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    How To Create The Best Logo For A Food Delivery Service: With 15 Prominent Examples


    April 18 , 2023 Posted by admin

    Food delivery services are one industry that is booming at the moment. You get groceries, meal kits, and even fully ready meals to your homes worldwide via entrepreneurs and service employees. You need a logo for people to remember your food delivery service if you’re going to start one.

    Do you want a logo that conveys your services and the benefits you provide to your target audience? You are at the exact place. Logo Magicians, a top restaurant logo and food logo provider, can help you if you own a restaurant and want to increase your delivery service.

    We help a grocery store or food company and want to get more customers or a business that sells meal kits to busy families who need a quick and healthy dinner.

    But let’s first discuss the 15 famous logos for food delivery services.

    Here Are 15 Logos For Food Delivery Services


    To help you get ideas, we’ve assembled some of our favorite logos for meal delivery services. We will discuss what is effective and what is not and provide suggestions for how you might improve your design.


    Polish meal delivery business stands out from the crowd with its signature orange branding. An illustration of a fork and knife within a home, created using negative space, conveys the apparent.

    Consider using a symbol that describes your services when creating your delivery company logo.

    2. Grocery Gateway

    Canadians attempting to stay indoors and hungry have flooded Grocery Gateway. The logo features a warm and welcoming vehicle and the company’s founding year to convey the quality of service they provide. This logo emphasizes both tradition and attentiveness to customers.

    If your restaurant has been serving people for a long time, you can include an establishment date to show that customers can depend on your business.

    3. Instacart


    Grocery delivery giant Instacart uses a simple carrot icon and a fun sans-serif style to give off a playful vibe. It has a friendly, approachable vibe because of the bright colors and signature carrot. The carrot is simple and instantly identifiable, making it ideal for use in digital assets like profile pictures, favicons, and email footers.

    Please think of the various app for your food delivery logo and how the icon can stand in for the wordmark when it doesn’t work.

    4. Skip the dishes

    The Skip the Dishes logo uses a slightly slanted font to give the impression of movement. The logo doesn’t need a symbol because the oblique text effectively conveys a sense of urgency. The comparison between the white background and black text is outstanding.

    Think about how to incorporate animated typeface into your food delivery logo design.

    Logo Magicians can create better logos than these prominent ones because we are fully ready with logo experts and professionals. We serve almost all businesses to make the logos per your service, like the education logo for colleges and schools, film logos for the entertainment sector, food logos, and restaurant logos for food service providers both online and offline.

    5. Abel and Cole


    A well-known British organic supermarket delivery service uses the vintage-looking font and little tableau of a bee pollinating a blossom over a green apple to provide the impression of being at one with nature. The logo’s tagline emphasizes the company’s longevity, suggesting that it cares about its customers and has its best interests at heart. A retro color scheme unifies the logo’s otherwise chaotic design.

    6. Grubhub

    The style of the Grubhub logo is simple. From far away, you can see the usage of a bold sans-serif font in (yet again) red and white. When you see the monogram on printed marketing products, it looks great.

    You can create a monogram variation if you want your logo to appear consistently throughout your branded products, including packaging, receipts, flyers, and menus.

    7. Postmates

    This on-demand meal delivery service has the most fun logo of any such service. Postmates’ logo, a biker wearing a cape and trailing stars, is an homage to the film E.T. In this logo, we honor the hardworking, unsung hero of the United States. Given the symbol’s complexity, we created it to keep the color scheme and font simple so as not to confuse the viewer.

    Use a simple font and a color scheme that only stands out a little if you’re going for a more sophisticated logo symbol that’s cheeky.

    8. FreshDirect

    The FreshDirect logo depicts a carrot of the company’s signature orange and green colors and a couple of leaves. These companies all use carrots as their meal delivery logos. We adore the monochromatic color scheme. It adds something to the look without cluttering things up too much.

    The color pairings feature in Logo Magicians’ “more ideas” section will help you achieve this style.

    9. Hello Fresh

    The design of this logo is perfect in every way. Combining the two fonts, the lime icon and the vibrant green creates a revitalizing and energizing sensation, just like you would receive a box of Hello Fresh ingredients. The green color works wonderfully for food delivery logos. The color green is uplifting and expresses better health.

