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    16 Top construction company logos With Ideas to Make Your Own

    16 Top construction company logos With Ideas to Make You

    November 16 , 2023 Posted by admin

    When it’s time for construction company logo design, you’ll want to get it right from the start.


    A strong logo serves as the cornerstone of your business. It signals to your audience that you are a serious, reputable, and worthy choice for their construction project. There are likely other construction businesses in your area, so your logo should clearly convey that your company is dependable and the ideal choice.


    As per Statista, in 2022, the U.S. construction sector will be $1.8 trillion worth. It is expected to move down in the next few years. However, the total worth of construction happening in the U.S. (homes, buildings, and infrastructure) will start again in 2026. Over the recent years, the amount paid on private construction in the U.S. has decreased more than on public construction.


    Rest assured, we’ll discuss the key elements that set up an excellent construction logo, and then we’ll look at real-life examples of successful logos within the industry. We will also give you tips that will help you design a logo for your construction firm.


    What Creates a Worthy Construction Logo?What Creates a Worthy Construction Logo

    Construction is an industry that boosts the economy at a major level; it requires heavy finances, meticulous planning, time, and a massive effort to renovate a new project or a small room.


    Upon establishing a construction company, your clients must completely trust you. Delays in deliveries can lead to large setbacks, and a single failure can result in severe consequences. Safety standards at your construction site must be sustained to the uppermost degree.


    So, what set up a good construction company logo design? It’s a logo that infuses reliability and validates your proficiency to get tasks done while echoing with your aim audience.


    All that, when creating garden sheds for retired homeowners or offices, shops, or governors’ hospitals for the state governments, the logo must be in harmony with the target market and deliver a relevant message.


    16 Best Construction Firm Logos16 Best Construction Firm Logos

    So now, let’s gaze at some of the well-known construction company logos that are well-known in the market.


    1.  Midas Group

    Drawing inspiration from Greek Mythology, where King Midas turned everything to gold, the Midas Group fit this theme into their logo. Three golden lines symbolize buildings, and a streamlined font emphasizes their professionalism and contemporary construction approach.


    1. Balfour Beatty

    Balfour Beatty opts for a dark blue color palette and a bold, easily readable font style in their logo, swiftly communicating their key attributes. They are a trusted corporate company with a track record of numerous successes.


    1. Wates Group

    Its simple serif font makes the “Wates Group” logo look highly professional and trustworthy. With its rare, warm, and classy greenish-blue shade, turquoise can differentiate itself from other players in the market and instill it with wisdom and life. The abstract icon in the logo portrays a spirit of flowing fluidity.



    1. Roadbridge Limited

    The Roadbridge Limited logo effectively crafts a visual representation of the company. The interlocking pieces symbolize their expertise in building roads and bridges. They employ a modern sans-serif font for clear readability and play with light and dark colors to create an attention-grabbing contrast.


    1. Kier Group

    Kier Group’s logo stands out boldly with its vibrant color palette of intense red, white, turquoise, and black. While typically, using four colors in a logo might not be advisable, here, white serves as an accent and complements the overall design. The icon exudes stability, featuring stairs symbolizing progress and a triangle representing a house’s roof. The accompanying serif font adds an elegant and professional touch.


    1. McDermott

    McDermott incorporates an outline beneath their brand name to symbolize their capability to manage projects from inception to completion. This element also directs attention to the wordmark, making it the focal point. The modern, clean sans-serif font and the striking blue and green contrast breathe life into the logo.


    1. PCL

    The oval PCL logo employs intelligent design and color techniques to ensure visibility in various applications. The harmonious green and yellow color scheme creates an appealing contrast, while the yellow outline reinforces qualities such as security, continuity, and safety.


    1. Skansa

    Swedish construction giant Skanska, one of the world’s largest, opts for a simple wordmark that exudes sophistication and contemporary thinking. Their renowned Skanska blue color conveys reliability, authority, and trustworthiness. With such strong brand recognition, they confidently rely on a minimalist design to convey their message.


    1. Tutor Perini

    Tutor Perini employs the highly readable Helvetica Neue Black font, known for its strong presence, making it an excellent choice for construction companies. Despite the limited contrast in the dark color palette, this combination signifies growth, power, and professionalism.


    1. Whiting-Turner

    Whiting-Turner selects orange for its construction logo, underlining its commitment to safety. This eye-catching color ensures the white, blocky font remains visible from a distance. Thanks to the orange backdrop, this logo remains versatile in any lighting condition, whether light or dark.


