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    18 Spectacular Logo Design Types and How to Design Your Own

    18 Spectacular Logo Design Types and How to Design Your Own

    January 30 , 2024 Posted by admin

    A well-designed logo is vital for producing a powerful brand identity in today’s visually-driven world. Whether commencing a new company or rebranding a current one, a modern logo design can tell your brand essence and make an enduring impression in the market.


    This article studies 18 spectacular logo design types, like monogram, emblem, 3D, pictorial, animated, mascot, abstract, illustrative logos, and more. We’ll also offer advice for your business logo design. The advice will enable you to produce a distinctive visual depiction of your brand.


    18 Stunning Logo Design Types


    Monogram Logo Design

    Monogram Logo Design


    Monogram logo design merges monograms or characters to form an individual cohesive design. They are stylish and timeless, depicting elegance and professionalism. Famous brands similar to Louis Vuitton and Chanel have effectively utilized monogram logos. When designing a monogram logo, concentrate on producing a harmonious balance between the letters, guaranteeing legibility and simplicity.


    Handmade Logo Design

    Handmade Logo Design



    Handmade logo designs integrate hand-drawn elements, granting a distinctive and personal touch. These logos are perfect for brands highlighting craftsmanship, authenticity, and a human connection. You can use hand-drawn illustrations, calligraphy, or paintbrush lines to produce a logo that captures your brand’s handmade quality.


    Emblem Logo Design 

    Emblem logo designs are characteristic text within a sign or icon, often enclosed in a shape similar to badges, seals, and crests. These logos invoke a meaning of tradition, authority, and heritage. Universities, authorities, organizations, and luxury brands commonly use them. To design an emblem logo, choose relevant symbols or icons like laurel wealth, shield, eagle, anchor, book, globe, keys, etc., in your logo. These show your brand’s principles and blend them with suitable typography.


    Symbolic Logo Design 

    Symbolic Logo Design


    Symbolic logo design utilizes abstract symbols or icons to illustrate a brand or its essence values. These logos are unlocked to interpretation, permitting audiences to connect their value with the brand. Symbolic logos are adaptable and can be efficient across a variety of industries. You can focus on producing a distinctive and unforgettable symbol that evokes your aim audience.


    Geometric Logo Design

    Geometric Logo Design


    Geometric logo design utilizes easy geometric shapes like circles, squares, triangles, or hexagons to produce graphically gratifying and consistent designs. They communicate precision, order, and harmony. Geometric logos are adaptable and can be applicable in almost all industries. To produce a geometric logo, you can experiment with shapes, symmetry, and negative space that display your brand effectively.


    3D Logo Design 

    3D logo design brings your brand identity depth, dimension, and realism. They produce an eye-catching and modern look, frequently connected with technology, gaming, and amusement industries. Utilize shading, gradients, and viewpoint to produce a three-dimensional effect. However, ensure the design is balanced and effortlessly recognizable, even in two-dimensional formats.


    Luxury Logo Design 

    Luxury logo design communicates exclusivity, elegance, and high-end sophistication. They frequently characterized polished typography, complex details, and high-quality color palettes. Luxury logos are commonly used in the fashion, beauty, and welcoming industries. Consider using opulent materials, like golden accents or embossing, to enhance the perceived worth of your logo and brand.


    Wordmark Logo Design

    Wordmark logo design uses typography, employing tailored fonts or lettering to produce a distinctive and unforgettable visual identity. They are simple, straightforward, and frequently used by technology firms and startups. When designing a wordmark logo, focus on font selection, spacing, and legibility to guarantee that your brand name stands out.


    Pictorial Logo Design

    Pictorial logo design utilizes streamlined graphics or illustrations to symbolize a company or its products. These logos are incredibly adaptable and can communicate a brand’s essence with an individual image. Think of the iconic Apple logo or the Twitter bird. When designing a pictorial logo, create an unforgettable and graphically attractive depiction that immediately links with your target audience.


    Vintage Logo Design 

    Vintage logos design captures a sense of nostalgia and invokes a vintage aesthetic. They are well-liked in sectors of fashion, food, and beverages. To produce a vintage logo, integrate components similar to ornate typography, aged textures, and vintage color schemes that mirror the desired era and style.


