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    05 Giant Real Estate Business Logos to Take Ideas From

    05 Giant Real Estate Business Logos to Take Ideas From

    January 15 , 2024 Posted by admin

    Real estate business logos have a lot of sloping roofs and square windows, frequently floating in space or clumped jointly in physically confusing ways. They’re boring, they’re everywhere, and they make for a terrible generic logo.


    Let’s not lie about this. Many real estate brokers and designers resort to such a basic idea when they’re at damage for logo design ideas. Things happen. But that is insufficient justification for reaching a compromise.


    Like in any other, branding in the real estate sector ought to aim for distinctiveness, clarity, and memorability. Hence, what are specific alternatives to the clichéd and overdone pictures of rooftops, buildings, and houses? So, for your ease, we have assembled these five remarkable logo designs for real estate companies of the utmost importance. These are for your inspiration to receive ideas from.


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    Coldwell Banker

    Coldwell Banker


    The Coldwell Banker logo comprises a rectangular field featuring the custom-designed wordmark “Coldwell Banker” stacked on two lines. With its soft design, this typeface not only confirms recognition but also carries a dedication to client service. Adjacent to the word “banker,” there is a small white square showing intersecting blue letters “C” and “B.”


    This professional logo design, especially the wordmark, reflects a standard pick-out in the financial sector, as wordmark logos effectually resonate in this sector. Furthermore, the color palette selected for the Coldwell Banker logo shows real–estate value. The deliberate use of blue imparts a sense of maturity and seriousness, aligning with the anticipations of reliability and truthfulness that clients interconnect with such companies.


    A clear-cut and easily distinguishable feature of the primary Coldwell banker logo is its clean lettering, which you can see in uppercase within a modern sans-serif font characterized by straight cuts and sharp angles. For those searching for similar fonts, Avalors Regular or Geometos Neue bold, with slight modifications in character contours, may offer the closest resemblance.


    The Coldwell Banker visual identity centers on a deep navy blue, giving strength and style against a clean white backdrop. This color pick-out reflects stability and excellence and instills a sense of reliability, confidence, and expertise.





    To affirm its global footprint, Jones Lang Lasalle rebranded, adopting the brief name “JLL.” the updated logo features bold, meaningful glyph shapes within the familiar serif font. Pentagram Berlin designers introduced a remarkable red hue to the geometric abstraction, refining its three-dimensional appearance and visibility.


    Before 2014, Jones Lang Lasalle used the Minion Pro condensed font for its name. The shift to JLL prompted a collaborative effort among Pentagram Berlin and Justus Oehler, resulting in a proprietary letter design. While preserving heritage serifs, they crafted a sharp “j” resembling a hook.


    In the revamped design, a black inscription improves a red abstraction. This lively color distinction not exclusively draws a focal point to the emblem but also symbolizes JLL’s forward-thinking technique and bold adoption of modern technologies.


    Get inspiration from these giants. Make your real-estate logo from us!

    Get inspiration from these giants. Make your real-estate logo from us!


    Keller Williams Realty

    Keller Williams Realty


    As part of the business’s 30th-anniversary celebration, the logo changed to balance modern business logo design trends, prioritizing minimalism above ornamentation. CEO Mark Willis emphasizes its relevance for attracting the next generation of real estate professionals.


    The updated design reflects a “next-generation” technique, featuring the Chantilly serial font and a sleek and minimalist pickout. Clean, angular glyphs, sans serifs, and softened ends replace the classic kind. The mixture of bolder and thinner typefaces, sans gaps among “Keller” and “Williams,” creates a dynamic border, following modern logo design principles.


    Incorporating the “KW” monogram adds motion, forming a visual link resembling a moving ribbon. The red-and-gray color scheme is maintained, shifting to a classic red hue reminiscent of blood, delivering a distinctive and memorable touch.


    Unlike the complex earlier monogram, the present “KW” is a highly memorable emblem, contributing to the logo’s recognition ability. President Mary Tennant states that the features signify the business aspiration to be a sector idea leader and maverick.


