a simple yet dynamic 3D design won’t harm anyone. It helps add minute details to make the design look more realistic, conveying the message more simply.

    1. Textures


    In a combined logo, depth is not the only factor that plays a crucial role in creating out-of-the-box logos. Here, adding narrative to the logo plays an equally essential part, which can be achieved by using various textures to create a timeless and memorable logo story.

    1. Moving Elements

    Moving Elements

    The rapid development and integration of advanced technologies like AI have leveraged developers with tools and software that help create realistic drawings. The software lets them create jaw-dropping logos by moving different elements in a logo, making it look out of the world. They can easily design a logo by adding small movement gestures across the logo, separating the components in multiple ways to give them a bold yet creative look. What could get better than a playful logo?

    A company logo design is the foundation of its success, creating a strong brand image embedded in its target audience’s minds. These companies now focus on creating a simple yet trendy, memorable, and timeless logo that stands out from the crowd using 3D graphics. Some have even gone beyond shading and adding much-needed depth by providing movement to a few elements used in a logo, capturing the user’s attention.

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