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    Discover the Top 8 Stunning Logo Redesigns of 2023

    Discover the Top 8 Stunning Logo Redesigns of 2023

    September 30 , 2023 Posted by admin

    As of 2023, it’s clear that logo design trends have changed. Many brands with expensive logos are changing their focus to include more dynamic design elements to reach a bigger audience worldwide.

    Two big logo design styles will be the most important in 2023.

    • Bright, vivid colors – Use bright colors, especially greens and yellows. You can see this logo style everywhere. Companies such as Bolt, 7UP, Channel 4, and “Wise” use bright yellows and greens as their primary colors.
    • Minimalism – Minimalism is the best among several 2023 redesigns. Pepsi, Sundance Film Festival, and Nokia use these designs to fit a more significant trend. This year, logo and graphic design will likely use this simple style more often. Today, black-and-white logos, geometric shapes, and Art Deco themes are taking the spotlight for a logo redesign.

    Because of this, it’s time to rethink logos for 2023! Here are a few of the most updated business logos from this year. LogoMagicians, the top logo design agency in USA, will discuss why viewers love them. We will also tell you how to make your brand that people will remember.




    Over the years, Pepsi has made several changes to its logo; the latest update is in 2023. For 15 years, the famous soft drink brand picked the lowercase “slanted globe” sign. But now it’s reverting to a more vital logo from the 1970s, returning to its roots.

    Why viewers like it:

    In 2023, Pepsi will introduce a new logo that pays homage to its original design from 15 years ago. The bold and 70s-inspired aesthetic of the logo is eye-catching while still appearing modern. By incorporating elements from its past, Pepsi has successfully revitalized its brand. The Pepsi logo has a fresh, contemporary appearance with a retro touch.


    Wise, a Fintech and payments platform, has recently undergone a significant brand refresh. In March 2023, “Wise” unveiled its new visual style and logo. The new brand features a logo, typeface, color scheme, and icon set. Additionally, the platform’s user experience (UX) has been improved.

    Why viewers like it:

    Wise has updated its logo by incorporating elements from its previous mark and logo. The new design features a bold font, closer letter spacing, and a more compact shape, giving it a more impactful and direct look.

    Customers appreciate that Wise didn’t wholly abandon its flag logo. But instead, decide on a primary wordmark logo that is very popular in the industry. Fans of the company are content that Wise has remained true to its tech industry roots and preserved its iconic logos.




    PepsiCo’s Design and Innovation Team has given 7Up a makeover. This is the first update the drink has received in almost 10 years. The new brand features plain packaging and a more streamlined appearance. The team aims to make the label more attractive to consumers worldwide.

    Why viewers like it:

    The new 7Up mark is one of our favorite simple designs. A significant difference between the lines in a new 3D logo shows that the company is increasing. The logo refers to the new brand slogan “Upliftment” for 7Up. The packaging for Citrus 7Up underwent an update. It now features brighter colors and abstract shapes that replaced the old images. It gives the new brand a cleaner and more modern look.

    Advice: Carefully think about how you use color in your brand. Color is a critical way to show how your brand and business feel and what it stands for. Using different colors, you can try out different tones, from soft pastels to bolder colors.

    Channel 4 

    Channel 4 collaborated with Pentagram to revamp its image, ushering in a new era of British television with a retro-inspired makeover. The new brand incorporates the iconic “blocks” from the original 4 logos of Channel 4. It introduces a fresh logo, fonts, motion, and colors to create a modern and distinctive visual identity.

    Why viewers like it:

    Channel 4 has a new look and brand that fits with the different platforms it broadcasts on. It aligns with the way the entertainment business is constantly changing. This update ensures that the British TV network stays updated and essential as the media and entertainment world changes.

    Pentagram and its partners nailed it by giving the new brand a classic simplicity. They give it a grand color scheme and funny animations.




