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    Guidelines to Make a Perfect Logo Size For Your Social Media, Website, and Print Design

    Guidelines to Make a Perfect Logo-01

    July 24 , 2023 Posted by admin

    Whether you’re looking for a business logo design in New York, USA, or a company logo for your brand, your logo size is significant for your business to look professional. It’s different on websites, social media, and printed papers. Resizable logo files are essential for adaptability. Knowing the required dimensions makes sure that the brand experience goes smoothly.

    LogoMagicians, the top logo design company, will provide a comprehensive guide on logo size guidelines in this article. By following this good word, you can show your brand across social media, website, print, and more while making a lifelong impression on your viewers.

    Logo Sizing Basics

    Even though each image is different, the sizes you save and share them in are the same. You can make logos quickly and easily in various styles and settings. Your business needs to have a few different logos.

    It needs to be scalable if you want your image to be on everything, like a Times Square billboard or a business card. Scalability ensures that even if your logo were put on a huge sign, it would still look clear and not pixelated, even if it was huge.

    Here are some basics about how to size a logo design:

    • Image Size: An image size is measured in pixels, while the size of a file is measured in bytes (KB/MB/GB).
    • Vector Files: Vector files are essential because you can resize them endlessly without losing quality: You can use programs like Adobe Illustrator and convert them to PNG or JPG files.
    • Logo variations: Having horizontal, vertical, and square versions of your name gives you more options for putting it on billboards, websites, business cards, etc.
    • File Formats: Choose a PNG type under 200KB to show it online. This will ensure that it loads quickly, has transparent backgrounds, and has fine details.
    • Scalability: Designing a bigger version of the logo should be your top priority to avoid quality problems when it is shrunk. If you need to change the size, there are tools for that, and shrinking is easier than upsizing.
    • Brand Guidelines: Make sure everything is the same by putting file sizes and directions for displaying logos in a document called “brand guidelines.” For websites, ensure the image is at least 24 pixels tall and doesn’t take up more than half the screen.

    Logo Sizes For Websites

    Logo Sizes For Websites-01

    A website is essential for any business. Here, people can learn more about what you do, the purpose of your company, and whether or not they want to buy the goods or services you’re advertising or offering.

    • How and where an image you want to show on a website makes a big difference in how big it should be. But a PNG file is what we suggest you use.
    • A website’s top banner/header prominently displays the logo, ensuring visibility. At the same time, the favicon, a small icon next to the address bar or tab’s title, actively identifies the website. These two locations actively maintain consistent branding and enhance recognition for the website.

    Want to create a brand that stands out with a beautiful logo design? Our top logo design company makes the best business logo design in New York, USA, which is memorable and moving. But that’s not all; we have a masters in WordPress website development and offer SEO and SMM services.

    You can make a lasting impression with us and improve your online profile. Contact our company logo design and digital marketing agency immediately to advance your brand.

    Your Website’s Header Should Have A Name

    Your Website’s Header Should Have A Name

    A company’s name will often be on the left of the top navigation bar. You can do this to ensure the brand is visible throughout the website. Logo’s exact size and placement depend on the style and website builder you will use. However, there are some standard logo sizes that you can consider.

    Logos 160 pixels by 160 pixels are often recommended for vertical layouts. For a horizontal design, you can pick between 350 x 75 pixels, 250 x 150 pixels, and 400 x 100 pixels. The length of a business name determines how wide a website image is, while its height is usually between 20 and 30 pixels. To ensure optimal visibility and understanding of your brand logo, it is crucial to prioritize clarity and conciseness when selecting the appropriate size for your website header.

    Sizes For Logos’ Favicons

    Favicons let people see your brand in the search box, which makes it easy for users and leads them to switch between your site and others.

    Due to their size, these small pictures or icons usually only have the icon that best represents your business. Most computers’ favicons are 16 x 16 pixels, 32 x 32 pixels, or 48 x 48 pixels.

