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    6 Reasons Why Logo is Important For Your Business

    6 Reasons Logo is Important For Your Business

    July 10 , 2020 Posted by admin

    Having a well-designed logo which catches the viewer’s eye can be all that makes a business memorable for a potential customer. A designer’s job therefore is to help a business attain its full value through the use of a beautiful and unique logo that makes its way into the viewer’s mind with a single glance. Many small businesses and startups delay or ignore the value of a logo, due to a lack of budget or because they don’t think it that important. They might believe that the company name will be enough, and that having a logo designed to accentuate the name may be a waste of good money. But what they tend to forget, is that many times when you are out and you come upon a sign with a logo and a name, it’s the logo that seems familiar later, rather than the name. So we can say that a logo is important for a business in terms of memorability. And being memorable is important for a business. There are many more reasons why a logo is so important for your business, but we will only be discussing the six most important ones here today.

    The Initial Contact:

    The Initial Contact

    When a client is looking for hire someone for a service that you provide, you will not be the only company they will be looking at. Competitors with company names enhanced by quality and attention grabbing logos will almost always be selected over you when you both are equal in terms of service quality. So, you need a quality logo to get an edge over your competitor.

    Easy To Recognize:

    Easy To Recognize

    Cognitively, our brains are wired to react quicker to visual stimuli such as colors or shapes, rather than something which requires a little more effort such as reading a string of interconnected alphabets which make a name. So in terms of being easy to recognize, a logo is very important. The example of many companies, especially automobile companies are proof of that. A few decades back, Japanese companies like Mazda, Toyota and Honda used to badge their cars with company names instead of a logo. But as time went on, and foreign companies started marking their cars with proper logos, these Japanese companies found that it made these foreign cars easier to remember, and decided to follow suit. Now, even a child will be able to recognize the names via the specific logos.

    Professional Quality:

    Professional Quality

    Logos give a professional aura to the company banner, and that is what all companies strive for, to be considered professionals in their specific fields. Having a well-designed logo instead of forgettable name on a poorly rendered background, or worse, a cheap logo design copied off of an automatic logo generator.

    Customer Loyalty:

    Customer Loyalty

    In a saturated market where customers have to choose among a bunch of similarly skilled and priced services, it’s your customers’ loyalty which gives you a leg up. You want your customers to choose you again because you gave them impeccable services. A great logo will help you gain the customer’s loyalty. Consider the case of Toyota GT-86, a car Toyota motors released a few years back. Due to a deal with Subaru and Scion automobile companies, the same car was released under their brands too, with just the badges and the names changed. Now the customers had three cars, all of them identical down to the last detail, but with different prices due to brand values. Toyota’s version was the most expensive, yet that was also the most sold, just because of the brand loyalty of Toyota’s customers.

    Stand Apart from the competition:

    Stand Apart from the competition

    In today’s market, with the fierce competition raging on, competing with other brands offering the same services can be quite hard. An aesthetically pleasing logo will set you apart from the others, because being visually appealing is proven to make you seem good in the eyes of the client. A good logo, just like a nice office, good natured and well groomed employees will make you stand out from the rest.

    Communicate Your Message:

    Communicate Your Message

    A logo also serves to give a message to the viewer, which you set by having a logo designed accordingly. Suppose your brand claims to be the most innovative, your designer will design a logo which communicates that message through a single image. Consider Java, the programming language. The symbol for Java is a steaming cup, and considering that java is a common name for coffee, which is a drink frequently drunk by programmers, it makes it easy to make their message come across.

    To conclude, having a logo improves the worth of a business by a lot, and for a comparatively low cost, you can have your business reach great heights, engender client loyalty, and make it easier for new customers to recognize your brand. You might think that maybe I will go out and get a logo designer near me to design my logo, but as explained above, a logo should be well-designed which conveys your brand’s message to those looking at your logo.

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