    Nokia’s business has seen a dramatic change over the past two decades. From its initial reputation as the manufacturer of the 3310, the firm was recognized as the world’s most unbreakable cell phone. Nokia logo shows that Nokia has recently emphasized business-to-business telephony and cloud networks. This emblem represents Nokia’s dedication to advancing technology on a global scale.

    Why viewers like it:

    Viewers love Nokia’s new logo because it stands out from the plethora of tech logos that frequently resemble one another. It gives a dynamic and novel version of the standard tech signs, winning the admiration of spectators with its sharp angles and negative word strokes.




    The one-click checkout tool that is “shockingly simple” Bolt. Bolt worked with the design company Koto to create a beautiful new corporate identity.

    The new Bolt logo is better than the old, boring one because it has a new solid font, an exciting color scheme, and a more explicit message. Take attention, logo makers!

    Why viewers like it:

    The lightning bolt in the wordmark is an excellent example of negative space. It doesn’t make the font much harder to read. Viewers think the new bright color adds to how well Bolt executes the simple idea.

    Minute Maid

    Recently, the firm had a big brand update and the company’s first international campaign. Apart from these, Minute Maid has simplified its logo to help the company grow into new areas.

    The new Minute Maid logo came out in May 2023, just in time for some summer drinks. JonesKnowlesRitchie, Grey, VMLY&R, and Landor&Fitch, among others made it

    Why viewers like it:

    The current font used in the streamlined Minute Maid design makes the new symbol more flexible. Regarding settings and packing, the new logo is more flexible than the old one. Let’s hope Minute Maid’s makeover goes better than Tropicana’s did in 2009!




    For 2023, one more beverage brand will get a new look. With its makeover, Fanta becomes a new brand that ditches the old fruit shapes for a fun wordmark. You can wonder, “Why get rid of the fruit?” Rapha Abreu, global VP of design at Coca-Cola, said: “The orange shape of the old logo confused customers who bought grape drinks or any other flavor that wasn’t orange. No problem, Rapha.

    Why viewers like it:

    However, when the Fanta logo gets into the packaging, new fruit symbols and abstract ideas come to life. Fanta spent many years trying out a more extensive range of flavors. It made their drinks more exciting and suited to them. Viewers like the new color scheme, which has bright neon colors and a striking clash of colors.

    So, are you inspired by these redesigns? Are you thinking of re-creating a brand-new logo for your business? Approach our designers. They are experts in crafting any logo design type, from emblems to corporate logo design.


    Get in Touch with our logo design agency in the USA ASAP. Recreate your business logo design with us.


    Best Practices For Logo Redesigns In 2023

    We have had many significant logo redesigns since the year 2023. Pay close attention to these tips to make a new image or change the one you already have:

    • You can make a good impression. Your image accurately represents your brand and conveys what you do. Avoid telling your entire story. It’s better to keep it simple and easily understandable. You can thoughtfully select different components of your image. Increase the chances of capturing the interest of your intended audience.
    • “Immediacy” is a term that graphic designers use. It describes how quickly a viewer can understand a logo’s tone, character, effect, and font readability. To make a new brand or update an old one, consider how to make it more memorable, effective, and easy to remember.
    • In 2023, bright colors or one-color unique patterns are likely to be popular. Look at logos like the one for the Sundance Film Festival, which works well in black and white. You want to stand out while considering your brand’s colors and parts. This shows that the festival’s primary focus is on films rather than on images that stand out. On the other hand, the Bolt logo stands out because of its bright yellow color. It gets people’s attention and sticks with them.

    It’s up to you which road you take. But to start working on a new or updated logo, contact the best logo design agency in USA, LogoMagicians.


    Introducing our top-tier business logo design company! We specialize in creating beautiful and memorable logos that perfectly represent your business. Our logo design services excel in various logo design types:

    Contact our New York logo design agency in the USA today. Redesign a logo that stands out from the competition and leaves a lasting impression on your target audience.


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