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    Facts And Stats About Logo Designs

    facts and stats about logo design services

    October 2 , 2020 Posted by admin

    Go to the internet and start searching for articles and blogs about logo design, and you will find millions of results. Every article you read will tell you something about logo design services. Whether it’s about your first impression on the customers or it’s about a constant message across all marketing channels, you will read a lot about what people think logo designing is all about. Some posts might be controversial, and some might be so far-fetched that you will be left to wonder if that really is the case or not.


    But the one thing that every post will tell you is that having a relevant and unique logo is a must for every company. You need to stand out. You need to distance yourself from the competitors. You need to have a memorable business logo design. You need to be front and center in your customers’ minds.


    With all that you read, you must sometimes wonder how much of it is fact and how much is not.


    That is why we have compiled a list of facts and statistics about logo designs that will set the record straight.


    Read on to find out the truth about creative logo design.


    General Facts About Logo Design


    Facts About Logo Design


    Let’s start with some general facts and statistics about logo design services.


    • More than 30% of the top brands in the world use the blue color in their logos.
    • If you have a colored logo, there’s an 80% more chance that your brand will have better recognition.
    • Helvetica and Univers are two of the most popular fonts for logos. They were both created in 1957.
    • Talk to an expert logo maker, and they will tell you to use two fonts in your logos.
    • Your average logo uses anywhere from two to three colors.
    • Our brains use around 400 milliseconds to process the visual elements of any logo.
    • If we talk about the types of logos, we know that seven basic types currently exist worldwide. These can be further categorized, but the main types are

    Animated logo design
    Monogram logo design
    Abstract logo design
    Mascot logo design
    Combination logo design
    Emblem logo design
    3D logo design
    Pictorial logo design
    Wordmark logo design
    Illustrative logo design
    Corporate logo design


    Facts and Statistics About Brand Logo Design


    Facts About Brand Logo Design


    • In the Baskin Robbins logo, the creative logo designer has included the number of ice cream flavors that they offer: 31.
    • Twinings Tea has one of the oldest unaltered logos in the world. They have kept it for more than 200 years. (Time 100)
    • The Domino’s logo design has three dots to represent the three locations that were open at the time. They thought of adding a dot for each new location, but the idea was later discarded. If they had continued with it, you would have seen around 17,000 dots in the log. (I don’t know how that would be possible)
    • We all know and recognize the MGM logo with the lion. Did you know that there have been 7 different lions on the logo since 1917?


    Logo Design Dimensions/Sizes


    Logo Design Requirements


    Different social media channels have different requirements and we don’t expect you to remember all of them. We don’t even remember all of them sometimes. So, here’s the quick solution:


    Logo Design Industry


    Logo Design Industry


    We have seen some of the best logo design services in the industry and that tells us that the industry is thriving. Here are some facts and statistics about the logo design industry.


    • Around 60% of small business owners said that they would pay $500 for a modern logo design, and 18% said that they would go up to $1000 for a good logo design.
    • Small businesses and startups are responsible for more than 80% of the crowdsourcing of designs.
    • Logo designers are expected to face fierce competition in the near future.
    • The cheapest logo design services near me start from $50, but there is no guarantee about the quality of the logo.
    • An average logo designer spends around 60-90 minutes on a single logo design.
    • The logo design industry in the USA has surpassed $3 billion.


    Logo Design Marketing


    Logo Design Controversies


    Now that we’ve seen everything about logo sizes, industry, and more, let’s take a look at the logo design marketing industry.


    • The first logo ever used by Levi’s was way back in 1886. They used the logo so they could increase their market share.
    • We all know the Apple logo. Did you know that the logo Apple used in 1977 was multi-colored? They used it to represent the different colored screens of the Mac.
    • We all know and love Google Doodles. It was in 2000 when Google first hired designers to redesign the Google logo for holidays and other events.


    Logo Design Lawsuits


    Logo Design Services


    Let’s take a look at the other side of the logo design industry. There are a lot of controversies that have to be addressed.


    Believe it or not, Nike has been on the receiving end of a logo design lawsuit back in 2010. The Cigarette brand Newport filed a case saying that Nike’s logo resembles their logo.


    The hugely popular singer Cher had a lawsuit filed against her for allegedly copying the logo typography of Moshik Nadav in 2017. The lawsuit was for $5 million.




    We hope that you like the list of facts and statistics about unique logo design and that you’ve learned something from it. Let us know if there are any more statistics or facts that we should have added to the list.


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