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    A Basic Guide To Making Amazing Calligraphy Logos for Your Business


    February 28 , 2023 Posted by admin

    In the world of calligraphy, you can see that there are multiple logo styles used today. As per their target market and niche, every firm displays a unique kind of logo to show their brand visibility in a unique way.


    Now, when it comes to picking a logo, there are infinite options you can select for your business. Although, when considering your niche, only some match your brand target audience. Take an example of a financial consulting company that wants a logo. Imagine that a premium mascot logo design would apply to this firm. No, it would not. Firms that provide financial consultancy prefer to have professional corporate logos that fit the business perception.


    One of the best choices for most businesses is calligraphy logos, which most logo design companies provide. When a calligraphic design combines with a lettermark or wordmark, it gives a logo a polished appearance at once.


    Let’s look at how you can create some excellent calligraphy logo design ideas for your company and how to make them have the perfect impact.


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    What is a Calligraphic Logo?


    Calligraphic logos are brand icons created in the calligraphy design that give an esthetic look, as their name suggests. You might be wondering, “What is calligraphy?”


    Well, calligraphy is a unique style of fine visual art where calligraphers use artistic brushstrokes as their primary medium to create stunning and elaborate scripts. The most common calligraphic types among modern logos are Eastern or Arabic-style writing. Here, designers used them in various calligraphic designs.


    Depending on how they are used, calligraphy logos can convey a range of distinct feelings and thoughts; these delicate signs can increase the impact of your company logo. It’s also essential when designing lettermark or wordmark logos.


    These logos are frequently plain or bland in their basic form. Yet, you can improve the style and impact of the company logo by including a calligraphic script like the Coca-Cola logo. In Coca-Cola, you can see that the iconic red and loopy script connects with the brand and its image. It uses a simple font that appears so iconic, creating an enduring impact on viewers.

    What Sorts Of Companies Would Profit From Calligraphy Logos?


    Most enterprises can use calligraphy logos. However, the calligraphic script type you select can limit where you can use that particular Logo. Most businesses often pick calligraphic logo designs to inject sophistication or originality into their simple business image.


    Currently, among other businesses, you will most frequently notice that upmarket cafes and restaurants, clothing and cosmetics companies, and even businesses like upscale salons and shops utilize these types of logos. Even extremely professional companies occasionally use subtle or modest wordmark logos created in calligraphic forms to offer their brand image a unique touch.


    We can, therefore achieve that while a business that uses a lettermark or a wordmark logo can go for calligraphy in it, the technique is more common in a few specific industries like wedding or event invitations.

    A Calligraphic Logo’s Primary Styles

    Although calligraphy logos are attractive, only some forms of logos work well with this iconography. Specific design styles, such as the premium mascot logo, only sometimes work well with a complex calligraphic font when added to the design. For this reason, designers frequently choose to use this imaginative font’s style in a few logotypes.


    Let’s look at some custom logo design companies that frequently feature calligraphy in their designs.

    Lettermark Logo

    In this list, lettermark logos mostly come from using your company initials in a stylized fashion, as a logo frequently appears very professional. These designs are also stated as monogram logos. This type of Logo can be efficient if the company name is too large for a traditional professional logo design.


    H&M is a well-known example of an initial logo that uses a calligraphic script. Although the Logo’s design could be more ornate and complex, it is clear that the monogram is written in a calligraphic style.


    People prefer monogram logos to give their business symbols a simple yet modern appearance. But frequently, that leads to a flat design that needs some spicing. And using calligraphic design techniques for logos is a fantastic method.


    Wordmark logos show the complete company name, in contrast to lettermark logos. You can get more examples than lettermarks for wordmark calligraphic symbols currently on the market.

    Wordmark Logo


    Wordmark logos frequently specify the complete company name when compared to lettermark symbols. Several examples of wordmark calligraphic logos are available on the market today. You can get more samples than lettermarks.


    Moreover, a simple wordmark logo with logo fonts that lacks excitement isn’t the ideal method to represent your brand. It is essential to have a slight sparkle that can attract the attention of the viewer. Your business can increase the impact of your brand’s visuals with the support of calligraphy logo design, which makes excellent wordmark logos.


    Unlike lettermarks, calligraphy logos contain flowing lines, sharp marks, and distinctive designs that instantly attract the eye to wordmarks. It lets designers to expose their impact fully of these calligraphic scripts. You can look at Ford, Wendy’s, and Kellogg’s logos, and many other brands to discover how their distinctive designs with a calligraphic script gave them such iconic status.

    Combination Logo

    A combination logo is the third sort of logo where you can use your calligraphic design skills for your logo design. Here, straightforward and mute scripts are used and rarely designed very complexly. That’s because designers need to achieve a balance between the visual aspects while learning how to create a logo that effectively conveys a brand’s essence. The font and the images can’t both have powerful effects since they would clash and weaken the Logo’s overall impact.


    You can explore a good case of Wendy’s Logo. You can see that the wordmark portion of the logo is printed in wide and marker-like strokes way. As a result, it accurately portrays a brand mark that gives the unique concept of calligraphy logos to fit in well.

    Provide Your Brand With Calligraphy Logos That Comply With Its Stylistic Taste


    Now, the topic of how to build a calligraphic logo that complements your brand’s look comes to the various logo kinds that can benefit from calligraphic logo design.


    Let’s look at how you can create a calligraphy logo appropriate for your business and simultaneously increase its visual impact.

    No Need To Make Your Logo Simple

    Most people think that the design of their business logos should be simple to keep the calligraphic style shiny. The situation is different, though. You can add some artistic flair to the design by, for example, molding the letters to form an abstract shape or combining the designs of the letters to design a logo, like Luxury Hotel School Paris. It features the company’s initials and, at the same time, appears to be like a hotel design.

    Add A Color Or Gradient For A Little Style

    Monochromatic logos with black or white color appear superb, especially when done effectively. But occasionally, you can add a bit of color diversity to make a big difference. Imagine a French bakery specializing in different iced desserts and sweets with a straightforward, monochrome calligraphic logo. The Logo would have a more significant impact if it added color to awaken the audience’s interest.


    Depending on your brand’s look, you can select from a wide range of color schemes or gradients. On the other hand, when you apply a metallic shine to your monochromatic Logo, it can have a comparable effect.

    Add A Line Or A Boundary To Spotlight Your Wordmark


    Most businesses take minor visual signs for their wordmark logo to catch the audience’s attention. You can highlight key areas with some color in your simple design. You can even frame it around your Lettermark or underline it.


    Consider the Logo for Virgin, which is simple yet eye-catching. A simple wordmark has become so visually arresting in the Virgin brand’s simple feature that people find it impossible to imagine without the underline. Virgin’s Logo is one of today’s most straightforward yet solid designs for a company logo.


    Briefly put, calligraphy logos enable you to develop a simple brand graphic that hits and grabs the attention of your target audience. They also give your Logo a distinctive style that sets you apart from the competition.

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