    1. Perfection Construction Inc.

    Perfection Construction Inc. presents a genuinely distinctive construction logo. Based in Edmonton, the mountain icon symbolizes their capacity to surmount challenges and transform dreams into reality. The modern sans-serif font enhances readability, and the two-tone color scheme creates a pleasing contrast. Aligning the mountain’s color with the second line of text adds an appealing sense of symmetry.


    1. Kiewit

    Yellow is all you can say is a popular selection for construction firm logos. Why? It emphasizes safety, alike to the safety helmet color. Given Kiewit’s focus on industrial construction, mining, and critical infrastructure, their logo’s big, bold, black font signifies robustness. The company badge within the logo serves as a clear indication of its historical roots and established reputation.


    1. Turner Construction Company

    The Turner Construction Company’s wordmark logo exudes professionalism and a modern aesthetic, featuring clean lines and graceful curves. Its dark blue color ensures visibility on light backgrounds and can be inverted for use on darker backgrounds. This versatile logo is suitable for digital platforms, websites, as well as print materials, hard hats, and vehicles.


    1. Layton Construction Company

    In contrast to previous logos, Layton Construction Company incorporates an icon and a tagline. Like Layton’s “Constructing with Integrity,” taglines serve as valuable tools to reinforce core principles.


    1. Caterpillar Inc.

    Among many, the most familiar logos in the construction sector is the known yellow triangle integrated with the font. The abbreviation “CAT” enhances versatility across various contexts, radiating confidence and high energy.


    1. Borras Construction Ltd

    Borras Construction Ltd utilizes straight lines in its logo design, showcasing a sense of strength. These lines support the logo, with the distinctive “B” protruding from the top as an appealing detail. While the grey and dark blue colors may not create a strong contrast, this design intentionally highlights the central part of the brand name while allowing the rest to recede into the background.


    Guidelines to Make Your Own Construction LogoGuidelines to Make Your Own Construction Logo

    You’ve explored more or less the top logos in the sector; now think through these five necessary factors for construction company logo design: color, icon, typography, shapes, and layout. However, before creating your logo, take a moment to step back and ponder your target audience.


    For instance, if you are a local builder, an attractive and gorgeous logo with an icon; it signifies the towns you serve can signal your suitability for their needs.


    Conversely, if your target is commercial builders needing healthcare facilities and office architecture, using an intimidating and robust wordmark may be more appropriate.


    Suppose you target high-class home décor by doing only beautiful kitchens or renovations of private houses. In that case, your logo should show your design and craftsmanship skills and appeal to upper-class customers.


    For starters, always document the intended audience for your logo design. Now, let’s get to each design element:


    Here are crucial factors that need to be considered when constructing your company logos.



    Color effectively communicates moods and establishes an atmosphere for your brand or product. For example, black suggests professionalism and authority, which is appropriate for a prestigious business to adopt as its branding. Blue often embodies intelligence and truth, while green implies good health and life. Using colors in combination can enhance the message that the logo conveys. For instance, the use of blue and black implies professionalism and reliability.



    Icons are valuable in distinguishing your logo, especially in an industry where similar colors and fonts are prevalent. A well-chosen icon can swiftly communicate your company’s offerings and highlight your key attributes.



    Typography, or your chosen font, carries a large weight in shaping your brand’s image. Many construction firms opt for bold, block-like fonts that mirror their trade. However, the font choice should align with your target audience; cursive fonts may appeal more to specific demographics. Additionally, it’s essential to select a font that maintains readability across various marketing platforms, whether displayed on buildings or small smartphone screens.



    Shapes, too, have a role in your logo’s impact. Simple lines can direct attention to your brand name, while squares are popular among construction companies, symbolizing a sturdy foundation and an unshakeable structure.



    Lastly, careful consideration of your logo’s layout is crucial. Overcrowding design elements can result in a cluttered and unappealing appearance. Your logo’s layout is essential when it needs to be resized for various purposes, such as business cards, safety helmets, or large billboards.


    Blog Ending…

    Construction companies must demonstrate a track record of successful projects to project the image of safety and reliability. Analyzing the logos above reveals a variety of practical approaches, with some opting for solid and blocky letters and clean lines, while others rely on abstract icons.


    Armed with this comprehensive guide, you possess a solid framework for your successful construction company logo design.


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