    Think about the feelings people will have when they see your logo and how it will affect your chosen color.

    10. Riverford


    This logo is exquisite and classic; we adore it. The hand-drawn aesthetic conveys the genuine experience of using an organic farm delivery service. Kind human beings create it in small batches using only locally sourced materials. This logo expresses precisely that idea.

    Choose a more approachable logo if you like local farming or eco-friendliness. Select the handwritten font style to look for pictorial symbols using Logo Magicians.

    11. Chef’s Plate

    Just when you imagine there were no more red-and-white logos, here’s one more. The circular Chef’s Plate symbol is like a stamp or wax seal. Although it may appear frightening initially, the knife gives professionalism in the kitchen. It can be a hint that their meal kits will make you a great chef in no time.

    Go at many logo formats to choose the one that most accurately reflects the goals and values of your business.

    12. Foodora

    Foodora’s logo cleverly indicates maid service and hotel room service. This new way of thinking about an old idea using an app delivery service is excellent. The cloche sign is a picture of everything you need to know. We like how the bright pink stands out from the oranges, greens, and reds used by food delivery businesses.

    When making your logo, think about how people do things in your selected food service business. Strive to get inspiration for an excellent idea from sources outside of your society. No rule says you can’t use a shockingly bright pink if that’s your desired color!

    13. Mindful Chef

    The UK’s top healthy meal kit delivery provider has a straightforward marketing script. The design on the boxes, painted by hand, is simple but friendly. The result shows that the items were made by hand and carefully chosen.

    Before you make a logo for your food delivery business, think about how you want people to feel when they use it. What type of mood do you wish them to be in? Are you excited or happy? Your attitude will influence your choice of font, color, and layout.

    14. Uber Eats


    In 2017, Uber Eats unveiled its new, simplified logo and an updated version of the app that took out extraneous features. The app’s basic aesthetic conveys its user-friendliness and the personal convenience it provides. You no longer need to prepare meals or decide what to eat. You can get food to your door in just a few easy steps.

    A simplistic logo could be a suitable fit for a meal delivery service that emphasizes simplicity and efficiency.

    15. DoorDash

    The DoorDash logo, which you can also read as an abstract “D,” symbolizes a valuable and communal service, and the bullet train in Japan is an inspiration. It is good for all. It’s a creative idea to look outside the food industry for a model that meets the same convenience and ease of access goals.

    Consider other services you’ve used or experiences you’ve had that had a similar effect on you while designing your food delivery logo.

    Logo Design Guidelines For The Food Delivery Industry


    Besides knowing about famous examples of food app logos, getting the best advice for creating a memorable logo for a meal delivery service is essential.

    1. Be Mindful Of The Symbol You Pick

    The best visual depiction of your brand and everything it stands for is your logo. You see many variations, highlighting factors (such as time, taste, history, customer service, etc.).

    Look for a sign that incorporates movement or time if you want to emphasize productivity. Choose a symbol that conveys quality and taste without looking out-of-date. If your product or service is homemade or farm-fresh, you should use a logo to tell that.

    2. Feel Free To Let Color Evoke Emotion

    Choose a two-color scheme that is both straightforward and eye-catching. They must be readable (dark text on a light background) and have contrast. Red and white (maybe too much of this), orange and green, and green and white are examples we’ve seen thus far. How about sharing some successful color palettes for logos and other brand elements?

    To maintain readability, avoid using many layers of light or dark colors. Carefully consider the colors you use to evoke a certain mood or sensation in a potential customer.

    3. Type to express yourself

    Keep in mind that the fonts you use say a lot about you. Remember to consider whether you’d prefer a hand-scripted or sans-serif font. In a logo, every detail counts since there is so little room for meaning. Use a scripted or vintage-style typeface for farm-to-table, organic delivery services; stick to sans-serif fonts for more modern, efficiency-focused firms.


    So these are examples and guidance to have an effective logo for your delivery business. We hope this is helpful to you.

    After reading this, we are highly sure that you will opt for Logo Magicians, the developers of the top food logos are known for creating logos for multiple sectors like the education logo for schools and institutes, film logos for the entertainment industry, and restaurants logo for brick and mortar food offering business.

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