    Ellen Curtis, the executive director of marketing and communications, highlights that the updated logo positions the franchise as standing behind their agents rather than in front of them. The simplified logo design improves agent logos without overshadowing them, aligning with the business aim to help their agents.


    The original logotype, featuring red caps and a bolded serif typeface, had a traditional experience with a complex “KW” monogram above it. In delayed 2013, a rebranding campaign was introduced to emphasize Keller Williams’ dedication to supporting its agents.

    The selected typeface for the logo is Chantilly serial, characterized by stripped-down, sans-serif letters. The color mixture of an upstanding red for the “KW” monogram and grey for “Keller Williams” creates an impression of understated chic while preserving visibility.





    In August 2017, at the annual re/max broker owner conference in San Francisco, the long-standing Remax logo underwent its initial change in 44 years. The company, keen on emphasizing it as an evolution rather than a revolution, introduced a refreshed look.

    Representatives highlighted the logo design’s brighter and easier technique, aiming for a stronger influence. They got rid of some white lines in the balloon part of the logo, making the blue and red colors look even better with a smooth fade.


    They also simplified the basket and the top part of the balloon. Camp + King, the creative advertising agency collaborator, played a crucial role in building the updated logos, which included the balloon logo, wordmark, latest sign designs, and a large-scale refresh.


    Compared to its predecessor, the present typography is easier and more legible. Once slightly irregular and overlapping, the letters now possess ample breathing space and adhere to a traditional structure, ensuring legibility even from a distance.


    While the “re/max” logo has always featured a mixture of red, blue, and white, the 2017 edition introduced certain hue modifications. Also, grey highlights were incorporated, delivering a delicate yet noticeable shift in the color palette. The refreshed logo design reflects a strategic effort to maintain brand familiarity while adopting a modern and dynamic visual identity.


    Century 21

    Century 21


    In 2018, the real estate platform underwent a big change in its identity. They decided to break away from the usual details in their logo. They replaced the smooth font with diagonal curves, and they got rid of the numbers and the real estate symbol. The latest logo now features the business name with broader intervals among glyphs, aligning the quantity “21” with the word “century,” accomplishing a merge of luxury and attainability.


    The color palette, a merge of dark gray and golden, replaces the traditional black and yellow pairing, combining a touch of elegance and chic despite the absence of serifs. This strategic pick out goals to entice millennials, the business’s main target audiences, and the dominant financially capable population segment. The Mullenlowe agency spearheaded the development of this latest logo design.


    The logo now showcases a futuristic font, Avant Garde gothic, formed in 1970 by Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnasse. With diagonal letters influenced by the Bauhaus movement of the 1920s, this font reflects a leaving from classic forms, aligning with the brand’s modern guidance.


    Post-redesign, the logo features a spacious inscription with a smooth typeface and clear, understandable glyphs. Approved font families, combining Arial, Barlow, Oakes, and Typold, were selected by the Century 21 brand for the latest identity. These fonts prove adaptable, refining the brand’s visibility across numerous platforms, like signs, website headers, brochures, flyers, company cards, and branded bags.


    The business palette underwent adaptation to meet the desires of the latest generation of consumers. Abandoning the classic monochrome, the brand introduced an upstanding gray-golden color scheme, balancing the edge of luxury while preserving an aura of modern elegance. This intentional shift underscores the brand’s effort to subconsciously interconnect with millennials, recognizing their importance in the evolving marketplace.



    The following five real estate business logos break away from the typical and overused imagery of rooftops and buildings. Instead, they offer unique and creative designs prioritizing clearness, uniqueness, and memorability. Each logo represents a well-thought-out strategy to keep up with modern design trends, communicate dependability, and attract the intended audience.


    Coming up with a unique business logo design is a weighty task that desires careful consideration—it is, of the utmost importance, the embodiment of your brand, reflecting its identity and values. Choosing a designer is pivotal; opt for one you trust and energetically engage in the procedure.


    If you have logo design ideas, share them openly with company logo design services in the USA; sincerity is crucial if you discover aspects you’re not fond of in their creations. Once the perfect logo appears, wholeheartedly adopt it. Recall this emblem narrates your story, capturing the essence of your company and personality.


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