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    Sonic the Hedgehog Branding Strategy: a New and Clean Logo

    Sonic the Hedgehog Branding

    September 18 , 2020 Posted by admin

    Nothing brings people together more than a common love of wonderful music, and all this can be done by the best logo designers. Then, what better way to promote your brand than with a memorable musical reminder of who you are? A musical note that symbolizes your brand is known as a sonic logo. The entertainment logo designs, such as Netflix has a highly distinctive short, single-tone kick drum. People seem to be singing “Bada Ba Ba Ba, I’m enjoying it” about McDonald’s everywhere you go.

    The Creator of the Sonic Logo

    The Creator of the Sonic Logo-01

    Hirokazu Yasuhara, the game creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, and Naoto Oshima, the character designer, talked about the history of the Sonic the Hedgehog emblem on March 21 at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. It turns out that flying jackets are really important. Oshima had a particular fascination with aircraft “nose art” and aviation in general. Sega didn’t explicitly mention it in any of the official sources, but he included it in Sonic’s canon for that account even though he didn’t say so. According to Statista, Sonic the Hedgehog has brought in more than $106 million. It is currently the fourth-highest-grossing video game adaptation of all time, according to Box Office Pro.

    The initial idea was that Sonic was purely fictitious. In its place, a pilot with a phenomenal reputation for speed was present. He acquired the nickname “Hedgehog” as a result. People in the USA are fond of sonic logos, and due to this, many businesses are hiring the best logo design agency in California for sonic logos as their brand identity.

    Traditional Sonic Logo

    Various variants of the sonic logo’s font have been made available over time. The Classic Sonic logo font is shorter, rounder, and has a wider midsection than his contemporary iteration. He also has shorter legs. Sonic has longer legs and sharper angles in most recent sonic cartoons (Sonic Boom, 2014–2017). And considered as the best logo designers.

    However, in entertainment logo designs, it appears that Netflix will use the 3D rendition of the show’s spiky character. The classic sonic emblem is thinner than the original, but it doesn’t have Sonic Boom’s angular or lengthy shape.

    What Serves As Sonic Branding Services Objective?

    If you still need more evidence that your company needs acoustic branding services, think about these 10 factors;

    1. Getting the first-mover advantage in a certain market
    2. Enhance brand recognition
    3. Consistency is added to the brand
    4. Improves the recall of intense emotions and facilitates segregation
    5. In the end, it improves people’s mentality.
    6. Affects how we feel
    7. This makes me think of an important point.
    8. Motivates us to take action and gives the brand personality

    The Sonic Film’s Unseen Gems That Distinguish Between the Modern and Classic Sonic Logo

    sonic cartoon

    Since both variations of the swift hedgehog are used frequently throughout the game, it is sensible to compare them and simpler than ever to find out how they differ. The reason brand are going for the sonic logo and hiring California logo design agency is the features of sonic logo designs. Here are the some features between the classic Sonic logo and the original Sonic logo.

    • The Body

    Let’s start by talking about the blatantly obvious. The classic Sonic logo is clearly shorter than the current Sonic logo. Due to his general thinner shape, modern Sonic appears proportionate, save from his hands and cranium. While they both have strange looks when it comes down to it, classic Sonic is smaller and more cartoonish in appearance because he is simply a ball with limbs and a head.

    • Right now Sonic Talks

    Only one Sonic really takes action while Tails briefs the other two Sonics on their assignments. As he moves around the map, Sonic from more recent games regularly engages in conversation with the player or other characters like Tails. Classic Sonic lacks a voice actor and dialogue.

    • Color of the Eyes

    When you’re mostly in a game’s distance, pursuing a hedgehog moving at breakneck speed, it can be difficult to tell the colour of the small guy’s eyes. Thankfully, each level unlocks a rewarding zoom-in on the iconic sonic logo, and gamers are far more skilled than at completing all of the levels. The traditional and upgraded 3D Sonic has extremely distinctive green eyes, as opposed to the previous Sonic eyes, which were always black with a white pupil in the 2D games, as depicted in the emblem. Both Sonics in Forces have distinctive eye colors.

    • The Solution Is The Thighs

    It shouldn’t be a surprise that both Sonics need to move quickly. They can accelerate quickly enough during brief runs to suddenly explode into a blinding sprint, reaching speeds that almost guarantee they will hit any upcoming spikes. When traditional Sonic sprints, his legs appear to be on motors and move in what appears to be full circles at incredibly high speeds, much like a car’s tires. His upper torso is still, for the most part. From the logo, vintage Sonic appears to be moving his entire body in rhythm with the music. This is because he is covered with a blue wind effect.

    • The More Popular TV Personality Is New Sonic

    It may seem nitpicky to include the two Sonics’ accomplished television careers when contrasting them, but we believe it’s crucial to draw attention to their main differences. Both have enjoyed fruitful television careers, starting with the original Sonic logo, which can be seen in 133 episodes distributed over three different shows. However, Modern Sonic holds the advantage because of Sonic Boom, who has 182 episodes of his own series. The new feature film’s IMDB credits must be chosen, which is the only thing left to accomplish.

    • The Final Conflict of Naruto Shippuden

    The Final Conflict of Naruto Shippuden-01

    Sonic must have acquired the shinobi ways at some point in his lengthy life. When running at breakneck speeds, the original Sonic tucks his arms into his sides. This is likely being done to lessen his wind resistance. However, when Sonic the Hedgehog runs quickly, he throws his long arms back and drags them behind him like a wheelbarrow. Even though Sonic has been racing with his arms back for ten years, whenever he does so, Hidden Leaf Village’s ninjas come to mind.

    • Changing Sounds

    Even while this is probably just a result of how Sonic games have developed over time given that nearly all of Classic Sonic’s moves sound different from those in more current Sonic games, it’s still impressive that the Sonic Forces team got it right. Similar sound effects are produced when someone jumps, is struck, or rolls. However, as can be seen from the emblem, the tones in older sonic games are louder and more energetic. The differences between the two games are clearly represented through the sound effects.


    Some of the most devoted fans in the world are Sonic fanatics. They have existed for a very long time. They value The Blue Blur greatly. It sounds similar to the familiar logo design of a corporation. A professional logo design often consists of a simple emblem expressing the company’s objective and a single- or two-color typography. In order to boost brand recognition, the company develops a look. Because of this, Sega has also revealed a variety of goods for the 30th anniversary, including a “Encyclo-speedia,” a “energy drink,” and clothing. If you are looking for sonic and photography logos get in touch with Logo Magicians, the best logo design agency in the USA.


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