    Animated Logo Design 

    Animated logo design comes to life via motion and can be used in numerous digital mediums. They retain an interactive element to your brand and produce an energetic and captivating experience. Consider integrating delicate movements, transitions, or changes in your logo design. However, ensure that the animation doesn’t divert from the core message or overpower the viewer.


    Negative Space Logo Design

    Negative area logo design cleverly utilizes the space around and within the design to produce hidden shapes or messages. They ignite curiosity and intrigue, letting audiences be involved with the logo more profoundly. You can use negative space to produce a logo that rises for your brand and provides a hidden surprise to your audience.


    Mascot Logo Design

    The mascot logo design features a character or creature that represents your brand. They are friendly, approachable, and frequently attracted to a younger demographic. But now, almost all industries targeting any market are using it. Mascots can offer your brand a personality and make it more relatable. When producing a mascot logo, create a character that conforms with your brand principles and evokes your aim audience.


    Typography Logo Design 

    Typography logo design concentrates exclusively on innovative typography to symbolize the brand. They test with varied fonts, styles, and plans to produce graphically remarkable and emotional designs. Fashion brands, design agencies, and innovative businesses frequently use typography logos. Consider employing tailored typography or merging varied font styles to make your logo endure.


    Abstract Logo Design

    Abstract logo design utilizes geometric shapes, lines, and forms to produce distinctive and artistic representations. They invoke feelings and permit innovative interpretations. Technology, fashion, and innovative industries mostly use abstract logos. You can focus on examining shapes and colors to produce a graphically remarkable logo that communicates the essence of your brand.


    Minimalist Logo Design 

    Minimalistic logo design embraces minimalism and neat design. They utilize minimal elements, whitespace, and accurate typography to produce a graceful and modern look. Technology firms and luxury brands prefer minimalist logos. When designing a minimalist logo, eliminate unnecessary details and communicate your brand’s essence via delicate and simple elements.


    Illustrative Logo Design 

    Illustrative logo design utilizes elaborate illustrations or drawings to communicate a brand’s message graphically. They can be complex when telling a story. Illustrative logos are commonly found in the cuisine and beverage industry, as well as children’s brands. When designing an illustrative logo, confirm that the illustration is transparent, scalable, and conforms to your brand identity.



    Nature-Inspired Logo Design 

    Nature-inspired logos sketch imagination from components discovered in the organic world, similar to flora, fauna, landscapes, or organic shapes. They invoke a meaning of harmony, sustainability, and ecological consciousness. Use organic shapes, earthy colors, and nature-related symbols to create a logo that connects your brand to nature.


    Designing Your Own Business Logo

    Now that we’ve investigated numerous logo design types, it’s time to talk about how you can design your logo. Follow these stages to produce a distinctive and graphically attractive logo:


    1. Define your brand identity: To lead the logo design process, it is important to have a clear understanding of your brand values, target audience, and market positioning.
    2. Research and collect inspiration: Explore logo design trends, research rival logos, and collect samples of logos that resonate with your brand.
    3. Sketch your ideas: Start with graphite and document and draw multiple concepts. This assists you to visualize and improve your ideas before moving to digital tools.
    4. Choose suitable colors and fonts: Select colors and typography that position your brand personality and invoke desired emotions.
    5. Experiment with shapes and symbols: Explore varied shapes and symbols that signify your brand’s core values. Ensure they are simple, memorable, and scalable.
    6. Refine and iterate: Continuously improve your design, searching for feedback from others and making adjustments as needed.
    7. Create digital versions: Transfer your design to digital software like Adobe Illustrator or Canva to produce an expandable vector logo.


    Inspire with these Logo Design Styles; Craft Yours with these from us!

    Inspire with these Logo Design Styles; Craft Yours with these from us



    These 18 breathtaking logo design types display the varied opportunities for producing a graphically attractive and influential brand identity for your corporation. By exploring different logo design styles, you can find inspiration and choose a direction that best represents your business or corporate brand.


    While designing your business logo, consider your brand values, target audience, and sector. With cautious ideas and creativity, you can design a logo that captures the essence of your brand and leaves an enduring impact on your audience.


    At Logo Magicians, we craft graphically breathtaking and influential logos across numerous design types. We offer logo design by types in the following:



    Our business logo design services can support you in producing a visual identity that speaks reputation about your brand using your preferred log designs. All relies on what you favor or what best matches your brand identity. So, contact us for the best logo design services, and let’s commence a voyage of visual superiority together!


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