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    Sonic the Hedgehog Branding Strategy: a New and Clean Logo

    Sonic the Hedgehog Branding

    September 18 , 2020 Posted by admin

    A lot of companies choose different ways of branding their products and services. They might change their logo, their colour schemes, their overall presentation, and more. The same is true for online games.


    Did you know that Sonic the Hedgehog just turned 30? He is growing up fast. It just seems like yesterday that we were playing the Sega’s Mega Drive and now the company is celebrating his 30th anniversary. Talk about a fast mover.


    So, how is the company celebrating Sonic’s anniversary?


    By introducing a brand new logo for the blue hedgehog that we all know and love. We have seen the logo and we think that it is brilliant. Not a lot of companies can rebrand their logo design online and get away with it. A lot of the times, this strategy tanks. This happens when you don’t put much thought into it or allow an average logo design company to handle your precious logo. We all know how important the logo is to a company. Just think about Coca Cola. Any time you see the colour red, the Coca Cola font, or the bottle, you immediately recognize it.


    The same is true for your logo. You have to make sure that your logo positively represents your company and that it creates the kind of feelings and emotions that you want in your customers. If you are working with other firms, make sure that you hire the best logo designers around. If you are making it yourself or you have an in-house design team, make sure that they are up to date with the latest trends.


    Sonic the Hedgehog Logo

    Sonic The Hedgehog Logo


    Coming back to the Sonic logo, it features a blue silhouette of Sonic and underneath are the words ‘30th anniversary’. If you look closely at the ‘0’ you will see the iconic loop that Sonic’s shoes make while he is running. This is a great shout out to the original 2D animation Sonic the Hedgehog game. As far as graphic design logo is concerned, this is by far one of the best works we have seen.


    And the public is loving it as well. The fans really love the inclusion of Sonic’s shoes in the logo. They also love the move back to 2D from 3D. If you have seen the recent Sonic movie, you will know that the realistic and furry design was amazing, but this logo takes us back to the days when we were still playing the 2D game.


    History of Logo Changes

    History Of Logo Changes
    Enhancement of sonic logo


    Yup! The company has a whole history of changing logos. This has happened before on the 10th anniversary, 15th, 20th, and the 25th anniversary. Each of these anniversaries got their own logo design. But as far as fans are concerned, this one pretty much takes the cake. The design is clean, powerful, and shows us exactly what it wants to do. It wants to take us back to the past and bring forth the memories that we have from that era.



    Sonic fans are some of the most loyal fans around the world. They have been for many years. The Blue Blur means a lot to them. That is why on the 30th anniversary, Sega has also announced various merchandise which includes an ‘Encyclo-speedia’, ‘energy drink’, and apparel.


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