    Sizes For Social Media Logos

    Sizes For Social Media Logos-01

    When determining how to display your business on social media, it’s vital to consider how each platform operates. For example, Instagram says to use a JPG file with a circular profile picture of 110 x 110 pixels.

    Facebook suggests choosing a cover picture of 820 x 312 pixels and a profile photo of 180 x 180 pixels. On the other hand, YouTube requires a cover picture of 2560 x 1440 pixels, a profile photo of a circle of 800 x 800 pixels, and thumbnail images of 1280 x 720 pixels. These pictures must be in JPG, PNG, or BMP file types.

    Twitter suggests using a cover photo that is 1500 pixels by 500 pixels and is in either JPG or PNG format, with a maximum file size of 2MB. For your personal picture, you should use a circular photo of 400 pixels by 400 pixels. LinkedIn suggests using a cover picture of 1128 x 191 pixels and a circular profile photo of 400 x 400 pixels. Both should be in JPG or PNG format; the maximum file size is 8 MB.

    The width and height of your TikTok personal picture should be 200 pixels each. You can use a JPG or a PNG file for your unique vision. The best size for an individual image on Pinterest is 165 pixels by 165 pixels in a circle. You can use both the JPG and the PNG forms.

    For Google My Business, the profile picture should also be round and 970 x 530 pixels in size. In contrast, 1024 x 576 pixels is the size that is recommended for the cover picture. You can save the personal and cover images as JPG or PNG files.

    Sizes For Printing Logos

    Sizes For Printing Logos-01

    When printing your brand on many things, staying consistent and giving the printing company the correct file sizes is essential. Here are the most common shapes of logos for different uses:

    • When screen printing on a T-shirt, the largest size is usually 14 x 15 inches.
    • 11 oz. Mug: The print space is 8.5 inches wide and 3 inches tall.
    • On a standard hat, the design is about 3 to 3 1/2 inches wide.

    Check with your source about the specific needs before you print. They might also ask for a vector design file, scaled up or down, without losing quality. You can use HEX color codes online, but CMYK color mode for vector files that will be printed.

    Contact us to ensure your brand looks its best in all print uses.

    Email Signatures Logos Sizes

    For email addresses, use a PNG file type with a file size of less than 10KB. Keep the picture size at 320 pixels by 100 to 200 pixels. Most smartphone screens are between 320 and 500 pixels wide, so this guarantees that everything works together. Check your email service for templates or suggestions to confirm the right size for their platform.

    Logo Variations And Lockups

    Logo Variations And Lockups-01

    The term “logo variations” refers to different versions or changes of a mark that your business can use differently. Here are some common ways to change logos:

    The logo can be made in full color, black and white, inverse (light image on a dark background), or in multiple colors. Some apps also use options with transparent backgrounds.

    You can use logo lockups actively to organize and combine a logo’s wordmark (font) and symbol (picture) in various ways. You can use a logo with both a wordmark and symbol, the logotype or wordmark alone, a logo featuring a slogan, a logo without a tagline, a logo consisting solely of a symbol, and a monogram. These active choices enable customization and flexibility in presenting your logo across different platforms and marketing materials.

    Because logos can be changed, brands can adapt their visual personality to different situations and media. For a video ad, use a white logo that is see-through on a black background, or put the logo in full color on a white T-shirt with a see-through experience.

    Using different logo versions helps keep things consistent. They also meet different display needs and raise brand knowledge on various platforms.


    When establishing a professional and consistent brand presence, getting the size of your brand logo design is crucial. As a top logo design company, we understand the importance of creating visually impactful company logo designs in the USA.

    We craft animated logo designs that capture attention and leave a lasting impression. Besides business logo design, we offer WordPress website development services and expertise in SEO (search engine optimization) and SMM (social media marketing) as a comprehensive digital marketing agency.

    Utilizing our digital marketing and logo design services ensures your logo is optimized for various digital platforms, serving your brand to stand out in the competitive market.


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