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    Enchanting Array of 10 Logo Design Template Types for Online Businesses!


    September 7 , 2023 Posted by admin

    Making a corporate logo takes more than just drawing on paper or a computer screen. Creating a unique logo that best represents your online business takes time. But you should get going! Start learning everything you can about your business. Know its edges and bases and any changes it might bring. You never know what cool things you’ll find that will help you develop an exciting brand logo. Find a suitable name template and get the best one for your business plan.

    Also, you can learn a lot from big companies by checking out how their designs have changed over the years. How did they look before they changed into what they are now? – Make inquiries to find detailed information. A custom logo design agency in Texas, USA, Logo Magicians can also help if you don’t have the essential skills to make one yourself. In the meantime, look at the top 10 logo design template themes you can choose from:

    1. Wordmarks Templates


    These simple, beautiful logos, also called “logotypes,” are the basis of every logo style. They only have the business’s name on them, with nothing else. Wordmarks have been popular for many years because they give off an air of industry and ease. They are great for new businesses; you can create them with modern and classic writing styles.

    For example, you can choose a sleek and contemporary sans-serif font like Helvetica or a sophisticated and beautiful serif font like Times New Roman. The font you select should match the attitude and goals of your brand. You can also try out different lettering styles, like bold, italic, or custom letterforms, to give your wordmark image a unique look. The key is to find a good mix between being easy to read and looking good so your target audience can understand and remember your business name.

    2. Pictorial Templates

    A big, bold picture or graphic is an essential part of the name in graphic templates. Instead of words, these designs use pictures to represent the brand. Pictorial Logos with images often have secret letters or brand-related meanings built into the photos. Pictorial logos are known for their stunning and relaxed look, showing skill and creativity. Some well-known companies with visual names are Shell, Apple, and Target.

    3. Lettermark/Monogram Templates

    Templates for letter marks or monogram logos use letters or names to represent a brand. Even though they look like plain text, they have different styles and shapes that make them look good. Letter marks are a more straightforward and accurate way to represent a brand than complicated trademark symbols. They do an excellent job of clearly showing what a brand is about. Famous brands like Gucci, HP, Chanel, WordPress, and Louis Vuitton have used letter mark styles to make monogram logos easy to remember and stand out.

    4. Emblem Templates

    Emblem logo design templates look like buttons or seals and often have a significant symbol or person representing the company. Logos are very popular with big companies and small business owners because they have essential business elements in a good design. Often, emblem logos have something to do with tradition, history, or a deep link to a particular sector. Many brands, like the NFL, Warner Bros., McDonald’s, Starbucks, and others, have NYC logo designs that are easy to remember.

    5. Combination Marks Templates


    Combination logo design templates combine different parts, like wordmarks, drawings, abstracts, and mascots, to make a flexible logo with meaning. Nike, Lacoste, Burger King, Doritos, Puma, and Starbucks have combination mark logos that work well. These logos do an excellent job of putting together a lot of different parts to make a complete brand statement. You can use combination logo design marks with text and images in various marketing products and platforms.

    Contact us if you are anxious about creating your corporate logo design. Our unique NYC logo design concepts that our experts craft per your mission and vision will perfectly capture the spirit in the busy streets of New York City. You can hoist your brand to new peaks with our top custom logo design.

    6. Mascots


    Mascot logo designs are cute figures usually dressed up or looking fluffy and used in logos. These mascots represent your business and help spread the word about it. Mascot logo design gives people a clear and correct impression of your brand. Mascot names can stand for many things, such as friendliness, reliability, playfulness, expertise, creativity, innovation, trustworthiness, and more that customers can expect from your business. Sports teams, tourism companies, video game companies, and other enterprises often hire them.


    • Tony the Tiger: Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes uses this well-known mascot. A friendly, animated tiger that resembles a person and describes the brand’s strength, energy, and deliciousness theme.
    • Ronald McDonald is the well-known mascot of the McDonald’s restaurant chain. He is a happy clown who makes kids and families laugh and shows that the brand is about having fun.
    • The Planter’s snack foods are known by their mascot, Mr. Peanut. He is a refined peanut character representing the brand’s quality, style, and long past.

    7. Abstract Art Templates


    You can use abstract logo design templates based on various ideas and sources linked to your brand or business. These logos use different shapes, colors, and patterns to create eye-catching and exciting designs. By using abstract art themes, you can show the uniqueness of your brand and stand out from the crowd creatively and interestingly.

    Even if your customers aren’t looking for your products or services, abstract logo designs can catch their attention and convince them to explore more about your business.

    The Pepsi logo is an excellent example of how abstract art makes a brand. It has a round shape and wavy, multicolored parts, giving it a lively and bright look. The abstract form of the logo shows energy and excitement, which fits with Pepsi’s image as an incredible, energetic drink company.

    8. Doodle Templates

    The logos on Doodle templates look like young children draw them. These business logo designs are famous among companies because they feel raw, natural, and unique. With the impact of social media and people’s growing desire for real and relatable images, carefree and quirky doodle brand logos are becoming increasingly popular. Some doodle templates have funny or strange parts that add a sense of humor and creativity to the brand’s image.

    MailChimp is one company that has a design that looks like a Doodle template. On their logo is a funny monkey figure called Freddie the MailChimp, which is made by hand. The doodle-like style adds a fun and friendly touch to their brand character.

    9. Cinematic Templates

    Make a logo that is powerful and theatrical. Who doesn’t like to watch a peek at a movie on YouTube? Everyone likes to watch these movie trailers. This gives fans more reason to hope when they see movies that are better than they thought they would be.

    So, you want to work with a logo creator who can wow people when they see your logo for the first time. It’s like putting a movie scene in your business’s crown. Another plus is that it seems fun and exciting enough to try at least once. A website with a theatrical logo is more likely to get users than a stationary logo. So, add captivating movie music to your brand’s logo to improve it.

    The sign for 20th Century Studios looks like a cinematic logo but is made out of real things. It has a beautiful orchestral soundtrack, searchlights that sweep across the screen, and flashlights that shine on the brand name. The logo brings to mind the theatre and the movies, building suspense and making an impact that lasts.

    10.  Animated Templates

    Animated logo design templates boost your business logo’s odds by captivating modern online audiences. Lively and dynamic visuals instantly attract attention, making your brand stand out digitally. With animated logo designs, you create a memorable and engaging impression that resonates with today’s visually-oriented viewers.

    They are looking for artists who can make animated logos for their web business that are on the cutting edge. Customers like logos that move more than ones that don’t. Because of this, logos that truly represent your business should have animations.

    The Netflix logo is a real-life example of what an animated image looks like. In the logo, the letter “N” is big and red. It moves one piece into place at a time and makes a unique sound. This cartoon clip adds a fresh and modern touch to the brand’s image, catching people’s attention and getting them interested. The Netflix logo shows how animated templates can improve a brand’s visual identity and make an experience that people will remember and find interesting.


    From now on, it is essential to create a beautiful brand image that shows everything about your business. Spend a few dollars to make it more appealing and create a strong business branding with the help of a custom logo design agency in Arizona, USA.

    Be patient as your logo creation grows and reaches its full potential. Suppose you still need to get these skills. In that case, contact a custom logo design agency to create an exclusive corporate logo design. Then, your logo works as the crest of your online business. Ensure your logo adds value to your business by choosing a business logo design template that goes best with your brand.


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