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    7 Unique Types of Logos and How to Use These Logos?


    May 3 , 2023 Posted by admin

    For every firm, one of the most critical features is its logo. Do you know the seven distinct varieties of logos?

    Every logo style conveys a unique impression of your company, even though they all use a combination of typeface and illustration. Moreover, potential clients’ initial impression of your company will be based on your logo, so it’s essential to get it right.

    Do you want to learn more information and know how to pick the right logo style for your company? So, here, Logo Magicians, the best logo designers in NYC who create the best corporate logo design ideas in the USA, will guide you through this, so keep reading!

    1. Monogram Logos (or Letter Marks)


    Monogram logo designers in the USA, often known as letter marks, are emblems comprised entirely of letters. Prominent examples are IBM, CNN, HP, HBO, etc. This brand’s logo contains initials whose full names would be too long to fit on a single line. They’ve all used their initials as brand names because remembering two or three words is too much to ask. As a result, it is common for these businesses to use monogram logos (also known as lettermark logos) as their primary means of identification.

    A lettermark is a kind of logo that contains a few letters, classically the company’s initials. The logotype emphasizes minimalism. Monogram logos are excellent for shortening lengthy company names into memorable brands. Take the case of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration; how much simpler is it to pronounce and remember NASA compared to its full name?

    Given the emphasis on initials, the typeface you select (or design) to represent your brand must be legible when printed on business cards. If your company isn’t well-known, put its full name under the logo.

    2. Wordmarks (or Logotypes)

    A wordmark logo, also called a logotype, like a lettermark, is a logo that is font-based and contains only the company’s name. Consider Visa and Coca-Cola as an example. A wordmark logo can be an effective branding tool when a business has a short, memorable name. The logo that Google uses is a perfect example of this. Wordmark logo effectively builds brand recognition because the name is simple and memorable.

    The choice of typeface will also be crucial, just as it would be with a lettermark logo. As your name will be front and center, it’s important to select or design a font that effectively conveys the nature of your firm. An example of industries that favor particular types of typography is the fashion industry’s label, which uses clean, elegant fonts that evoke a sense of luxury. In contrast, governments or legal institutions use conventional, “heavier” language that conveys a sense of trust.

    For example, a lettermark logo can be the better choice if your company has a lengthy name. You can use the initials of the company name to shorten the design and make it easier for clients to remember the company and the logo.

    If your company has a memorable name, it can benefit from a wordmark logo. The more unique your brand becomes, the better it is when shown in a well-designed font.

    Both lettermark and wordmark logos are incredibly versatile solutions for a new and growing business because of their ease of reproduction across marketing material and branding.

    When making a lettermark or a wordmark, you should avoid messy mistakes. Your company’s name in a single font may not be adequate to convey the full range of your identity. Choose someone with experience and a keen eye for detail to do the job for you, like Logo Magicians.

    If you are thinking about the best logo designers near me for your logo design in Hawaii, contact our top logo designers in USA.

    3. Pictorial Marks (or Logo Symbols)


    The term “pictorial mark,” which also refers to a “logo symbol” or “brand mark,” describes any logo that relies on an icon or graphic image. It’s the picture in your head when you hear the word “logo”: the Apple logo, the Twitter bird, the Target bullseye. These companies’ logos are each so representative of the respective brands that consumers can identify them simply by looking at their marks. Logos are just pictures, and that’s all they need to be.

    So, for startups, utilizing such a logo with well-known brand recognition is easier.

    The most crucial decision when settling on a graphical trademark is which graphic to use. Your business will forever be noticeable by this. Consider the bigger picture when deciding on a logo; for example, do you wish to lay on your company name (like John Deere has done with their deer logo)? Do you want to keep things on the surface (like how the Snapchat ghost explains what the app does)?

    Maybe you want people to feel something (as the World Wildlife Fund does with its stylized image of the adorable and threatened panda).

    A pictorial logo design mark by itself can be confusing. It would help if you had a well-known name for your company before this will work. However, there is no strict rule for it. Suppose your company name is too long to be memorable. In that case, you can use a brand mark graphically to visually represent what your business does while evoking a particular feeling or notion.

    4. Abstract Logo Marks

    Apart from other graphical emblems, abstract marks are purely abstract in appearance. In place of a more easily recognizable symbol, such as an apple or a bird, your company is represented by a simple geometric or abstract logo. Logos like Pepsi having the divided circle and the striped blossom at Adidas are just a few examples. Abstract markings, like any logo symbols, are effective because they simplify your business into a single picture.

    But, with an abstract logo, you’re not limited to depicting a particular object or person and can instead design something entirely original to serve as a symbol for your company.

    One advantage of using an abstract mark is that it allows you to represent the essence of your business instead of being limited to a picture that is something recognizable. Shape and color are great tools for building an emotional link with your brand. (Like, imagine how the Nike swoosh relates to freedom and movement).

    A pictorial or abstract mark can serve the same purpose in international trade with great success when a company’s name, for instance, is difficult to translate into other languages.

    Although abstract markings help you give your company a one-of-a-kind identity, they are best left to trained designers who have a firm grasp on how form, color, and composition can communicate ideas.

    5. Mascots


    Brand mascots typically take the form of cartoon characters. The mascot logo is an excellent method of developing a unique and memorable character to represent your brand.

    A mascot is just a cartoon character that stands in for your business. A few examples of well-known mascots are the Kool-Aid Man, Mr. Peanut from Planters, and Colonel Sanders from KFC.

    Companies trying to foster a family-friendly environment and win over young customers should consider adopting mascots. The mascots at sporting events add a fun element by engaging the crowd.

    6. The Combination Mark

    The phrase “combination mark” refers to logos with both a lettermark or wordmark and an image mark, abstract image mark, or mascot. Images and text can be placed over one another, side by side, or combined to form a whole. Doritos, Lacoste, and Burger King are examples of popular mixture mark logos.

    Given the inherent power of associating a name with an image, combination marks can be used in various contexts, with the text and the icon or mascot working together to strengthen your brand. People will instantly connect your name with your combination mark’s graphical logo or mascot. The best logo design could serve as a sole identifier in the future, eliminating the need to always add a person’s name.

    Furthermore, a combination logo form is typically easier to trademark than a pictorial mark alone, as the mix of symbol and text provides a unique impression.

    7. The Emblem


    Imagine seals, badges, and crests to visualize an emblem logo containing text within a symbol or image. These logos have a classic look that makes a strong impression, making them a popular option for many businesses, institutions, and even governments. Even the automotive industry often uses emblem logos. Despite its traditional appearance, many companies still update their logos to emblem look, like Starbucks’ mermaid logo or Harley Davidson’s famous crest, which have become increasingly popular in recent years.

    Nonetheless, they are sometimes less adaptable than the logo mentioned above because they prefer greater detail and the inflexible combination of words and symbols. A complex emblem is challenging to replicate across all branding. But a busy emblem doesn’t need to be so small that it becomes unreadable to fit on a business card.

    Also, if you wish to embroider this kind of logo design on shirts or caps, stick to the guideline of keeping your design simple; you will have a striking, eye-catching style that will make you look like a perfect expert.


    The best logo design services offer various logo styles or logo design types to all industries. Are you looking for a logo design service for your company logo-related advice? Find the best logo designers near me for your logo design services in Hawaii, USA, or contact Logo Magicians, one of the best logo design companies that delivers custom logo design services by professional logo designers for all kinds of business logo design concepts for any industry you belong to.


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